Vegan for a day, part 2

I would have posted this last night, but I got home late and watching Modern Family on my DVR took priority over blogging.

So, to continue from yesterday

I did my yoga DVD at school. It was great! I turned the lights off in my classroom and had an hour of peace and quiet- just me and Bob Harper and my yoga mat. No distractions, no noise… it was really nice. Plus, the linoleum floor in my classroom just seems to work practice yoga on that my wood floor at home.

After my yoga workout, I drove home and made myself a snack consisting of a (very juicy) Asian pear and assorted nut butters. I could decide between cashew, almond or sunflower, so I had a teaspoon of each.

I’m definitely a gal that loves variety!


I picked up my friend Brie (who actually is vegan- her hubby is, too) to head to Clarksville for dinner. It’s about a 45-minute drive from Frederick, but totally worth the trip. Plus, the long ride gave us plenty of time to talk and catch up on life. Brie and I have very similar food/exercise issues, so it’s really nice to be able to relate to someone so well. She’s also a bad-ass mountain biker and incredibly strong (yet compassionate) and fearless! We had plans to eat at Great Sage, which is a 100% vegan restaurant. I’ve been going to Great Sage for years, and have never, ever had a bad meal. I’ve never even had a sub-par meal. I seriously think that if the chef from Great Sage were to cook me and my husband every meal we ate, we would easily give up eating any meat, eggs or dairy. I can’t say it enough- the food is just incredible.

A little sampling of the menu:

Too many good choices!! Luckily, Brie is a food-sharer like me, so we decided to order a few different things to share.

We each started with a glass of chardonnay

And then split two side salads (which were pretty generous portions!)

A raw veggie salad with sunflower seeds, almonds and GUAC

And a very  colorful seaweed salad

Both salads were delicious! The crunch of the almonds in the raw veggie salad really added some great flavor and crunch and the seaweed salad was full of all different textures.

The main event arrived a short time later. We ordered two different entrees (it was not easy to narrow it down to two!) and ended up going with the Superfood “Bacon” Burger and the Pistachio-Crusted Tempeh.

The burger (description on menu pic above):

The tempeh (sautéed autumn mushrooms, spaghetti squash, wilted spinach, pistachio-chili roasted tempeh with cabernet-truffle sauce.)

Both were awesome- but the burger had a slight edge. Everything is better with bacon, even if it’s made from tempeh.

Great Sage has a beautiful dessert menu, but we opted out of ordering anything there and went next door to Roots to pick up something sweet (and a few other things). Roots and Great Sage are part of the Conscious Corner (all the same owner), along with two other stores (Bark! for pet food/toys and Nest for all kinds of goodies for the home). Roots carries all kinds of vegan desserts made by local bakeries (including those made a Great Sage). We spotted a delicious looking (vegan) brownie made by Sticky Fingers (a bakery in DC) and decided it was the perfect thing to split. I quickly assembled a salad from the salad bar and grabbed some “chicken salad” to bring in for lunch the next day, since I knew I wouldn’t want to make anything by the time I got home.

I'm sooo going to attempt to make this...


Brie bought some sunflower seed butter (Sunbutter)- she’s never tried it before, but I assured her that she would love it!

We shared a brownie and some coconut water and chatted all the way home.

Horrible lighting in my car...

All in all, a great day!


The weather is perfect in the DC Metro area for the next several days, which makes everyone so happy! I canceled my regular appointment with Ken for this afternoon and am going for a run instead (trail or road- I’m not sure yet). It’s too nice outside to be cooped up in a gym.

I’m already trying to think about what to cook for dinner tonight. I have some dried chickpeas soaking in water at home… any ideas of what to do with them?


6 Comments on “Vegan for a day, part 2”

  1. Baked chickpeas are delish! Just coat them in watever you want (i.e. vinegar+salt, cinnamon + sugar, orange glaze, mustard + spices…ec) and bake! SO good and crunchy–really tasty atop salads!

    your meal looks SO good, girl!

    • Lauren says:

      Ooh.. those mixtures all sound really good. I only ever roast them with salt + pepper and MAYBE paprika. Salt + vinegar?? Can you really taste the vinegar? (I love salt + vinegar!)

  2. I might have to make a trip to Clarksville because this restaurant looks delicious!! If you are looking for closer vegan restaurants, I’d recommend Java Green which is one of my favorites. You’ll have to post that Vegan chicken salad when you recreate it because I’ve never had much luck with TVP.

    • Lauren says:

      Ha, Sarah- I’ll meet you there anytime! It is just so unbelievably good- every carnivore I have taken there as even loved it.
      I’ve been dying to go to Java Green- I remember seeing a story about them over 2 years ago on NBC4 and I bookmarked them and was a fan of their Facebook page. And I still have yet to go! I really have to make that a priority sometime very soon- especially since there’s more than one location now (I think the other one has a different name- Cafe Green maybe?)

  3. […] we had that super delicious dinner at Great Sage last week, our seaweed salad also had kelp noodles in it. They have a really great […]

  4. […] pre-fixe dinner on Great Sage‘s facebook page. As I’ve mentioned on this blog before, I love Great Sage. Not only is it my favorite vegan restaurant, it’s one of my favorite restaurants, period. […]

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