Why I’m blogging

Why I want to be a blogger:

So this is (finally) my first official post. Just to start out with an introduction, my name is Lauren, I’m 31, and I live about 45 minutes north of Washington DC in Frederick, Maryland. I recently got married to a great guy who shares me love of adventure (his name is Greg). We have two golden retriever pups named Lance and Jackson, and treat them like children. I teach digital photography to high school students as my full-time job, and teach spinning classes (at least 2 a week) to help supplement my awesome teacher salary.
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I started a blog about my dogs when we got them back in January 2010. I kept up with it at first, but as time went on, I found myself with less to write about. Eventually, I just gave up. I love my little furry children and definitely have a lot to say about them, but there are other things that are unrelated that I’d rather blog about (no offense, pups). In the spring of last year I stumbled upon a blog that was related to fitness and food. I was intrigued- and followed the links from her blog to others, and so on. Pretty soon I had a collection of blogs bookmarked in my Firefox browser and was hooked on reading them. It was so funny just how much I identified with these women. We had all of these crazy things in common; things I don’t really talk about much with my “real life” friends, because I just don’t think they would be interested in the topics.

I love that Kath eats raw Twin Oaks Tofu and smoothies in a bowl, just like I have for years. And that just like me, Janetha grills homemade pizza and is just as crazy about her dogs as I am for mine. And Allie– she has a knack for finding every great new product at Trader Joes (and anywhere else) and has given me so many great ideas. I even put an ice-cream maker on my wedding registry because of her posts about frozen Greek yogurt (which I now make all the time and LOVE it!). (Those ladies write my 3 favorite blogs, by the way.)

I have discovered new things like how amazing Sunflower butter is, that putting things like fruit, nuts, cereal, etc. on top of your oatmeal is WAY better than mixing it in, and how to make the perfect little single-serving protein muffin in the microwave. I have discovered great phone apps, websites, products, exercises and recipes. In short, reading the blogs written by these amazing, interesting women has opened my eyes to so many new things! I started off each morning this summer with a great workout, followed by a big bowl of oatmeal while reading blogs on my ipad. It really doesn’t get much better than that.

I was sitting on my patio, eating my bowl of oatmeal and getting my morning blog fix when I saw all of the women whose blogs I follow posting about the Healthy Living Summit. It sounded amazing- all of these bloggers together spending a few days networking and learning new things related to wellness- I was instantly jealous that I wasn’t there! This was the kick in the butt I needed to get my blog started. I want to be at that conference next year and network and get new ideas and meet great friends with common interests! So here goes.

I am will be blogging about food and fitness and anything else that I feel like talking about. I’ve had many friends and co-workers ask my advice for a workout routine or healthy recipe swap, so it would be nice to put some of these ideas in one place.
The idea of “oatmeal after spinning” came about because it’s the best way to start my morning. Eating my oatmeal is my fifteen minutes of zen after a great workout.

My blog is a little naked right now and the headline DEFINITELY needs some doctoring, but I promise to jazz it up more as the days go on.
Thanks for reading!

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