Yucca fries and Yogurt break-up

One of my favorite side dishes served at a Mexican restaurant that’s in my town would definitely be yucca fries. They’re not on the menu, but if you ask for them, they will make them for you. I was eating dinner there with a group of friends years ago and she told us about them. That was the first time I had ever tried yucca- and I loved it! Now we order them every time we go to that restaurant- and they are as good as ever!

I’m pretty sure that they deep fry the yucca fries at the restaurant- but you can bet that I wasn’t going to deep fry them at home. I figured that they would probably be just as good baked in the oven. And you know what? They were! Seriously!

A little info about yucca , if you’re not familiar with it. Yucca is a root vegetable that grow in hot and dry climates, largely in Mexico and South America. It’s incredibly starchy and dense, but has a flavor similar to a golden potato.
If you see yucca in the produce section in the grocery store, you might not been drawn to it because of its’ good looks. It’s long and thin and has a waxy coating. Yucca can also vary in shape and size.

This photo was taken by one of my students a few years ago. 🙂

This recipe takes less than 15 minutes, start to finish.

Yucca fries (or chips)

1 yucca (about 8″ long)

1 T extra virgin olive oil

sea salt, to taste

Use a vegetable peeler to peel the skin completely off the yucca. Cut the root into 1″ pieces (I used a wavy-shaped potato cutter) and place in a bowl. Add the olive oil and salt to the bowl and mix together well, so that the yucca gets coated with the oil. Evenly spread the yucca onto a cookie sheet and bake for 10 minutes (or until golden brown), flipping over halfway through. Serve plain or with ketchup.


As I mentioned in a post the other day, I am trying this dairy-free thing this week. I’ve been having some not-so-pleasant tummy issues that leave me feeling very large and uncomfortable- you know what I mean. The only thing that I can relate them to is that they seem to occur more often after I eat dairy. And really- the only source of dairy that I eat a large quantity of (other than the occassional slice of cheese or pat of butter) is yogurt.

Ah, yogurt. Greek yogurt, skyr…. how I love you so. How could we ever part ways?? I’ve been known to have at least 4 different types of yogurt in my fridge at once (and about a million containers). It’s my favorite protein source and it takes no preparation. I love adding fruit into it, using it as a substitute for sour cream, or just eating it plain, right out of the tub. But maybe this relationship is completely one-sided, and yogurt just does not love me back.

So, I’m doing the elimination thing. No dairy for a week and then I’ll eat my usual amount of yogurt for my afternoon snack (1/2 to 1 cup, depending on what else I’m adding to it) and see what happens. Hopefully I’ll feel fine, and the issues are related to something else. But then of course, I’ll have to find out what that “something else” is.


One last random tid-bit on this Wednesday. I am SO excited that the foyer in my house is finally painted (well, mostly- there’s just one wall left)! We’ve lived in our house for almost a year – and when we initially looked at our house (before buying it) I was in love with just about everything- except for the paint and wallpaper (ick!) in some of the rooms. But, I figured- that was an easy fix. Greg’s friend Mike does painting as a side job and agreed to come paint our foyer and living room. Our foyer is TALL. I won’t even venture a guess as to how tall exactly, but you don’t even come close to touching the ceiling on the highest rung of the tallest ladder we own. The foyer was completely covered by this god-awful faux finishing (I guess it was supposed to look like suede) on 3 of the walls and then a faux stone facade around a window that in on the front of the house. It is so freaking ugly- and the scary thing is- I know the previous owners probably paid an arm and a leg to have it done!

Mike came over to paint over the “stone” yesterday (he brought a huge tall scary ladder), and I could not be happier that it’s gone! I snapped a photo of the before, just so I can always remember it.

The light fixture has got to go, too. 🙂


Have a great Wednesday, everyone!

Are you allergic to any foods? Or do any foods just “not agree” with you in general?

Faux-finishing: are you a fan?


9 Comments on “Yucca fries and Yogurt break-up”

  1. I did a dairy detox from my holistic doctor. And when I stick to it, I feel great. I have not had a glass of milk or yogurt in almost a year. Now cheese, I try to eat it only every other few days and I feel fine.

  2. Sara R. says:

    Those fake stones are pretty funky looking! We have a couple of those “What were the previous owners thinking?!” things still going on in our house too. My husband LOVES anything dairy but is extemely lactose intolerant…if it turns out that you have something similar going on I reccommend lactase drops, which we order on Amazon. You can turn pretty much anything lactose-free with them except cheese, in which case we use Cabot cheese which is all lactose-free anyway. Good luck with your experiment!

    • Lauren says:

      Awesome, Sara- thanks! I will definitely look for those drops! Do you know if you can get them around here (like at M.O.M. or something?)

      You should have SEEN all the faux finishing. And the ugly wallpaper! We have stripped it off of two rooms and have one to go. It’s been a loooong process.

      • Will R says:

        Sara gets them for me online (direct or from Amazon). I am pretty sensitive, but they work like a charm.

      • Sara R. says:

        I have not seen them anywhere locally, and the only places I’ve even seen them online are Amazon and seekinghealth.com. They’re pricey, but still cheaper than buying special lactose-free milk and they let you still eat organic yogurt and cottage cheese (since I have only ever seen one type of organic lactose-free yogurt and no types of organic lactose-free cottage cheese).

  3. Ahh Greek yogurt and eggs made me abandon veganism. But the only foods that really upset my stomach are onions (which I love), carrots (which I also love), and refried beans (which I kinda love). Silly stomach issues 😦

    I’ve never seen Yucca fries before but I have seen recipes for Yucca “rice”. I might have to pick up a Yucca to experiment.

    I love home decor! You’ll have to post an “after” picture!

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