Seasonal brews

Happy Friday- and hooray for the weekend!

The day started off with me finding a delivery on my desk at work:

One of the great things about being a photo teacher- ordering all kinds of fun cameras and equipment!

After work I stopped by my favorite wine and beer store with only one thing in mind: to find Flying Dog’s new pumpkin beer. The Flying Dog Brewery is right in my town, and people just go nuts over it. I must say, they do have really good beer, but it would be nice if you could buy it directly from them (in a growler or something). Anyway, I got way too distracted by all of the seasonals that they had on hand and took advantage of the “make your own 6-pack” deal that they have. It is pretty cool that you can buy and single beer to try out. So, that’s what I did. Plus one more. Plus a really big bottle that the beer guy talked me into buying. Plus, the Flying Dog 6-pack.

Forty-some dollars later:

Guess we’ll be having fun taste-testing these for a while! The only ones I’ve had before are the Buffalo Bill’s and Blue Moon. Looking forward to the others!

I was really excited to do my Bob Harper yoga DVD when I got home (I actually LOOK FORWARD TO IT) and then had an afternoon snack. I saw this yogurt when I was at the store a few days ago, and though I am NOT a fan of flavored yogurt (it’s just too sweet for me), this caught my eye:

It’s honey and fig. The only thing that would make it more perfect is if the yogurt was actually goat cheese.

I scooped out half of it and mixed it with 1/3 c. of Fage 0% plain yogurt and topped it with some sliced plum and granola.

Perfect amount of sweetness!

I ate yogurt while the dogs all napped by my feet:

And then got up and posed for a photo (seriously, they just stood like this).


Friday night also mean pizza + beer, and GREG was actually here to eat dinner with me tonight!! We have some serious DVR to catch up on.

I pretty much always make the same kind of pizza, but tonight wanted to try out some different toppings. I roasted some butternut squash and red onion to get a sweet & savory combo. I used a 2 oz. dough ball from the big batch of dough that I made a few weeks ago and froze (so convenient!!) and Greg put our crusts on the grill for a few minutes on each side. He topped his pizza with onion, bell pepper, turkey bacon (Applegate Farms- yum!) and smoked mozzarella. In addition to the squash and onion, I added some turkey bacon, salt-free cottage cheese and 2 kinds of dairy-free cheese (Almond and Rice Shreds). Oh, and crushed tomatoes for the sauce.

We shared the Goose Island beer with dinner (and had the Flying Dog while we were cooking- it was really good!)

Oh yeah, and of course, I topped my pizza with arugula.

For dessert, I popped some kernels in the air-popper and melted some of this to drizzle over the popcorn:

With a sprinkle of sea salt. I don’t think I will ever eat popcorn without melted coconut butter again!

I’m not much of a soda drinker because, well, it’s got nothing good in it and I’m a recovering artificial-sweetener junkie (going on 3 years clean)! I’m not crazy about Zevia, but THIS soda tastes really REALLY GOOD.

And I know it sounds weird, but trust me- it’s awesome. If you mix it half and half with unsweetened vanilla almond milk, it tastes like a (melted) ice cream float. It’s best with cream soda or root beer. Dessert in a cup, for 20 calories. You can thank me later.

Greg is much cooler than me. He drank another beer (the Brooklyn). It was good- didn’t taste very “seasonal” though. We’re working through those beers pretty quickly. 🙂

Hooray for Saturday- the only day that I don’t wake up to an alarm clock. Here’s to the start of a great weekend!


3 Comments on “Seasonal brews”

  1. all looks yummy!

    i gotta buy some of that beer this fall.

  2. WOW— those beers look awesome!! Totally jealous!

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