Friday, Bloody Friday

I can’t believe Friday is here- we made it!

My morning started out with a big bowl of warm banana oats, topped with some chocolate protein muffin peanut flour sauce.

For the chocolate protein muffin, I followed the basic recipe that I always use, but added 1 T of cocoa powder and 1/2 T of dairy-free chocolate chips (Almond Dream brand). For the flours, I used 1 T of coconut flour and 1 T of oat bran.


The school that I teach at holds a blood drive each year, but I had not participated in the past. I decided to do my part this year, especially since the blood supply in our county is critically low. I was told to “eat a big breakfast beforehand.” No problem- I do that every day!

This was also my first time donating blood, ever. I’ve gotten blood taken several times for various tests, but never actually went to the Red Cross to donate.

Needles don’t really bother me and I have a pretty high pain tolerance, so I figured it would be no big thing. My plan was to walk in, answer a few questions, have my blood drawn, and be on my merry way.

That’s not exactly what happened.

I did walk in and sit down with a Red Cross worker to go over all the forms and questions, had my iron tested to make sure it was high enough, and then went over to one of the beds to donate.

The nurse put the needle in and I remember looking over at it and thinking “wow- that blood is MOVING!” I started to feel a little nauseous and then everything just kind of faded to black. The next thing I knew, a bunch of people were standing over me shouting “Lauren! Lauren! Wake up!”

I had no idea where I was and it took me a minute to get my mind clear. Apparently I had passed out for a little over 10 seconds- I was out COLD.

The nurse asked me if I wanted to stop drawing blood, but I told her to keep going. As they said, everyone’s bodies react differently. I don’t know if it was the rate at which the blood left my body (mine was a lot faster moving than most people’s) or what- but it was just one of the weirdest things I have ever experienced!

I felt a little light-headed for about 30 minutes afterward, so I drank some juice and ate an apple and a few animal crackers and laid down.

But now I’m good to go!

I was also told that I went completely white when I passed out, and it looks like MOST of my color has come back.  I feel good about donating my pint (that’s a lot!) of blood to someone who will make great use of it, even if I had to pass out to make that happen. 🙂

Have you ever donated blood? Or- have you ever fainted/blacked out?


8 Comments on “Friday, Bloody Friday”

  1. Sara R. says:

    Yep…I’ve donated 5 pints of blood over the years, and I definitely passed out! For me it happened after I was already over in the “recovery” area, and I was in the middle of a conversation with a person who had never donated before! I felt so bad for scaring them! It really was the weirdest feeling, like a bunch of stars and blackness started out in my peripheral vision and then moved in to cover everything, then the next thing I knew people were tapping my face and calling my name. They told me the same thing, that my blood had come out so fast my body didn’t have time to adjust. After traveling to some malaria-infested places and having two kids I haven’t been able to donate for a long time, but I really should go back soon!

    • Lauren says:

      Your description is pretty much exactly what happened to me. They were playing this really weird R&B music and waking up to that and having all of these strangers’ faces looking at me was the strangest experience of my life!
      I’m so dumb though- I didn’t realize you couldn’t work out (or lift) for 12 hours after you donate and was supposed to go to 6pm Body pump (for training!) that night. I spent the night on the couch instead. I had a sip of Greg’s beer and was wasted. 🙂

  2. WHOA girl. Glad you came back to! NICE job on donating!

    So, I actually tried to donate…but because I lived in Switzerland for too long and during a ‘possible’ outbreak time, I could not. I cried about it, actually! haha. So NO i’ve never had the chance to!

  3. Jenny says:

    I used to have problems when I donated blood until I started having them raise my feet up higher than my head. It helps so much! I am enjoying reading your blog–I used to live in Frederick and I am watching for mentions of some of my favorite places. I loved it there!

    • Lauren says:

      Hi Jenny! I haven’t been posting much about going out in Frederick lately, but I definitely will try to mention some of the spots that I hit (especially downtown). I’ll be curious to see which ones you know and love!

  4. Erika says:

    I’ve given a lot of times and have a similar reaction although I never actually completely passed out. Really light headed, nauseous and start sweating. Ew. I hate it so much and it doesn’t happen every time. No rhyme or reason. It really makes me not want to do it. Plus, it wears me out the rest of the day and then I have no energy to manage the kids the rest of the day. Someday I’ll get back into it.

  5. […] learned that my blood type is “O” when I donated blood in the fall. (Seriously, until then, I had no idea.) This page gives an outline of some special […]

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