Bulked-up burgers

Um, did I mention how insanely SORE I am from yoga yesterday?? Guess that’s a good thing.

When I was out running some errands today, I saw this:

And being the tree-hugger that I am, I had to buy it! They had all kinds of trees, but I chose apple. After all it says that it’s guaranteed to grow.


The plan was to take the dogs for a long walk after the Ravens game, but unfortunately our walk had to be cut (way) short because it started raining. Again. Ugh, I can’t take any more rain.

We haven’t had (beef) burgers for dinner in quite a while, and I had a craving for them tonight. Greg likes his burgers to be beef and a few spices, but I like to bulk mine up with veggies so that they are bigger in size and I don’t feel cheated. He makes two 4-oz. patties for himself and I use 3 oz. beef (total) and end up with one huge veggie/beef burger.

Our spread (on top of my other cute new dish towel/makeshift place mat):

I had been excited to eat (and photograph) outside but the rain ruined that. Not to worry- pumpkin beer makes everything better!

The perfect appetizer (or happy hour!):

Grilled figs with local (Cherry Glen) chevré. And two delicious (and very different) pumpkin beers!

His (golden roasted potato, cut into wedges and beef burgers):

Hers (jewel sweet potato and bulked-up burger):

Jewel sweet potatoes are one of my absolute favorite foods. I could eat them all day long. And I’m totally a bread girl, but I never put this kind of burger on a bun. It tastes too good on it’s own! The sweet potato is the perfect carb to go along with it (and it complimented the beer well!)

I added a little tomato and more chevré to my burger. Both of our plates had red onion and crimini mushrooms that were grilled and coated with Bragg’s Liquid Aminos and some roasted green beans from the Farmers’ Market. Awesome.

Bulked-up burger (makes one patty)

3 oz. grass-fed beef (grass-fed tastes SO much better!)

1 medium crimini mushroom

about 1 T chopped red onion

1 tsp oat bran (or just enough to soak up a little liquid and keep the burger together)

1/2 tsp Bragg’s Liquid Aminos

Fresh ground pepper to taste

Chop veggies in a food processor until they are very fine. Mix together with the rest of the ingredients. Form into a single patty and grill to desired “done-ness.” (I’m a medium-rare girl!)

We usually get our beef from Hedgeapple Farm, but they were closed today. MOM’s carries grass-fed beef from a farm in West Virginia, so we bought some there. We also bought some steak to make some beef jerky in the food dehydrator. We’ll see how it turns out- this is the first time I’ve used it for anything other than fruit!

I feel like a traitor, but tonight I chose the Schlafly over the Dogfish Punkin. But, really, that’s like picking a favorite child.


Time to get ready for another work week. Sigh.

Good night everyone!


7 Comments on “Bulked-up burgers”

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  7. colleen says:

    I love this recipe, I think I’ll be using it tonight. Of course the key to cooking anything like that in my house is that I will lie and say it is all beef until the guy admits to loving it, then I’ll throw it at him what’s really in it. Works every time!

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