Don’t shake that Kombucha bottle

Good morning!

Already back to Monday again… where does the weekend go?

I took this photo during my honeymoon over the summer- it’s at Beach #3 along the Oregon Coast and it’s my current desktop background. Ahhhh……

I brought one of my makeshift place mats to keep at work so that I could use it when I eat in hopes that it will keep my desk a lot cleaner!


Basic overnight oats topped with 1/2 of a coconut-blueberry protein muffin (I used coconut flour and added a few frozen blueberries) and peanut flour sauce. Leftover Kombucha from yesterday on the side (this is my new favorite flavor- Passionberry bliss!).

Zoomed in a bit…

A former student of mine introduced me to Kombucha three years ago. Her mother would make it all the time at home, and she brought some in for me one day. It was definitely my kind of drink! Then it seemed like all of the sudden, Kombucha was everywhere! (Or maybe I never noticed it before…)

I remember buying my first bottle during a trip that Greg and I took to Rehoboth beach in the fall of 2009. We went into this cute little health food store while we were waiting for a table at Dogfish and I noticed a bunch of different types of Kombucha in bottles. I had never bought a bottle of it before, and stupidly shook it up as I went up to the counter. The cashier said “you definitely don’t want to open that- it will explode right in your face” and went and got me another bottle from the fridge. I felt like a dumbass, but he assured me that it happens all the time. He told me to lightly swirl it to get the sediments to mix in.

Thanks for saving my face from a big explosion, buddy!

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