Skyline Drive and October Goals Check-In

I had some time to edit my photos from our drive along Skyline Drive, VA on Saturday. I took about a million, and managed to get a few edited and up on my new Flickr page. I know that not everyone wants to see a million photos of landscapes, so I’ll just post a few on my blog. If you want to see more, you can see the rest here.

Here’s a few quick shots:

If you live anywhere near DC, Virginia, Maryland, West Virginia, etc. do yourself a favor and visit Skyline Drive/Shenendoah National Park. It’s 101 miles of breathtaking views (and several lookouts with parking so you can stop to take photos, eat, walk around, etc.) and tons of hiking trails. With all of the beautiful fall colors, this is definitely the best time of year to go!


In the beginning of the month, I posted a list of goals for the month. Being that there is only a week left in October (seriously, where did the time go??), I wanted to check in and see where I’m at. I’ve had some triumphs and some struggles, and have even come up with a few new things I want to work on (but I might save some of those for next week when it’s November).\

This is a rundown of my goals, and how I’ve done with them over the last three weeks:

1. Practice yoga at least 3x a week.

I’ve done a good job keeping up with my yoga practice. I’ve made it a priority because it always makes me feel so much better afterwards- and in a totally different way than a cardio or weight-training workout does. I have not gone and taken any yoga classes, but did get two new yoga DVDs to add into the rotation though. To be honest though, I love the Bob Harper yoga workout so much – it’s hard to choose something else over him. It’s the perfect balance of feeling like you are really working out (I am covered in sweat when I’m done) and feeling relaxed and zen-like.

2. Get on track (and stay on track) with mindful eating… and lose some body fat.

I started off doing REALLY well. In fact, I had a whole week of “perfect” eating. I just set my mind to stop the mindless snacking and made sure that I always ate enough at designated meal/snack-times, so that I never got too hungry and just grabbed whatever was around. But then, the usual happened… the weekend. I swear, I’m at my worst when I’m not in a routine. And especially when I go away for the weekend. I know that it is totally fine to have a ‘cheat’ meal- and I am completely down with that. But, when you have several cheat meals in a row… not good. I’m back on my game today, though- the key is to get right back on the horse.
All that being said, I don’t think that my goal of losing any bodyfat has happened yet. (But it will!)

3. Stay on track with the new cardio/hardcore workout (or lack thereof) plan

I’ve had a little trouble with this. My exercise-addiction demons have been a creeping up on me, and I’ve only really had one slip-up. And by slip-up, I mean exercising on a day when I really should be “resting” and doing some crazy cardio-session. For me, it was riding 30 miles on my spin bike with a high heart rate the whole time. Not cool. Not sure what I was thinking, but I felt a little ashamed after. I know that overdoing it isn’t going to make me lose any weight or feel any better about myself.
It was just ONE slip-up, though, so I’m not beating myself over it.

4. Hike more

I haven’t been able to do this much, which sucks. I was able to hike over the weekend, but still haven’t had the time in my schedule to get some good, long local hikes in. Gotta work on this.

5. Spend some Q.T. with the husband- away from other distractions

This has been a success! Greg and I have started eating dinner in the dining room, which is away from all distractions (no tv, computers, phones, etc.). It’s such a simple thing, but it’s been really nice to just sit and eat face-to-face and talk about our day. We also had a really nice time in Charlottesville- it’s great to take a little vacation to a town that you’ve never been to (and isn’t very far away).

6. Cook more vegan food

I’ve been keeping up with my vegan cooking and am really excited about my Meatless Monday dish tonight! (I hope it turns out- it will be an experiment for sure!) I am trying something new this week, however: no dairy. I have noticed that I’ve been having some tummy trouble lately, and it seems to be occurring after I eat Greek Yogurt. Unfortunately, Greek yogurt is a staple in my diet- and I’ve always said that eggs and dairy are the hardest thing for me to give up. I found some unsweetened soy yogurt that is okay, but not great. Basically I’m doubling up on the egg whites for my big protein source!

7. Spend more Q.T. with friends (more girl time!)

I definitely need to work on this. We are all just so busy- but there really is no excuse.

8. Get 8 hours of sleep each night

Another thing I need to work on. I feel like I get 8 hours about 3 or 4 nights out of the week, but I need to make it a priority every single night (and not get sucked in the Real Housewives reunion starting at 10pm like I did last night).

9. Think of new projects to inspire my students

Been doing great with this- and have a really exciting field trip planned for them next month. Details to come later!

10. Keep up with blogging!

Not a problem at all. I love taking pictures and blogging, though I’ve got to figure out a way for it to take a little less time. I am very meticulous when it comes to editing my photos and need to just give it a rest sometimes. All in all though, I am still loving being a part of the healthy living blog community. I’ve said it many times, but I really love to share my ideas and have learned so many cool recipes/tips/etc. from others!

I give myself a B- for the month. I know what I need to work on, and I’m going to stay focused. And this list doesn’t ‘end’ at when October’s over- I’m sure many things will carry over to next month (and beyond).

Did you set any goals for this month? How are things going?



6 Comments on “Skyline Drive and October Goals Check-In”

  1. Gil says:

    Did you like Charlottesville’s downtown pedestrian “mall”? I always wish I lived somewhere that had one!

    • Lauren says:

      I know- I LOVED it! I would live in C’ville in a second!
      Apparently Aaron and the girls were all home last weekend too, but weren’t free until Saturday (when we were leaving). We’ll all have to go crash your Aunt Kathy’s house!

      • Gil says:

        I know it! I thought it was funny, all my cousins heading to Cville…its such a fun town though, I have so many good memories there!

  2. I love Skyline Drive!! It’s gorgeous 🙂 I always loved driving to/from Blacksburg (I went to Tech) during the fall because it’s so beautiful.

    Congrats on your goals!! I’ve not been super great with my goals this month but I’ve accomplished several other goals that were not planned!

    • Lauren says:

      Thanks, Sarah. I have my ups and downs, definitely. I know you can relate. But congrats on everything you have accomplished, too- especially those that weren’t planned!

  3. […] I just did a progress check of my October goals last week, I won’t take the time to run through them again. I will, however, add any missed goals from […]

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