Vegan for a day: part 1

Happy hump day! I have to start out by sharing this for my coconut-loving friends:

Have you had this yet? I finally was able to find it after weeks of searching, and it lived up to my expectations!! I could drink this with every meal, every day. But at $5 for a pack of 4, that will absolutely not be happening.


Let me start off by saying that I have no intention of becoming a full-time vegan and giving up meat, eggs and dairy for good. But, I am really intrigued by the idea of flirting with veganism (thanks, Alicia Silverstone for that term) and giving up eating any animal products for a few weeks. I really started thinking about it more last night and pulled some of my books off the shelf to do some research. I bought The Kind Diet a while ago and made some great recipes from it, but there are a lot that I’m not too crazy about. Alicia Silverstone is really into a lot of Japanese flavors, and that’s just something that doesn’t excite my palette too often.

A friend lent me this book about 2 years ago, and I have yet to read it.

The author is speaking at the Take Back Your Health conference that I’m attending this month, and I am trying to read it before seeing him speak. I’ve thumbed through it, and he outlines a “6 week plan” that is supposed to make you lose weight and change your life. Don’t you just love claims like that? I’m definitely not a big fan of anything that says “Drop 20 lbs with this diet” or gives you a time-frame (promise) for guaranteed weight loss. But, after skimming through his book, I am definitely intrigued by some of Dr. Fuhrman’s ideas. They are very simple, but involve eliminating any kind of animal product from your diet for 6 weeks (although he does say- if you must eat animal, keep it to one serving of fish or egg whites per week). So, after 6 weeks you are supposed to feel amazing and refreshed and notice a difference in your skin, energy and of course, amount of body fat.

I don’t know if I can (or am interested in) do this 6- week plan. Maybe. But for now, I’m just focusing on eating a vegan diet today.

Breakfast was overnight oats with yesterday’s “cottage cheese”

I topped it with fruit, peanut flour sauce and a protein muffin that I made with silken tofu instead of egg whites. I know there are much better vegan alternatives to eggs, but I was just going with what I had on hand.

Lunch was more tofu (I can think of many vegan proteins that I like better than tofu- but again- going with what I had and was easy to make quickly last night). I made tofu salad and put it in an Ezekiel wrap with lettuce, avocado and tomato- salad on the side.

All wrapped up:

I LOVE Ezekiel sprouted grain wraps- so flavorful- much better than a plain boring tortilla!

I have to say, one MAJOR benefit of eating vegan is the amount of money I would save on groceries. I spend so much on dairy and meat. My favorite source of vegan protein is legumes, and I buy them in bulk (dry). They are incredibly cheap- and really, tofu isn’t that expensive either. The money saving part is tempting. I am definitely curious to see if I would feel different after 6 weeks of 100% vegan eating. The question is, do I want to? I’m NOT a fan of any diet that tells you that anything is completely off-limits (my beloved greek yogurt and egg whites being #1). Lots more thinking to do….


I brought my yoga mat and favorite DVD with me to work today, because I plan on just doing yoga in my classroom after the kiddos leave. It’s really quiet and peaceful here after hours, and I am lucky to have  huge classroom with a ton of space (if you just move some tables aside). I tested my set-up when the kids were at lunch, and hopefully it will all work out!

Looks like a peaceful little sanctuary, right? I like doing yoga on my own, as opposed to taking a class because I like to be able to work around my own schedule. I get off work earlier than most people, and the majority of classes are offered later in the evening. I find it best to do yoga right after work, before I do anything else at home. The only problem is, home has many distractions, so maybe my classroom will be better? We will see.

Stay tuned for part #2 of my Vegan day- I’m going out to one of my favorite restaurants with my friend Brie. It’s 100% vegan, so it will be easy to choose anything off the menu!

4 Comments on “Vegan for a day: part 1”

  1. Erin B. says:

    Man do I love Bob! His videos are the best. Where did you end up finding the Coconut water?

  2. Lauren says:

    Erin, I keep meaning to THANK YOU for telling me about that yoga DVD in the first place! You are the reason I know about any of his workout DVDs and how great they are! Sarah recommended Shiva Rea, and I picked up one yesterday- but haven’t done it yet.
    I got the coconut water at M.O.M.s in Frederick. 🙂

  3. That water looks awesome, I’m going to have to search for it!!! They have that brand of sparkling water, but lemon flavored at Costco. I bought a case for $9, so good!!

  4. I was vegan for almost a year and let me tell you I missed egg whites and Greek yogurt like no one’s business. I did eat tons of legumes for protein and I avoided most of the processed faux meats. Though I do enjoy a yummy tofu dog every once in a while! Are you going to Java Green? It’s one of my favorite restaurants too 🙂

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