Labor Day change of plans

Happy Labor Day!

Greg and I made plans to do our hike and bike this morning, since we haven’t been able to since right before our wedding. The hike and bike includes driving to Brunswick and riding along the C&O (towpath) to Harper’s Ferry, WV (about 12 miles roundtrip) and hiking the long way to Maryland Heights (about 4.5 miles). All in all it takes about 3 hours to do the hike and bike, plus another 40 minutes of driving to and from the towpath. And it’s AWESOME. But, with the rainy forecast, we changed our plans and will hopefully get to go next Saturday. Fingers crossed for dry weather!

So, we hit the gym instead. Definitely not as fun, but it was nice to really have nothing scheduled to rush home for. And I did something rare- actually ate breakfast BEFORE working out and went to the gym a little later in the morning. It is extremely rare for Greg and I to ever eat breakfast together, since we are on totally different schedules (even on the weekend). I was craving these coconut flour pancakes that I had made for dinner a few nights ago so I decided to whip some up. (I just made Greg some multi-grain pancakes from a Bob’s Red Mill mix). I couldn’t decide which fruit to mix in (peaches, apple or strawberry), so I went with all three. My pancakes were pretty low-carb and high-fiber, which isn’t really the best pre-workout fuel, but what can I say… I was craving them!

And they were DELICIOUS.

And I definitely added a dab or two of sunflower and almond butters to top them off.

These guys helped do the dishes:

After an hour or so of digestion, it was off the gym we go! It is extremely rare for me to have a workout that is 100% cardio with no strength training, but since that’s what the hike and bike would have been, that’s what I did.

Workout included:

35 min of treadmill (25 min hill intervals/10 min sprint intervals)

11 min of Jacob’s Ladder (ugh… waiting for a stair climber to open up)

14 min of Stair Climber intervals

15 min of zoning out on Elliptical with US Weekly (my reward at the end of a high-intensity workout).

Plus, a little stretching. Definitely not enough.

Made a dent in this for a post workout-snack:

Wegman’s started carrying Siggi’s in a larger size container- which of course costs an arm and a leg- but it still made my day! I am hoping that Skyr becomes as much of a hit as Greek Yogurt so that I don’t have to empty my bank account each time I buy a 6-oz. container!

We’re off to the movies… 90 minutes of staring at Paul Rudd isn’t a bad way to spend the afternoon.


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