Weekend friends + eats

Good morning!

Honestly, I’m exhausted! It was a really great weekend full of lots of food, friends and running all over the place, but also one of those weekends that leaves me wishing there was one more day to it. Who am I kidding- I say that every weekend!

Saturday night, Greg and I went to my friend/co-worker Georgia’s house for dinner.

Another one of our co-workers and her husband were invited over too, and Georgia and her hubby Steve prepared us a delicious dinner.

We snacked on some various tapanades and salsas before dinner:

Greg and I brought some Dakota bread that we had bought from Great Harvest and a bottle of Pinot Blanc that we bought in Oregon during our honeymoon. I didn’t get many photos of dinner because the lighting was so low, but check out the main course that the hosts cooked for us:

Roasted lamb! sorry, vegan friends 😦

And for dessert, Georgia made an apple pie. She makes the best baked-goods, and the crust on this was incredible!

It was a fun night full of lots of laughs!


On Sunday I got to enjoy an extra hour of sleep, thanks to Daylight Savings! It’s especially nice to enjoy that extra hour on a morning that IΒ  have to get up early to go teach spin class. I headed out to the gym well-rested and taught my class and then did Bodypump afterwards (practice, practice, practice!). After class, Greg and I cleaned and prepped food for guests that we were having over later that day.

We invited our friends Chris + Beth (and their daughter Nora), (trainer)Ken + Terri and (our new friends!) Will + Sara (and their daughters Emily + Charlotte) over for an early dinner and to watch some football. The kids ran around chasing the dogs while the grown-ups munched on snacks and drank some delicious craft brews. I asked everyone to bring something, and was quite impressed with the spread!

Our guest brought roasted brussels sprouts with bacon, blue cheese and pecans to sprinkle over the top; veggies and hummus, and two types of roasted potatoes. Greg and I made bulked-up burgers, kale chips (gone before I could photograph them) and a big bowl of roasted butternut + buttercup squash (almost gone before I snapped a photo!). It was sprinkled with cinnamon + sea salt.

Amazingly good- and no WW Points…

My plate (after much kale/squash and raw veggie consumption):

I said to my guests “I’ve never had such a fiber-filled potluck before!” It’s hard to believe, too, that most of the food was zero WW points- except the burger (3), sweet taters(2) and toppings(1) for the sprouts. Oh, and the beer (of which I had several sips of different types- I estimate 5 pts). I have to wonder though- if I eat 5 lbs. of veggies, is it really still NO points??!!

All of the food was absolutely delicious, but the STAR of the night was Sara’s dessert. She was nice enough to bring her vitamix over to make Banana ice cream!

I’ve made this at home in my blender before, but have always had to add a little almond milk to it to get it going. With the vitamix, you don’t need to add anything- just bananas. Guess I’ll have to start saving for my own Vitamix now… And I have to point out also, that Banana Ice Cream is ZERO points. Ha!

My bowl:

Sara brought coconut, nuts and this amazing fruit-juice sweetened “fudge” sauce for the ice cream. She also made DELICIOUS raw cookies from Oh She Glows.

Everyone loved the dessert- especially the girls!

And so did the other girls. πŸ™‚

Terri, Me, Sara and Beth… (okay, which husband took this photo?….)

The girls were all hopped up on natural sugars and ran around the house. They had a good time playing with the dogs’ bed

And Nora found a new use for my foam-roller: a megaphone!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, Sara brought me this incredible-sounding chocolate bar that looks to be right up my alley!

I’ll be chipping away at that over the next few days. πŸ™‚

And to top off a great weekend- it ended with a Ravens win over the Steelers! (Sorry to Beth and Chris- but YAY for me!)

I posted before about having a little anxiety about social eating at gatherings, and I have to say that I did OKAY. Not perfect, but I definitely made some good choices. It’s really difficult to practice mindful eating when everyone is standing around food and talking and eating. It’s definitely much easier when everything is healthy (and mostly veggies) and when 3 out of 4 out us women are either currently ON or have done the WW program. Having that support and understanding definitely helps!

Here’s to a new week… hoping the weekend is not too far away!

What is your standard potluck dish? Do you generally make something or purchase it?


7 Comments on “Weekend friends + eats”

  1. Yes, social eating can be hard, but it sure sounds/looks like you did great! Wahoo πŸ™‚

    I love raw veggies, OH so good!

    I always make something, I try not to buy things, because it is cheaper, usually healthier, and more fun that way!

  2. What an array of healthy colorful food. Your attitude sounds great, it’s all in the trying to make good choices and being aware. I always bring homemade food to a gathering. I usually get asked to bring a salad because I make them a lot, or homemade rolls, or a rich dessert. I love to bake.

    • Lauren says:

      Yes- every choice you make is your own, and it’s day to day!
      I usually bring a salad too- I add all kinds of fruits or roasted squash usually, and people seem to think it’s so “different!”
      Homemade rolls… you definitely can’t go wrong there!

  3. Looks like you had a wonderful weekend πŸ™‚ Don’t you just love zero point vegetables!!

    I typically make a dish involving lots and lots of vegetables because that’s what I cook best.

    • Lauren says:

      Same here- and that way I also know that there will be at least one healthy thing that I can eat a lot of. In this case, though, EVERYONE centered their dish around veggies! πŸ™‚

  4. Sara R. says:

    I think it was the non-husband Ken who took the picture πŸ™‚ And yes! Tons of vegetables are still 0 points! In the old program when everything was done by calories for the most part then for example 5 baby carrots would be 0 points but 20 baby carrots would be 1 point. Now, it’s just flat-out 0 points no matter how many vegetables and fruits you eat. You are still encouraged to eat only when you’re hungry and only “to satisfaction”, but the general attitude is now that people don’t get fat by eating too many fruits and vegetables so go for it. And Sunday was great, thanks again for inviting my rambunctious brood over for a fantastic meal!

    • Lauren says:

      Of course it was Ken. πŸ™‚
      I had 1 pt. worth of that chocolate bar last night (which is 1/4 of it).
      SO GOOD. I savored each bite! Thanks again for such a thoughtful gift. πŸ™‚

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