Rainy Saturday errands

The rain (once again) kind of shot my ideal plans for today, so Greg and I decided to go down to Bethesda and look for a few errands.

We stopped to get lunch and check out the new Whole Foods, which was HUGE! Seriously, just the bulk section was as big as the old Whole Foods it replaced. There was a whole separate section just for different types of deydrated mushrooms. I could have made a huge dent in my bank account today, but I was pretty good and just got a few necessities.

We got lunch- a salad for me (with a few different proteins, lots of veggies and wheatberries on top! Awesome seeded roll on the side.)

And bbq pork & brisket, potatoes + collard greens for Greg.

My salad was just over $6. I think that is a record low for me. It is really easy to create a salad that is well over $10 there.


We got a nice gift card to Crate & Barrel in the mail the other day for a wedding gift (I love when gifts randomly show up!). We bought a really nice down comforter during the Bed Bath & Beyond sale a few weeks ago, but have yet to find a decent duvet cover. I am really indecisive when it comes to any linens, drapes, rugs, etc. in our home.

I had already looked in every store in Frederick and hadn’t found a thing that I liked (or liked enough to pay an arm and a leg for!). As luck would have it, Greg and I were both immediately drawn to the same duvet cover when we walked into Crate & Barrel.

I put it on right after we got home and am just in love with it!!

The pillowcases came separately and were definitely overpriced, so I will be slowly getting shams and other decorate elements over time. We reallllly do need to paint our bedroom (I love for a rusty orange- but Greg is not on board).

Isn’t it PRETTY?!?!


We bought some ground beef from Whole Foods, so I cooked a few bulked up burgers for dinner. Served with some roasted kale + brocolli, a tiny little sweet potato (with coconut butter on it!) and a few pieces of butternut squash. Paired with the Blue Moon pumpkin beer- it was the perfect combination!

We’re hanging in the family room tonight and watching Anchorman (I can’t believe I’ve never seen the whole thing). I’m definitely in the mood for a funny movie- I’m sure this will do the trick!


2 Comments on “Rainy Saturday errands”

  1. I love the salad bar at Whole Foods 🙂 And I definitely end up spending much more than I mean to!! Your new bedspread is very cute.

  2. I love y’alls bedspread! Too cute!

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