That’s a huge sausage.

I mentioned in a previous post that Greg was attempting to make beef jerky in the food dehydrator that my stepmother gave me as a Bridal Shower gift. While this item wasn’t even on our registry, it is one of the coolest gifts we got! I have used it many times to make apple chips and fruit roll-ups (watermelon fruit-rolls ups are unreal!), but it had yet to be used it to make jerky. When we were out buying ground beef the other night, we saw some nice grass-fed cube steak for a good price, and figured that would work well. Greg found a recipe from his hero (Alton Brown) and got to work.

I have to say, it turned out pretty well!

And I’m SHOCKED that 2 days later, there’s still quite a bit left. I thought Greg would polish it all off the first night.


I was too tired to do much for dinner tonight and remembered that we still had two of the turkey bratwursts left in the freezer that we bought from Whole Foods the weekend before last. I also had a bunch of Swiss chard already cut up in the fridge that needed to be used. I had a craving for sauerkraut too, and thought it would go well with the brats. Luckily I had a jar of Eden’s Organic Sauerkraut in my pantry that I bought some time ago because it was on sale. Perfect!

For the chard, I sauteed chopped shallots in a pan with extra virgin olive oil. Then I added in the chopped stems from the chard, since they take longer to cook than the greens. When I added in the greens, I put garlic, salt, pepper, red pepper flake, nutmeg, and a splash of chardonnay into pan and then let the greens cook down. I roasted some butternut squash, chopped it up, and added it into the pan right at the end.

And, dinner is served:

Eating on our patio is great, but I have to douse myself in Citronella after getting eaten by bugs last night.

His and hers:

(Yet another variety of) Pumpkin ale for Greg (which I definitely drank about half of) and C.S. Cherry Berry tea for me. The Buffalo Bills Pumpkin ale is a lot less sweet than the others- which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Just different. And tasty!

And really, more realistically, these were our plates (Dijon and German mustard on the side):

There was no way I could eat that gigantic sausage- I gave half of mine to Greg. And really, I didn’t even eat all of that, because it wasn’t very good. The Italian sausage we bought at the same time and made last week was MUCH better.
But, the chard with butternut squash was FANTASTIC. I could have eaten a whole plate full of that.

We took the pups for a nice walk after dinner, and then had “dessert” when we got back home:

Greg and I are OBSESSED with popcorn. I buy the kernels in bulk from the co-op and air-pop it. This was sprayed with Trader Joe’s canola oil spray and has sea salt and flower pepper ground on top and mixed in. Celestial Seasonings White Pear Tea with almond milk and cinnamon is on the side. Yum!

Time to foam roll (I promised!) and go to bed. G’night!


2 Comments on “That’s a huge sausage.”

  1. Erin B. says:

    Have you tried nutritional yeast on your popcorn? Supposedly it’s all the rage these days, though I’ve never tried it myself.

  2. Lauren says:

    Oooh… I haven’t. But that sounds awesome! Luckily I have some in my fridge!

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