My day through the (cell phone camera) lens

I took all my photos today with my cell phone camera, just to see what a difference it would make. Here goes!

4:50 am– looking awake and perky! (Setting up my spin bike before going to lift before teaching my 5:30 a.m. class.):

(I don’t wear my Vibrams while spinning- just during my pre-spin workout!)


6:55 am: Breakfast! Overnight oats with lots of peaches, banana and peanut flour sauce:


10:00 am: Thank God for my mini french-press. Half-caf/decaf coffee to break through my mid-morning crash.


11:45 am: Lunch. Salad with mixed greens, veggies and goat cheese + a side of skyr. (It was impossible to get a decent photo of both together):


2:30 pm: Tough choice. I grabbed both bars this morning because I didn’t know which I would be in the mood for.


2:50 pm: (In the car) Decision made: Surprisingly, Luna bar wins. I’m not usually a big fan of Luna bars, but this tasted amazing! Like a girl scout cookie!


3:15 pm: Massage tables and oils. I get a deep-tissue massage every two weeks from my amazing massage therapist. I think it is definitely something worth working into the budget because it helps muscles recover so much faster (Greg gets them, too)!


5:30 pm: Back home and making tomorrow’s lunch. I love how Trader Joe’s packages their sprouted tofu by dividing it up into 2 separate sealed trays!


7:30 pm: Dinner is served!! (I shudder at how horrible this photo is because it was a BEAUTIFUL plate!)

You can find the recipe here. This was absolutely delicious- I was actually shocked at how good it was. I scaled down the ingredients to make it for 2 people and added chopped mushrooms, sun-dried tomatoes and a slice of BACON (which really made the dish). I also shredded a little manchego cheese and let it melt over the top. Served with baked kale (still working my way through my huge bag that I bought at the farmers’ market!) I will absolutely make this again.

So, what I learned is that I definitely prefer my SLR any day over the horrible quality of my Driod’s camera. Maybe if I switch to the iPhone I’ll have better quality phone pictures???


I love hearing your feedback! Feel free to leave a comment. :)

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