Planks, Tea and other randoms

Happy hump day!

Hope it’s not gray and dreary where you are (it is in the DC metro). Luckily, it’s not supposed to last long- there’s sunshine predicted for the weekend! I, however, will be spending most of the weekend indoors at the Take Back Your Health conference in DC. I won a ticket for admission from a giveaway that Allie did a while back- it seems like forever ago now. I’m really excited to see what I learn- and I think the timing couldn’t be more perfect for “where I’m at” right now.


Random #1:

I wanted to share this video that my trainer/friend/therapist Ken put together. I swear, he does this kind of stuff for fun (plank variations, not make videos).

I’ve done this challenge several times. It’s a good one- and it burns!

And sorry ladies, he’s taken.


Random #2:

Can I say again how much I love Teecino? I just sucked this down.

The Vanilla Nut Flavor is the best.


Random #3:

Greg sent me this picture of his fritatta in the making this morning. Not sure why, or why he didn’t send a picture of the final product.

I thought it was cute that he was taking pictures of his food, so there it is.


Random #4

I need to cut my hair. I haven’t had a “real” haircut in years. To be honest- I am really weird about having others cut my hair and usually just trim it myself. I’m also lazy about making hair appointments. One of my best friends is a hair stylist, so you would think that I’d be on top of this sort of thing. But, I’m not. I also have a weird thing about getting a major haircut from a friend- in case I hate it, I don’t want any weirdness.

I had planned on chopping my hair off after I got married last summer so that it would be BOY short. Imagine how much time I’d save in the morning… it just sounds fantastic! But, so far I haven’t gotten the balls to do it. Maybe I could go back to this length- this was right after my last major haircut (Dec. 2008 I think?).

Maybe somewhere in between? Or should I keep growing it? What do you think?


Random #5

I’m switching up my workout routine and taking a BODYPUMP class after work today. I used to be religious about taking BP classes 3-4 times a week, without fail. For years! I stopped because I just needed a change and started lifting free-weights instead and doing my own thing. After reading Annette’s post about the new release, something just made me want to go back. So, I’m taking a class today at the gym that I teach at with the same instructor that I always loved. 🙂


Random #6

Deep-tissue massage is amazing. I have a standing appt. with my massage therapist (also named Lauren) every other Tuesday. Yesterday she worked on and issue I’ve been having with my right hamstring almost the entire time- it’s been immensely tight for weeks and I haven’t been able to bend forward on that side very far. I’ve tried stretching it like crazy and nothing has helped. She worked some kind of miracle yesterday! I can finally bend forward without tightness and it isn’t sore! I was lucky enough to find a very talented MT that doesn’t charge an arm and a leg and I just budget it into what I spend. TOTALLY WORTH IT.




9 Comments on “Planks, Tea and other randoms”

  1. kelly says:

    I was thinking….no!! Don’t cut you long beautiful hair! (I myself prefer long locks) then I saw you short hair picture. You look adorable!! I think you’ll be fine either way you go 🙂

  2. You looked cute with short hair!

    Thanks for the post lovin’–and HAVE fun tonight 🙂 It hurts soooo good. The squats for some reason are just killin’ my legs and I love it. I guess I’m weird in that way?? hah.

    That plank is crazy! I gotta try that!

    • p.s. –not saying you don’t look cute now, but I say either way works for you! you’re lucky to have that look-you can do it both! I tried short….it doesn’t work with my face. Haha. So I guess either way you’d look GOOD, lady!

      • Lauren says:

        LOL! Thanks, girl. I am so jealous of girls with cute short haircuts and it always makes me want to chop mine off. I just can’t go through with it yet though. But, I imagine I’d save a good 20-30 minutes in the morning between washing, drying and styling it. That would be soooo worth it.
        I’ll let ya know how Body Pump went. 🙂

  3. if you are questioning it, do not cut off all your hair! my advice. but if you do want to really do it, go back to tim.

  4. Suellyn says:

    You looked adorable with the bob…….I’m voting for the short bob!

  5. Janelle Wilson says:

    How was the new BP…i love taking BP whenever I can! Its usually my summer-time workout routine.

  6. Janelle Wilson says:

    PS- I’m all for chopping the hair. How about buzzing it! 🙂

  7. Michelle says:

    I love getting massages! It is money well-spent.

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