Rain and bad lighting

It is POURING outside!

Luckily, the rain managed to stay away for most of the day, but I hear that it’s going to be here all week…

Since the weather was so yucky, the hubs and I decided to go see a movie (which we hardly ever do). I have a huge crush on Paul Rudd and love any movie with him in it, so I pushed for “Our Idiot Brother.” It definitely did not disappoint! Very cute movie. Not what I expected at all- but still good. I was kind of expecting over-the-top humor like Knocked Up or The 40-Year-Old Virgin (both of which I love!), but it was a different kind of humor. Paul Rudd’s character was very sweet. And not to get too deep- but the film had a great message just about humanity and honesty.

Since the movie was at 1:00 and I wasn’t hungry for lunch before we left, I packed some eats in my purse. Lunch was eaten during the movie and consisted of Twin Oaks Fine Herb Tofu and Hummus and assorted veggies on Ezekial Sesame Bread. It was followed by an amazingly crisp Jonagold apple that I got from the Farmers’ Market. YUM. Much better than over-paying for greasy popcorn and junk food at the movie!

Greg and I hit up the beer & wine shop that our friend Gary owns to check out the Seasonals (aka PUMPKIN BEERS!!!). I was SO excited when I heard last week that my favorite pumpkin beer (Dogfish Punkin Ale) was released, though the bottles haven’t hit stores yet. *They will tomorrow… believe me… I’ve asked.* We ended up getting Sam Adams Octoberfest and some other Pumpkin beer that is from St. Louis Brewery.

By the time we got home, after feeding and tending to the pups, it was time to start dinner. We got these great chicken and turkey sausages on sale at Whole Foods the other day, so dinner was a simple salad (mixed greens, onion, heirlooms, cukes, ISRAELI FETA (made from sheep’s milk….OMG) topped with Mild & Hot Italian sausages (made in-store).

I got those tiny little glass bowls when we were at Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday. They are so cute! I knew I’d have a use for them- salad dressing dippers! If I have time, I like to make my own dressing from fruit, balsamic, almond milk, nuts.. whatever…. but I also really like and of the Seeds Of Change brand dressings, which is much lower in sodium than most other dressings I’ve seen (with the exception of Annie’s). I couldn’t decide between tomato or roasted red pepper vinaigrette, so I had both!

And dinner was washed down with some of this, of course:

(Greg’s in the background being patient while I shoot away…)

The beer was good! This is already the fourth type of pumpkin ale I’ve had this season… this was definitely more like pumpkin pie (I’ll have to give a full report on all different varieties that I come across). YUM. Oh, and the little glass is mine- that’s my style. I pretty much always just steal part of Greg’s beer, rather than having my own. Guess it makes me feel like I’m drinking less???

I really can’t wait for this rain to be over, although I’ll be waiting quite a while. I hate the artificial light and inconsistent color from shooting indoors. Although I DO love to shoot in overcast weather, as opposed to sunshine, it’s kind of hard to go outside in this mess. (And my food would be ruined) Guess I’ll be spending a bit of time on Photoshop this week trying to make everything uniform. Aye.


Back to the grind tomorrow. What a nice, long weekend it’s been! Can’t wait to see what the kids have in store for me tomorrow…


One Comment on “Rain and bad lighting”

  1. Kath says:

    Glad to see the Schlafly! We DO have a lot in common!

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