Pump it up

Thanks for all the support from yesterday’s post, guys. You all are the best!

I feel a little silly that I let the scale get the best of me… I was just so frustrated and really counted on a loss to keep me motivated. I’m over it now and am pushing forward, hoping for the best and continuing to do what I know is right.

So, I’ve mentioned several times before that I’m getting certified to teach Body Pump soon… the training is only eight days away! I have been working hard to learn the choreography- taking the class 2 or 3 times a week and then practicing with little or no weights on the other days, just to get the moves/counts down. The DVD that I got has master instructors teaching the release to a class, and it’s really easy to follow along with them of course. But, when you’re on your own with just the music, suddenly your mind can draw a blank!

To help me out, I taped little cheat sheets for each tracks on the walls of my home gym

(the tracks that require lying on the bench are lower to the ground!)

I put the DVD on with “music only,” so that you don’t hear the instructors giving directions, and turned my back to the tv (so that I could turn around if I need to check if my counts were right).

I’m definitely glad that I have my own bench and risers- it makes practicing much more authentic. It’s also very helpful for perfecting my tricep dips!

I have to present the lunge track on the first day and triceps on the second, but we are expected to know how to teach the entire release when we enter the training. I’ve definitely still got some work to do!

I remember being really nervous when I first started teaching spin- I would plan out every second of every ride and have all kinds of cheat sheets with me so that I wouldn’t forget a single second of what I was supposed to do. Thank goodness that passed very quickly, and I started feeling really comfortable with my teaching and never feel a single bit of nerves in front of my classes. Luckily being a high school teacher has also squashed any nerves I’ve ever had about speaking in front of large crowds, which also translates well into the gym. I feel like I could teach spin class in my sleep- and that confidence makes it much more enjoyable. I’m really hoping that the same thing happens with Body Pump!


I posted before about Greg’s friend Mike coming over to paint over the UGLY faux-finishing in our foyer and hallway. It’s been quite a process, because the ceilings are so high. I’m happy to say that Mike came over tonight and painted the last wall (which was the most nerve-wracking to watch!)

But now it’s all DONE and we can finally hang things on the wall! Yay!

We gave the boys raw bones so that they wouldn’t bother Mike while he was painting. Jackson looked like he was in a bone coma.

This is an easy way to keep them entertained for hours. šŸ™‚


Tomorrow is Friday- and I’m taking my advanced students on a field trip to a farm! I’m so excited- and so are they! I just hope the cold weather stays away!

Do you get nervous going into new situations or talking in front of a group? What helps calm your nerves?


5 Comments on “Pump it up”

  1. I love your home gym! I want a house so I can have a home gym and craft room šŸ™‚ I’m sure you’ll rock at BP! One of my BP instructors is a friend of mine and she tells me whenever she messes up she just keeps going because the class typically has no idea!

    Your dogs are so adorable!

  2. Michelle says:

    I don’t really enjoy talking in front of others, but seeing that I am a teacher, I have to do it all day long. It doesn’t jive well with my introverted personality.

  3. I used to teach step classes (a lifetime ago) and it was always nerve racking trying to learn an hours worth of routine. As I’ve gotten older I have so gotten over being nervous, it just doesn’t phase me anymore. I can speak in church to hundreds of people without batting an eye.

    I think it stems from being so ultra shy and insecure growing up. It was so crippling that as I’ve gotten older I just quit it, cold turkey. My kids, wisdom with age and God’s love have given me tons of strength and worth.

  4. The class NEVER knows if you mess up–so just keep going šŸ™‚ YAY for BodyPUMP!! I taught the triceps track the first day of training and then the back track for the 2nd day. HARDD stuff. You’ll do great–and it sounds like you’ve put a lot of prep work into it. 3 Cheers for fitness instructors!!

  5. Love your home gym!!! Puts my few dumbells and bands to shame!!! You’re putting in the hard work, it will pay off šŸ™‚

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