Closing out the weekend

Wow- I don’t know what happened! Guess I needed a few days away from the computer. Sorry to be MIA from blogging- but I did manage to take a few photographs over the last few days. I kinda feel like I wasted the weekend and now it’s gone. I didn’t really do much- but then again- the weather forecast was totally wrong and it was supposed to rain (it didn’t).

The great thing about weekends is that there’s always another one coming up!

Greg’s been working like CRAZY moving his office into a new building, and I have barely seen him for more than five minutes in the last week. Luckily, most of the big stuff is done, so I will finally have him back to cook, walk the dogs, watch tv and hang out with. I’ve missed him!

On Saturday I started the day with “flow & go” yoga. It was really great- and the teacher was an old friend that I hadn’t seen in a while (and didn’t even know was teaching yoga)! She was a great teacher, and though the class wasn’t super challenging, it was nice to get a good stretch and work up a little sweat.

Later on I went to lunch at Dogfish- which can only mean one thing: Punkin’ Ale! Speaking of pumpkin- I just heard that Flying Dog Brewery (which is in my town) came out with a pumpkin beer. I will definitely have to try it out!

I also stopped by my co-op and refilled some of my bulk grains and legumes:

Freekeh, oat bran, chickpeas, quinoa, millet, walnuts, farro and black beans. All for about $10!

My pantry looks happier now 🙂


I also stopped by Trader Joe’s and broke down and finally bought the fig butter. Everyone is exactly right in their descriptions of it: it tastes exactly like the filling of a fig newton!

Snuck a bite of fig butter + goat cheese on top of a cracker. (Someone thought I was giving him a dog biscuit.)

When I had lunch at Dogfish earlier in the day I was torn between a salad with goat cheese fritters and fish tacos. I ended up going with the fish tacos (which were sooooo good). But, I still had those goat cheese fritters on the brain. So, I tried to make my own version for dinner.

I rolled small pieces of Goat Chevre into little balls. Then I dipped them in panko crumbs and baked them in the toaster oven until the crust was golden brown They were really soft, so I stuck them in the fridge to harden up for a few minutes. Not exactly the same as fried, but pretty darn good.

Served ’em on top of a salad with mixed greens + romaine, apple, dried cranberries, cukes, red onion and walnuts. I whipped up a vinaigrette in the blender with some apple, balsamic, almond milk, dijon mustard and olive oil. (I love making my own dressing- it’s so simple!)


Started today with a workout:

1 mile run

2100 meter row

50 min teaching spin

25 min stretching and foam rolling (yay me!)


I pretty much spent the rest of the day cleaning and running errands…. I feel like the weekend really got away from me!

So now that the weekend is almost over, I have Greg back (and we actually got to eat dinner together tonight)! We grilled up some chicken breasts I bought for some crazy LOW price at Whole Foods (like $3/lb. or something) that came pre-seasoned. I made some kale chips in the oven and the “broccoli” version of my cold green bean salad (with some cherry tomatoes added).

Everything tasted really good- and I have to say- dinner tastes much better when I can share it with Greg!

The new season of The Amazing Race starts tonight! Greg and I aspire to be on the show one day- we would totally win. 🙂

Have a good night everyone!


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