Chef’s kitchen @ Volt

Last night, Greg and I dined in the chef’s kitchen at Volt with another couple. This was our fourth time eating in the chef’s kitchen, and it’s always a big treat for us. Greg and I really don’t go out to very often, so when we do, we can justify spending a bit more for high quality food. The food at Volt is always super creative (and the menu is somewhat seasonally-based) and each plate is like a little work of art.

When you eat in the chef’s kitchen, you are presented with two menu options: a 6-course “Kitchen” menu, which features 5 savory courses and 1 dessert or a vegetarian option (also 5 savory courses and 1 dessert). Greg and I have always chosen the Kitchen menu, which is usually full of delicious vegetables as well. The portions are very small- just a few bites each, but the food is so full of flavor that you leave satisfied.

Last night’s menu included a few things that I have had at Volt before, and some that I have not:

We ordered a bottle of Oregon Pinot Noir (will I ever appreciate Pinot from any other region after our honeymoon??)

and munched on some fennel + sea salt bread sticks

They bring around a basket of bread with about 6 different varieties, all of which sound delicious. I almost always get the chive biscuit.

We were brought 3 canapes, and I wish I could remember exactly what they were…

Something with mushroom and bacon (I think), a macaroon, and an oyster-shooter-thingy. Forgive my technical terms for describing these.

Then the courses started coming out… first course: Sashimi of Fluke (great way to start!)

Second course: Goat cheese ravioli

I’ve had the ravioli several times, and it’s always incredibly delicious. I think that Bryan won a challenge on Top Chef for this dish.

Third course: Black cod (probably my least favorite course, even though I love fish. It was a little undercooked.)

Fourth course: Muscovy duck (probably my favorite course)

Fifth course: Jameson Farms lamb (also very tasty!)

Sixth course: Textures of chocolate (mmmmm……)

It’s definitely not the prettiest dessert I’ve ever seen at Volt, but it certainly was delicious!

We were also brought a little plate of handmade chocolates and tiny cookies, but I didn’t get a picture of those (they were gone too quickly!)

You always get a treat to take home for breakfast when you dine at Volt. It’s usually a muffin, but this time they had something new: granola!

I had a little bit of the granola in my smoothie this morning- it was delicious!

We were happy campers.

Time to go carve pumpkins!

Do you go out to eat very often? Is there a restaurant that you “splurge” at occasionally?


3 Comments on “Chef’s kitchen @ Volt”

  1. Erika says:

    YUM! I’m so jealous you guys live so close to Volt. And yes, we need to do a dinner date together soon. Woodberry or another great Baltimore restaurant – there are so many we are wanting to try and just need an occasion.

    • Lauren says:

      Erika- let’s pick a date and plan on it! Would sometime after Christmas be good? I’d also LOVE to see your house and meet the kiddos, if that could all be tied in!! 🙂

  2. Erika says:

    Yes, unfortunately at this point, after Christmas would probably work best. We’ll be in touch about it!

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