Out came the sun…

I woke up this morning and saw something that I haven’t seen in over a week: the sun!!

Started out the day with some yoga. I didn’t feel like dragging my butt to a class, so I finally did the Bob Harper yoga DVD I bought months ago. It was awesome- and definitely not easy!

Yoga was followed by my favorite thing: oatmeal on the patio. Here’s my little breakfast tray: oatmeal, coffee, water, sidecar of almond milk and ipad (for my morning blog-reading fix).

Mmmmm…. I haven’t had warm oats all week.

In the mix was 1/4 c. oats, 1/4 oat bran, a little chia, cinnamon and egg whites for extra protein.

Topped with banana, peach, strawberry, sunflower butter and sunflower seeds for some crunch.

I like to add more almond milk to my oatmeal as I eat it to keep it hydrated.

I never seem to finish my coffee and always end up having it iced later.

So nice to be able to take pictures outside again!!


After lunch, I ran off to the Farmers’ Market and to do some errands for a few hours. Greg stayed home and moved the yard. It was a jungle from all the rain we had this week, but now it looks beautiful!When I got home, Greg was still busy being a good husband and doing yard work, so I whipped us up some lunch. I pretty much always have a salad for lunch with a piece of bread, and Greg likes to have a sandwich. There’s nothing I love more than a poached egg to top off a salad, but it’s kind of hard to do that during the work week. So on the weekends, it’s pretty much a necessity.

Lunch included the BEST BREAD IN THE WORLD: Cowtown Stout (Made with oatmeal stout from a brewery in Denver and walnuts) from Whole Foods. But, the actual Whole Foods store that this loaf came from is in Boulder, CO. Greg’s best man brought me two loaves of this during the summer when he came for our wedding, and I still have about 3/4 of the last loaf left. And I’m trying to make it last as long as I possibly can! I fell IN LOVE with this bread when we took a trip to Colorado in June, and it was only sold in a few states out west and for a limited time. They really need to have this bread in ALL of the stores ALL of the time.

Greg had a sandwich with bread that I bought in Oregon during our honeymoon. Yes, I’m weird. I bring home bread from all over the country! His sandwich included turkey, arugula and a spread that I made with mayo, dijon, basil, sun-dried tomato and roasted onions. And was served with the last Summer Ale of the season, which I of course stole a few sips from.

And on the side: ROASTED CHICKPEAS

Lance tried to steal some…

So easy to make and SO addictive!

Smokey Roasted Chickpeas:

1.5 cups Chickpeas, drained

Extra Virgin Olive Oil (about 1 tablespoon)

Sea Salt

Fresh Ground Pepper

about 1 tsp smoked paprika

Pre-heat oven to 350. Mix all ingredients together in a bowl and place on a cooking sheet. Cook in the oven until they get crispy and golden brown (about 15 minutes).

I poured some on top of my salad for some extra crunch. 🙂

Typical Jackson sat right between us while we ate

And Lance explored the backyard

Have a great Saturday!


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