Just your typical (October) snowstorm…

I didn’t believe the hype about the forecast for today. People around DC get so dramatic about any amount of snow hitting the area- if there’s even a threat of the tiniest bit of snow, people are out stocking up on milk and toilet paper. Seriously. When the weatherman predicted snow for today I thought yeah right- I’ll believe it when I see it. (Snow doesn’t typically hit Maryland until December.)

I had to eat my words this morning when I let the pups out and saw this in my backyard

Since Jackson is so dark, the snowflakes really show up on his fur

Greg joined me for an hour of Bob yoga (which is just my favorite way to start a Saturday!) and then I made breakfast. I made some buttery, syrupy blueberry pancakes for Greg

And opted out of pancakes for me because I was just craving a bowl of warm oatmeal

Topped with fruit and a few little spoonfuls of different nut butters (I couldn’t just pick one). Sadly, I noticed that there was a big crack in my bowl (near the top). I don’t know how or when that happened! I love that bowl. 😦

We headed out to the run some errands, stopping by the Farmers’ market first (only a few weeks left! So sad!)

I can’t remember ever going to the Farmers’ market in the snow. It was definitely weird to see all of the fall leaves covered in snow!

We drove all around Frederick running errands and cursing the cold weather every time we had to get out of the car. Since we had the living room and foyer painted, we can finally start doing some decorating. Unfortunately, I am just horrible when it comes to interior design! Greg and I made a “wish list” this morning of different furniture and accessories that we need around the house (mostly in our living room, dining room, foyer and master bedroom) and decided that the living room is top priority. Right now all we have is a chaise lounge and a small table, but plan to buy new chairs and tables to put in there. The first priority was a new area rug and drapes for the windows. Luckily, we got a great deal on both at Ross. Gotta love a bargain!

After we got home, I made my typical weekend lunch: a huge salad with roasted veggies and a runny egg (and some turkey bacon!)

And had the 2 leftover spinach pancakes from the other night.

They were just as good as I remember!

The rest of the afternoon will be spent doing laundry and cleaning, and then we’re meeting Greg’s best friend for dinner at Volt. We’re eating in the Chef’s kitchen tonight, which is always fun! It’s a 6-course menu that the chef designs, which is great- because you don’t have to agonize over just choosing one thing from the menu (which is full of amazing dishes). Stay tuned for some delicious photos (I’m keeping my fingers crossed for good lighting!)

Do you like snow? Does it snow where you live?


4 Comments on “Just your typical (October) snowstorm…”

  1. I live in Charleston, SC (for now… am moving to Alaska in December) but I also went to the Farmers Market yesterday! No snow though… ;o) But a bit chilly (for Charleston anyway) ;o) I got the recommendation to read your blog from The Runners Plate! :o)

  2. Erika says:

    You should look into the local farms to see if any of them are doing winter CSAs. Our farm does one and actually delivers it to us! We’ll be getting fresh root veggies, Brussels and veggies that they canned/froze themselves over the summer all winter long. I’m so excited!

  3. Michelle says:

    I do not like snow at all! And, yes, it snows where I live (Alaska). I don’t know what I was thinking when I moved from Minnesota to Alaska. The things we do for love.

  4. Health Bee says:

    Jackson is so adorable! Love the second photo of him here.

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