Saturday things and social eating

Saturdays are pretty much always the same (and that’s just fine with me!).

I wake up, go downstairs, and have an hour-long yoga date with Bob. Sometimes Greg joins me (this morning he did not). Yoga is followed by either oatmeal or pancakes- and this morning (again)- oatmeal won. 🙂

Served with my favorite tea- Celestial Seasonings Mandarin Spice.

One of the wonderful things about this WW Points Plus program is that fruits are zero points. I’m not going overboard with fruits, but definitely eating a few more of them! I decided to make grill my bananas a bit (topped with a sprinkling of cinnamon) on a hot pan before topping my oatmeal with them.

And then I also added some frozen (heated) blueberries on top, just because I could.

There’s also a little sunflower butter in there and some walnuts mixed in. The whole bowl is 6 pts. and worth every single bite!

After breakfast is always a trip to the Farmers’ Market (which will be ending very soon!)

I loaded up on apples and veggies (no eggs- I got there too late!), which included these items:

Kohlrabi (awesome- tastes kind of like raw broccoli and watermelon radish and has a great crunch!)

and some HUGE carrots (put next to my phone, for reference)

I also ran a few errands and went to the Co-op, managing to come back with a pint of THIS.

I couldn’t resist- I definitely tried a little bite of it when I got home. AND yum.

Greg and I took the boys on a quick hike to Gambrill in the afternoon. It was not as enjoyable as it was in the summer, due to all of the fallen leaves everywhere (makes for slippery trails!). But, it’s always nice to get up to the mountain regardless.

We’re heading over to a small dinner party at a friend’s house tonight, and while I’m excited to hang out and see all of them, I can’t help but be a little nervous. Social eating is definitely a test for me. Sometimes it’s really easy for me to not over eat and make good choices, but in this case, the hostess is an amazing cook, and cooks with all clean, real foods. But, she always makes a TON of food that tastes incredible, and can be heavy-handed on the oil, butter and cream.
I know that I have those extra 49 points for the week, and I could easily make it a “cheat night”- but, this is my first week, and I want to start off with a bang. Having a good weight loss this first week (and I’m not being unrealistic- I’m talking like, 2 pounds) will really help my motivation. So we’ll see how tonight goes. I’ve got half of my daily points left, and if I go over a little bit- that’s fine… just don’t want to go over by A LOT.

Do you find that you mindlessly eat in social situations? How do you manage portion control at parties where food is buffet-style (and is everywhere)?


5 Comments on “Saturday things and social eating”

  1. I actually do really well at parties and social events because I do not eating in front of other people. My biggest problem with emotional eating is when I’m alone and stuck in my head…

    Have fun tonight!!

  2. Lauren says:

    Thanks Sarah- I’m actually much better alone. It’s when I get around people and I’m talking and not really thinking about how much I’m eating that gets me in trouble!

  3. I think the best trick is to grab a small plate and put the food you’re going to eat on there. Then go sit somewhere else which isn’t by the buffet table, and eat off your plate throughout the evening. Standing by the table and just randomly grabbing snacks is not a good way to judge portion sizes! I don’t see “overeating” in social situations to be a huge problem since it doesn’t happen every day; the trouble is “mindlessly eating.” It’s far better to know how much you’ve eaten when you’ve had a little extra than to just feel randomly guilty for scarfing down the appies all evening. 🙂

  4. Health Bee says:

    Love your breakfast, esp. the one with the blueberries!

  5. I stumbled across your blog from Coffee Cake and Cardio and had to laugh at this post…I literally just took my dog (Golden Retriever) to Gambrill State Park this evening for a trail run. The leaves made for a slippery run indeed!

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