DC tourists + Grilled Citrus-Rubbed Salmon

Warning- this is a very photo-heavy post! The salmon recipe is at the bottom. šŸ™‚

What a beautiful, perfect fall day! Though my weekend definitely didn’t turn out how I had originally planned, it ended up being pretty great!

Started off the day teaching spin (plus the usual workout before) and came home very happy to find a bowl of overnight oats in my fridge.

Hooray to not having to wait for breakfast to be made- it’s much better when it’s waiting for me! I topped it with a pumpkin protein muffin, fig butter and sunflower butter. Mmmmmm….

Greg and I decided to head down to DC for the day. I’ve lived just north of DC for my entire life, and have been downtown a million times, so I just kind of take it for granted. I spent a lot of time downtown when I was in college and shortly after, but definitely don’t go down very often anymore. It was the perfect day to walk around the city without a plan and just enjoy the sunshine and people watching. We live exactly 45 miles north of DC, but usually decide to take the metro down to avoid having to find parking. We are alllll the way and the end of the red line, so it’s usually not a quick ride down to DC.

We got off at Dupont Circle, because I wanted to go to Java Green for lunch. I stopped for a quick pose at the fountain:

I should quit teaching and be a model, right? šŸ˜‰

And googled Java Green to get the address- it’s closed on Sundays! Cafe Green was only serving brunch, so we opted for Sweet Green instead (so many greens!). I had to fight the urge to go to my usual (Teaism) and try something new. I’m glad I did- the food was great!

I got the fall seasonal salad (Mixed greens, walnuts, goat cheese, apples, chicken) and Greg got a chicken ceasar.

I was very tempted by the fro-yo, but decided it would be good to get on the way back. However, I did notice that right across the street was a Whole Foods, so I ran in to see if they had my prized 365 brand vanilla stevia packets- and they did! I bought two boxes- it has been out of stock at my Whole Foods the last few times I’ve been!

We walked down towards the mall with no particular plan, but we did pass through Occupy DC on the way. It was a let down- not a whole lot of action going on. Lots of tents. Lots of interesting smells.

We also passed a bunch of these:

I love Capital BikeShare! What a great idea!

Someone came up to us and tried to hand us tickets to a White House tour, stating that it only happened twice a year. Greg wanted to keep walking, but I was interested. Moments later, we saw another person with the tickets, so I checked it out. It turns out that it was the weekend for the annual Fall Garden Tour of the White House! Very cool! I snagged those tickets up!

It turned out to be really neat- and it wasn’t really a tour- just a self-guided walk all around the White House lawn. We did get to get much closer to the White House than they usually allow!

Not zoomed in šŸ™‚

The grounds were beautiful! Feast your eyes:

Little seating areas like this are everywhere

The rose garden and oval office (on the left)

View from the top of the White House lawn

Sasha and Malia's garden

I would have LOVED to walk through the White House vegetable garden! Too bad that is definitely not allowed.

We were able to get someone to take our photo with the White House in the background:

What a really cool thing to stumble upon! Sometimes not having a plan really is the best plan!

After the tour, we walked back to Dupont. Of course, we stopped back at Sweet Green on the way for fro-yo.

I got roasted squash, almonds and cranberries on top. The toppings were good- but the yogurt was outstanding! Much better than the tart fro-yo at our local yogurt joint!

When we got back to Frederick, we quickly ran into the grocery store to grab some salmon for dinner. I saw an ad stating that Copper River salmon was on sale- and that is by far the best kind of salmon! I also finally remembered to pick up the latest issue of Fitness magazine, featuring Beth!

Beth is one bad-ass awesome chick from DC! Check out her blog- it’s one of my faves!

Dinner was quick and simple to put together: Grilled salmon (on top of grilled romaine), cold broccoli salad and roasted kabocha squash.

We usually use a pre-made rub for salmon, but I thought I’d try my hand at creating my own citrus rub.

Grilled Citrus-Rubbed Salmon

1 lb wild salmon (don’t you dare use farmed Atlantic!)

(For the rub):

zest from 1 orange

2 tsp mustard seeds

1 tsp dried lemon peel

1 tsp brown sugar

1/2 tsp garlic powder

1/2 tsp onion powder

1/2 tsp paprika

1/4 tsp sea salt

1/4 tsp ground black pepper

Mix all ingredients for the rub together in a small bowl. Rub on top of flesh-side of salmon. Cook over medium-heat on grill for 4 minutes, then flip over and cook for and 4 additional minutes.

Copper river salmon never disappoints!

Hope you had a great weekend- time for me to go watch The Amazing Race!

Do you ever do toursit-y things in your own city? If so, what (and where)?

7 Comments on “DC tourists + Grilled Citrus-Rubbed Salmon”

  1. Looks like a wonderful day in DC! I always hate that Java Green is closed on Sunday (and Chix on U St which is another fave of mine). I love the froyo at Sweet Green but I prefer the salads and customer service at Chop’t. Glad you had a wonderful day!

  2. This is so funny but I just went to the Hirshhorn today with a good friend to check out an Andy Warhol exhibit so today was a DC touristy day for me. And I was going to post pictures but I lost my freaking camera (I walked from the museum to my apartment).

    I hate that Java Green is closed on Sunday (and Chix on U St. which is one of my favorites). I love Sweet Green for froyo but I prefer Chop’t’s salads (and customer service). Looks like y’all had a wonderful day in DC!!

  3. What an awesome day in DC!! Wasn’t the weather amazing? I also LOVE the salmon. Awesome dinner!

  4. How freaking bad ass to be able to tour the white house fall garden!! I’ve actually never been to D.C., but would love to one day. Looks like an awesome weekend šŸ™‚

  5. Michelle says:

    What fun! I don’t often do touristy stuff in Anchorage unless we have guests in town.

    I love overnight oats for that very reason1

  6. […] if Greg cooks dinner for the two of us, it’s one of three things: hamburgers, salmon or kebabs. There’s also a fourth option, white wine chicken, which is what he made last […]

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