Savory vs. Sweet

Once again, I got my ass handed to me by Ken during my workout today. He had me start on the incline trainer for my warm-up (which is a treadmill that is made especially for running on an incline). Running on that thing is HARD! He always sets it on these crazy intervals and by the time I’m done, I’m already covered in sweat.

We spent the first half of the workout alternating between using the Bosu trainer and different exercises on the TRX with a medicine ball. There was a lot of balance work- which is always good. I think my balance may actually have improved a little bit since I started regularly doing yoga!

The second half of the workout was out on the field, with my arch-nemesis, the Prowler. (Ken was nice enough to snap some photos with my phone during my workout.)

Ugh. I HATE that thing. But, I love it too I guess- it just fires up your legs like crazy. Ken had me run (ha!) down the field pushing the prowler, then sprint without pushing it, and then do it again. I also had to run backwards and do some side-shuffles (staying low) in between Prowler pushes. I think we repeated that about 100 times.

In between Prowler sets, I go to beat a big tire with a sledgehammer.

Ken wanted me to show just how happy I am during my workouts.

Happy’s one word for it… definitely a love/hate thing.


After coming home and doing my every-other-day-vacuum to rid of the crazy amount of hair my dogs shed, I made myself dinner. Since Greg was working late, I had breakfast for dinner in mind. Shocker!

If I have breakfast in the morning, I’m perfectly fine with just “sweet” components (like oatmeal, yogurt, pancakes, smoothies, etc.). But, if I have it for dinner, I have to have both savory AND sweet.

For the savory, I made a hash using chopped onions, peppers, spinach, mushrooms, tomato, garlic and sage. I scrambled one egg and two egg whites and set about 1/4 cup of it aside for french toast and scrambled the rest with a little sharp cheddar. The cooked eggs were served on top of the hash. I have to do this more often- I usually mix the veggies in with the eggs, but I liked this much better! The flavors definitely stood out a lot more.

For the sweet, I took the rest of the egg/egg white combo and added a little almond milk and cinnamon. I soaked two pieces of Cinnamon Raisin Ezekiel bread for french toast. I stuck some sliced banana on top of one slice and cooked it with the toast so it caramelized a bit on top. Do I even need to mention how good caramelized banana is?

Hooray for tomorrow being Friday! Our students actually have off school so that they can attend the county fair (I’m not kidding). It’s been a tradition in this county for as long as I can remember, due to the large amount of farms in the area. I definitely think it’s a cool tradition, but just recently, they took it away from teachers, and we have to attend meetings all day. I’ll be presenting some project ideas and techniques to other photo teachers and swap ideas. Hopefully the day will fly by!

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