Frolicking in S-town

Having off school on a Thursday is weird. I’m not complaining- I’ll take it. But, it’s strange to just go back for one day and then have the weekend. The county I teach in closes school for Rosh Hashana, so we had today off.

I started the day off early (because I like the torture??) with a workout with Ken at 7:30. He beat me to a pulp, as usual. I will definitely be sore tomorrow (hellllooooo yoga). I was also SUPER TIRED from not getting much sleep. (We’re watching my friend Justin’s dog while he is away running the Disney half-marathon. The three dogs thought that they should have an all-night party and kept Greg and I up all night playing. Oye. They will NOT be sleeping in our room again tonight!)

After working out, I came home, showered + ate and headed out the door to my friend Lesa’s house in Shepherdstown, WV. Though I’ve been to her house before, I have never spent any time in downtown S-town, which I had heard good things about. We met up with her sister-in-law, Sarah (who used to run the CSA I belonged to with her hubby, Jeff) and her baby Gino and picked up our friend Laura, who just moved to S-town.

We walked around downtown and went in a bunch of stores. Of course this store caught my eye:

I bought a pair of toe socks specially designed to wear with Vibrams and some running shorts that were 50% off.

After shopping some more, we went to a Thai/Japanese restaurant for lunch.

We shared some edamame to start:

I had a salad with shrimp + spicy Thai dressing on the side.

Very tasty, but definitely not filling enough for this girl (I went straight for a pumpkin smoothie when I got home)!

We did some more shopping after lunch and stopped for coffee before heading back home. I stopped a random girl on the street to take a photo of us.

I wanted to eat Gino up. He is the most adorable little pudge-monster ever.

So darn cute.


Greg’s working an all-nighter again, but this is SUPPOSED to be the last one. šŸ™‚ Naturally that means breakfast for dinner for me tonight. Sweet + Savory… I’m dreaming up an apple pancake recipe in my head right now…


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