Sunday morning oats + Saturday re-cap

What a BEAUTIFUL morning! SO happy to see the sun make a comeback.

Started off this morning with:

10 min elliptical

2100 meter row

50 min teaching spin

25 min foam rolling (ouuuuuuch) and stretching

Came home and made this:

Warm oats topped with peaches, almond and coconut butter and a dab of peach butter in the center. Ahh…..

Yesterday was busy, busy! I woke up anxious around 6 am and decided to go downstairs and pop in a yoga DVD. An hour later, I felt much better. Greg and I were invited to a special sale at Bed, Bath and Beyond for anyone whose wedding has passed and had a registry with them. The store was only open to us couples and everything was 20% off (without having to use any of those coupons). And they raffled off all kinds of special prizes (we won some awesome Reidel wine glasses- LOVE THOSE!)

We came home with all this:

The down comforter was the big purchase ($300 before the 20% discount!!) but has a lifetime guarauntee and is supposed to be amazing… We’ll see! Now I have to find a duvet cover- which will probably take me forever.

Also purchased, a set of dinnerware(!!), a 12″ pan to go with the rest of our set, a Cuisinart egg cooker (total gimmick), a mandolin slicer, Calphalon utensils and a few other kitchen gadgets, cleaning stuff, ramekins, Ball jars, baskets for organizing the laundry room (inspired by Kath) and some whitening strips 🙂

BB&B is smart. We definitely wouldn’t have gone back and bought all of this stuff at once and spent the boatload of money that we did without some kind of incentive. But, it was awesome. Kind of like Christmas morning. 🙂

We spent the afternoon cleaning and assembling/putting the new stuff away/getting rid of old stuff. I was SO EXCITED to finally have a set of white plates, etc.! The dark red ones we got years ago are definitely not ideal for food presentation.


I invited trainer Ken (who is also a friend) and his girlfriend Terri over for dinner. Ken has come over for dinner before and is a lot of fun to cook for because he has a HUGE appetite and really loves food (and is expressive about it- love that!!). Terri is a high school teacher also and coaches track. She had a meet earlier that day and her boys won 2nd place! She and Greg definitely enjoyed talking track, because both of them ran in high school and college.

Lots of food, beer and wine was served:

Sam Adams Pumpkin beer!! (Only available in the Harvest Blend case)

Grilled Chicken, Freekeh and salad with butternut squash, figs, goat cheese and a homemade strawberry vinaigrette:

Ken and Terri:

(I had to use flash- ugh.  Converted to grayscale to hide the horrible color.)

Greg and me:

We broke out the firepit:

And had dessert!

Homemade vanilla ice cream and cinnamon roasted almonds on top of grilled peaches. Foooood coma.

It was the first time I actually made ice cream in my ice cream maker! I used 1% milk, half and half, Tahitian vanilla extract, sugar and egg yolks. It was awesome!


I’m off to Whole Foods and Trader Joes. It’s a 40 minute drive to both (which are near each other) but totally worth it! Very excited to get out and have some “me” time. I also actually really love driving down 270 on the weekend (when there isn’t traffic!) and zoning out to some good music.

Have a great Sunday!


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