This and that (and all things unrelated)

Check out this little cutie!

This was my after-school snack yesterday. Eden posted a recipe for Greek Yogurt Apple “Cupcakes” on her blog, and I had to jump on it right away! I mixed my greek yogurt with peanut flour and french vanilla stevia and froze the mixture for 20 minutes.  I also topped it with granola instead of sprinkles. It was PERFECT. The apple I used was a little too small, so there was plenty of yogurt for me to eat straight out of the bag. 🙂


I never posted my Meatless Monday dinner, but it was awesome! Since it was Halloween, I wanted to use pumpkin, but figured this was close enough:

Kabocha squash! (It looks like a pumpkin, right?)

I cooked up some warm farro, chard & butternut salad, but bulked it up a little more to be served as a main dish (rather than a side) and subbed the butternut squash for Kabocha. I also made some pumpkin spice roasted chickpeas for extra protein. The chickpeas were mixed with olive oil, salt, and Trader Joes pumpkin pie seasoning. They were the perfect addition to the rest of the dish! I LOVE this dinner- it’s so full of flavor and so filling. And I have to say- farro is just so awesome.

Greg and I ate our dinner outside on our front porch while waiting for trick-or-treaters to arrive. We didn’t have a ton of them come by (our neighborhood is pretty small and adjoins to a few much larger neighborhoods with more houses) but we saw some pretty cute costumes. We lit up our pumpkins too (including my pathetic Ravens pumpkin that I made one big wrong cut on!).

After we finished our dinner, we had some hot chocolate- also a great addition to a cold Halloween night! This was our first Halloween in our new house, and sitting out on the porch to give out candy was a great way to meet some of the neighbors that we hadn’t talked to before!


I normally wear contacts, but was having trouble with them this morning due to a scratch on my cornea,  so I had to resort to glasses.

I feel so “off” when I have to wear my glasses and it’s really frustrating to have to look through little “windows” all day. Plus, I can’t see the computer screen very well when I wear them, so I am constantly taking them on and off. I’m also just really tired today, and definitely look it!

One of my November goals was to get more sleep- and I already failed! I blame it on the Biggest Loser. If I want to get 8 hours of sleep, I need to be out by 9:30 pm, and that show ends at 10. I just had to stay up to see who got voted off!

(And- side note- for anyone who watches the show: Anyone else think Ramon is WAY more into Jessica than she is into him? I get the feeling that they are not together anymore.)


Today is my last day reckless eating. Okay, not reckless- that’s a bit dramatic… but I’m signing up for WW tonight and will begin tracking points in the morning. I’m super optimistic about the program this time (the last time I did it was over 5 years ag0 and I hear it’s changed quite a bit). I’m sure I’ll be posting about it tomorrow!

Have a great Wednesday everyone!

What shows do you watch? Do you think they’re to blame for you not going to bed early enough?

7 Comments on “This and that (and all things unrelated)”

  1. I love the apple! What a great idea! Oh, and the glasses look great on you. You have the face and hair to really pull them off. So smaht!

  2. I like your apple cupcake snack but for easier eating I usually just cut my apple into bite size pieces and mix with yogurt, brown sugar and homemade granola. I have tried stevia a few times and just cannot stomach it.

    Your dinner looks great. I wish I could make meals like that every night but I need to tread lightly with 3 kids, slowly but surely I am getting them more and more into food that I like.

    Shows I love. Dexter!!! I am so hooked on that show it’s ridiculous. I also DVR Parenthood and The View to watch when I am on my stairmaster. The older I get I’d rather just read a book.

    • Lauren says:

      Yes- that’s how I usually like to eat my apple, too. 🙂 If you can get to Whole Foods, you should pick up French Vanilla Stevia. It tastes really good and doesn’t have that bitter taste that Stevia does. But, it took me a while to acquire a taste for plain Stevia.

  3. coolest idea ever that apple, looks super tasty too!

  4. I hate wearing my glasses too!! I feel so sloppy…

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