A new “spin” on Tuesday Mornings


For the last 2 1/2 years, I’ve taught spin class on Friday mornings before work. I get to the gym around 4:50 to warm up and lift a little before I teach and have to be in my car by 6:50 in order to make it to work on time. So, for those last 2+ years, my Thursday and Friday nights have been shot. On Thursdays, I have to take time to pack up a gym bag, make a playlist, and have everything right ready to go when I leave the next morning. And I would need to get into bed by 8:30 to get 8 hours of sleep before my alarm goes off at 4:30 the next morning (it takes me about 10 min to get out of the house and another 7 to get to the gym).

By the time I get home on Friday from work, I’m too pooped to do anything at all, and am lucky if I can stay up past 9:00. I got a little sick of not being able to ever do anything on Thursday or Friday, so I checked with the Tuesday instructor to see if she wanted to swap classes. Turns out- she did! So now I will have to go to bed early on Monday nights (big deal- I’m always so tired on Mondays from not being able to fall asleep quite as early Sunday night) and will be a waste of space on Tuesdays. Fine with me- I never really have anything fun planned on Tuesday night anyway and will be happy to be falling asleep by 9 on a school night!

So, I’m REALLY happy about this new schedule, even though I feel dead tired right now. At least I know that my Thursdays and Fridays are back- and I’ll be full of energy! Ha!

Workout today included:

5 min warm-up/dynamic stretching

15 min kettle bell exercises (mostly front swings and suitcase swings)

2100 meter row (10 min)

50 min of teaching spin

5…ish min stretching (horrible, but I have to be in a hurry to shower and get to work)

**I promise I will foam-roll for a LONG time when I get home from work**


So now I am fueling up on caffeine and hoping that gives me a second wind.

Meet my new mini French Press that I got at Ross for $3.99 this weekend:

I didn’t think to photograph it while the coffee was actually brewing, so you have the  moisture that’s left to enjoy! I added a few grinds of the Sugar Chocolate Coffee Bean blend from Trader Joe’s for a little boost of sweetness and maybe a little more caffeine… I LOVE these grinders and didn’t know that this flavor existed until Allie posted about it on her blog (love that girl- she is always finding out about cool new things before anyone else)! She also introduced me to the Color Touch app on my Droid phone (which I used to take these pictures)- and the “old photograph” effect clearly is the best.

I’m also eating way too many of these:

Only 1 calorie per piece, but who the heck would ever eat one piece? I can easily make the entire can disappear (and I just might today)!


I brought leftover lentil “meatballs” for lunch today along with a salad. I’m hoping that they are like “real” meatballs and taste even better the second day!

Already thinking about what to cook for dinner tonight and am completely clueless… any ideas?



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