Driving home from C’ville

What an amazing, beautiful day it was today! I woke up to this view outside of the hotel room window this morning:

How awesome is that? Before showering and packing up, I had a yoga date with Bob. You better believe I brought him with me to Charlottesville.

Love my mornings with Bob- perfect start to a great day!

Greg and I packed up our things and headed to the farmers’ market to meet up with Kath and do a little shopping.

(I look like an awkward 13-year-old boy with my arm around her, not sure why. But that Kath is just adorable!)

I love our Saturday farmers’ market in Frederick, but man… this one was unreal. SO much to see and buy! I had very little cash on me, so I didn’t go too nuts. The hard part was just choosing what to buy, it was a foodie paradise!

I knew that I wanted to at least get some stuff to make a salad for dinner when we got home, so I got an assortment of lettuce and veggies. And some AMAZING jam that I forgot to photograph.

We left the market and made two quick stops: first to Whole Foods to pick up some sandwiches for lunch later that afternoon, and then to BEER RUN.

If the market was foodie paradise, then Beer Run is clearly beer snob paradise. And I proudly call myself a beer snob.

Again, the selection was overwhelming!

We definitely DO NOT NEED BEER. But of course, we bought some. Two bottle of IPA (one is for a friend) and a 6-pack of Fireside Chat, because it sounded awesome (and cans are better for drinking at the end of a hike!)

We decided to take the super-long way back home and go up Skyline Drive. I’ve NEVER been on Skyline Drive, which is just sad. How could I have lived right near something so beautiful for 30+ years and not even know it! It’s 101 miles of the most beautiful views I’ve ever seen on the East Coast. I took a million photos, which will have to be a separate post entirely. For now, I’ll just show one at the beginning, middle, and end of the drive:

South end


North end (obviously, the light was not in our favor)

We planned on pulling over to do a hike along the way, but just decided to stop at a bunch of the overlooks and enjoy the scenery instead. Nothing wrong with a day off, right? We did stop in the middle to eat our delicious sandwiches (along with some cuke, tomato and onion salad)

Alright, here’s one more photo…

Many more to come later!

We got home just before six, and were so glad to see our boys- we missed them so much!

They would have LOVED C’ville!

I got right to work on dinner. Roasted some of these beauties up:

I knew exactly what I wanted: a salad with roasted squash, veggies, tempeh bacon and an egg.

Time to go make a playlist for tomorrow morning’s spin class and watch some shows that we DVR’d during the week.

Hope you are having a great weekend!


2 Comments on “Driving home from C’ville”

  1. Health Bee says:

    Great photos! Your dogs are adorable!

  2. Kath says:

    Glad you liked the jam – and Beer Run!!

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