Friday Fun in C’ville

Hooray for a long weekend!

Schools were closed Friday, so Greg and I took advantage of my long weekend and drove south to Charlottesville for a little getaway.We got in Thursday night, just in time for dinner and ate an amazing meal at The Local. Unfortunately, the lighting was too dim for any photos, but I will assure you- the meal was fantastic! The highlight of the meal might have been the fact that they had Avery beer on tap- one of our faves from Boulder!

On Friday morning, I was greeted by this view from our hotel room window:

I brought breakfast from home (vitamins and overnight oats for me, clif bar + banana for Greg) so that we could quickly eat and head out.

After eating, we headed out to do a morning hike at Ragged Mountain

The hike was so pretty- there were so many beautiful fall colors! a big portion of the hike was around a reservoir, and it was so quiet and peaceful. 🙂

I spotted these guys hanging out on a log:

There were some tall trees- reminded me of hiking in Colorado!

Catching a view of the lake:

Great hike! (I don’t know why our “moving time” is so inaccurate…)

We definitely worked up an appetite. After the hike, we headed to Great Harvest for lunch! I had a sandwich with turkey and hummus and veggies on Dakota Bread- which is quite possibly the best bread I’ve ever had (well, aside the Cowtown Stout bread from Whole Foods in Colorado, of course!)

I met Kath (her and her hubby own the bakery) and brought her a few goodies from home, and got to chat with her for a bit- which was cool. It was the actually the first time I have met another blogger in person- and she was one of the main blogs that I have read since long before I began my own blogging.

After lunch, we went to check out some of the local wineries, beginning with the Jefferson Vineyards.

The wine was great, and we bought 2 bottles (which we really DO NOT NEED.)

Next stop was Dave Matthews’ winery, Blenheim Vineyards (thanks for the suggestion, Kath!). This place was AWESOME. The wine and the views were amazing! And I loved the “LOVE” sculpture out front.

Check out the view from the patio!

We struck up a conversation with another couple (Nicole and Mike) while at the winery and ended up all going over to Trump winery (yes, that Trump), which we was just down the road.

The Donald was everywhere.

I did really like that they brought the tasting to you to enjoy on the patio! It looked like something from chemistry class.

We were definitely two happy kids.

We headed to downtown C’ville for dinner after the Trump winery, along with our new friends! It’s funny- because they had also been given a recommendation from a friend to eat at Zocolo, which was where we were planning on eating, too! The lighting in the restaurant was no good for photography- I only managed to get a picture of the app that Greg and I shared (duck confit), which is so blurry I shouldn’t even post it.

I ordered the grouper (what a shock!) and Greg got the NY strip. The food was delicious- very flavorful and the plating was beautiful- I only wish I had been able to get picture of it all.

We made a stop at Sweet Frog after dinner for some fro-yo. I totally did NOT need it, but whatever. It was delicious.

We have to head home at some point tomorrow to get back to the boys and for me to teach spin class the next morning. I think we’re going to hit a hike along Skyline drive on the way back, but plans are up in the air (which is nice)! We’re just going to do what we feel like – which is nice!

I’m beat. Part 2 of our trip to come!


11 Comments on “Friday Fun in C’ville”

  1. Sara R. says:

    Too funny! I just clicked over here from Kath’s blog when I saw that someone else had brought her Flying Dog beer…I knew where you guys had to be from! My husband and I went down to Charlottesville last weekend and had a trip that looks like it was very similar to yours! Just wanted to say hi as a fellow Fredericktonian and Bodypump enthusiast!

    • Lauren says:

      I just clicked over to your blog and I know who you are! 🙂 I don’t know if we’ve ever formally met, but I have met you hubby because I am good friends with Ken and Terri! I teach spin with Ken at FF. Such a small world! 🙂

      • Kath says:

        Haha – glad you two could connect! I knew yesterday you had to know each other!

      • Sara R. says:

        Ha! Will and I have known Ken since we were kids 🙂 I go to FF too, but I’m usually there a couple hours after your classes are over. Maybe I’ll make it in on a Sunday sometime. It definitely is a small world, especially in Frederick!

    • Lauren says:

      Sara, the really funny thing is that my friend Chris asked me to bring him some green tea IPA because one of his co-workers (from the FNP) was there last weekend and got some. SO FUNNY that it was Will! I was laughing at all of the small-world “layers” of this!

  2. I just clicked on to your blog from Kath Eats. The walk round the reservoir looks amazing. You bloggers make Cville sound amazing and if I am ever in that part of USA I will definitely visit.

  3. Kath says:

    Beautiful photos Lauren!! Glad you guys had a good time 🙂

  4. dharmendra49 says:

    your photos are soul of your blog. BTW i am new to blogging can you help me to develop my blog?? thnxs

  5. […] used this wine, which was purchased from our visit to Charlottsville in […]

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