…and the weekend just opened up.

Happy Saturday! Hope you are all having an awesome weekend so far- it’s a perfect fall weather day here!

Ever have one of those moments where you think “I am a complete idiot?” Well, I had one of those last night. See, I’ve been planning and posting about going to the Take Back Your Health Conference this weekend. I took off work on Monday (mental health day!) so that I could have a day to myself to run errands and do everything else that I usually do on the weekend, since I thought I’d be gone all day Saturday and Sunday. I was checking emails last night and had one from the TBYH conference saying that it was “just 8 short days away!” Huh? Didn’t they mean ONE day away? I checked the website and sure enough, it’s next weekend. I have known about this for 2 months and the whole time, I thought it was October 15th and 16th.

The problem is, I made plans to go out of town next weekend, because we have off on Friday and we’re heading out Thursday night. I’m really excited to have a mini-vacation with Greg and to just enjoy ourselves after barely seeing each other the last month. We need this trip. So, that presents a dilemma. Long story short- now I will have to miss the conference. I’m really bummed about it because I was super excited about going, and I actually won admission from a giveaway from Allie’s blog (I was also really looking forward to meeting her there- even got her a bag of goodies that I selected!). Hopefully the ticket will be transferable to someone else- I’m sure she could find someone who would be happy to use it.

But still. I can’t believe I mixed up the dates. Lesson learned- PAY MORE ATTENTION TO DATES.

The only upside about the conference not being this weekend is that it meant that my weekend was completely open – and what a beautiful weekend to have no plans!

I started the day pretty much like any other Saturday: yoga and pancakes.

Blueberry for Greg

Pumpkin for me – topped with vegan pumpkin cream cheese (toffuti, pumpkin, stevia, vanilla, cinnamon)

Coffee and fresh apple juice on the side! I’m not a juice drinker, but we got a Breville juicer as a wedding gift, and since we’re overloaded with apples right now, I put 2 and 2 together. It was really good- a little tart, but very sweet. Completely different than any bottled apple juice I’ve had!


I decided that I actually wanted to spend the day marathon cleaning. It was the perfect morning to open up all of the windows in the house and just clean, clean, clean away!

I brushed the dogs first, to get rid of any excess hair. This was what I got off of them (and I could literally brush them 3x a day and get this much hair. IT NEVER ENDS.)

Don’t worry- I washed that placemat and cleaned the table thoroughly.

Look how handsome they are! (Holding a dog cookie in front of them will ALWAYS get them to sit still- and look so serious.)

Greg and I divided up duties- he tackled floors and I tackled surfaces. If there is one thing in the world that I hate cleaning more than anything else, it’s floors. I don’t mind vacuuming- I’ve gotten used to it, since it needs to be done every other day with the way our dogs shed. But mopping, UGH. I hate mopping. There is nothing I would rather NOT do than mop. Luckily, Greg doesn’t mind it, so I was happy to hand mopping duties over to him!

After 4 hours, the house and was sparkly clean! I even straightened up our basement, also known as the Red Sox cave.

It’s basically one place where we can put all of our Red Sox crap. Greg plans to eventually build a bar down there, it’s one of the many things on our house-to-do list. And those are actual bleacher seats from Fenway Park on the left. Greg’s dad bought them for him as a Christmas gift a few years ago when they replaced the seats there. Talk about ultimate fans, right?

I cleaned up my little gym. My spin bike is my most prized home gym possession. Greg bought it for me for Christmas right before I got certified as a spinning instructor.That thing has A LOT of miles on it!

I have a TRX, too but it’s hanging in the utility room in the basement since there are big metal beams in there to hang it from. The only thing that I am missing is a Bosu balance trainer. I’m just not ready to fork over $100 for one yet. And besides, Christmas isn’t TOO far away.

By the time I was done cleaning, I was pooped! So were the pups.

How could anyone not love those little faces?

Greg went off for a mountain bike ride and I’m going to spend a few hours just relaxing before we meet my friend Kelly for her birthday dinner. The restaurant we’re going to is in Leesburg, VA and always has the best food- and a lot of local and organic ingredients. I’m sure tonight’s meal will be exception!

Tell me- what’s your least favorite chore? And what’s your favorite piece of home gym equipment?



One Comment on “…and the weekend just opened up.”

  1. Least favorite chore: laundry. It doesn’t take much time at all, but ahh. Just something I’ll put off allll the time. Favorite home gym equipment: exercise ball!

    Also your dogs are goooooorgeous.

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