Pumpkin morning

Good morning!

I definitely would have liked to sleep in a lot longer this morning, but my alarm faithfully started buzzing at 6:45 for me to get up and head to the gym.

This morning’s workout:

5 min. dynamic stretching

2100 meter row

20 min. biceps + back

50 min teaching spin class (it was great this morning!)

15 min stretching + foam rolling (yay!)

After the gym, I headed home with pumpkin on the brain and made this:

Pumpkin + peanut butter smoothie with a pumpkin peanut butter protein muffin crumbled on the top! And a dollop of sunflower butter, of course (and a few sunflower seeds + raisins for extra crunch and flavor). The smoothie was the same as this recipe, but with 1 T of vanilla protein and 3 T of peanut flour.

I’m off to run errands, make my pumpkin chili in the crockpot and then head out the apple orchard. I’m very excited that I was able to find an organic apple orchard out in Purcellville, VA- and it’s right around the corner from where we got married.

I’ll leave you with this- this song came on my Pandora station the other day and I can’t get enough of it! (It’s a Bob Dylan cover)

Have a great Sunday!


One Comment on “Pumpkin morning”

  1. I’d love to take a spin class with you. I hope you had a great time at the apple orchard.

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