Homebody weekend (and black bean + spinach frittata)

After being so busy last weekend, it was nice to have no where to go and no one to see. Don’t get me wrong- I love going out and getting together with friends, but sometimes it’s really nice to just be home.

Saturday morning started off with a lot of gym activity. I taught spin class at 8:00 am (subbing for someone) and then took Bodypump at 9:00 to get (yet) another round of practice for Release #79! I’m starting to get the hang of the counts… I think. It gets a little easier each time to remember the choreography and the counts, and I’ll be practicing a lot this coming week.

After the gym, Greg and I spent the rest of the day doing stuff around the house and hanging out with the dogs. We made pizza for dinner (since we shockingly didn’t make it Friday night) and rented “Horrible Bosses” from DirecTv cinema. I had heard that it was really funny- and I had a feeling it would be a dark comedy. I was right! Definitely a dark movie, but hilarious and kind of genius at the same time! It had a great cast (I love Kevin Spacey in anything!) and Jason Bateman is just so cute. Jennifer Aniston was hilarious- a complete 180 from any character I’ve seen her play before! And the guy from It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia… I can’t remember his name (I’ve only seen the show a few times)… he was great too. Really, everyone was great!

I woke up this morning and headed out to the gym to teach my regular 8:00 am class, but decided not to stay for Bodypump afterwards. After so much practice, I really just needed a break from it today. Plus, it really does more harm than good to “take” the class two days in a row- my muscles need time to recover. When I practice it at home, I’m not using a weighted bar, so it’s a lot different. I’ll be right back on schedule with practice tomorrow though!

The rest of today was spent running a few errands, doing laundry… the usual Sunday stuff. I did make a really wonderful lunch though!

I was looking in my fridge and decided not to have the same old giant salad that I eat for lunch everyday and do something with black beans and egg instead. I ended up with this black bean + spinach fritatta. It was really delicious- the black beans added a great texture that was similar to the potato fritatta I made for dinner the other night.

Black Bean + Spinach Fritatta

olive oil or cooking spray

1/4 c onion, diced

1/4 c red bell pepper, diced

2 white mushrooms, diced

1 large handful of spinach

1 egg

1/2 c liquid egg whites

splash of milk

1 tsp garlic powder

salt + pepper (to taste)

2 T sun-dried tomatoes, diced

1/4 c black beans, drained and rinsed

1/2 oz. cheddar cheese

Spray a small skillet (about 10″ diameter) with cooking spray and place over medium heat. Add onion and pepper and stir, cooking for about 2 minutes. Add in mushroom and cook for another 2 minutes. When the onions start to become translucent, add in the spinach and stir, and reduce heat to low. When spinach is wilted down, remove from heat. Meanwhile, whisk egg, egg whites, milk, garlic, salt + pepper together in a bowl. Add in the black beans, sun-dried tomatoes and cooked vegetables and stir well. Wipe out the skillet and re-apply cooking spray. Pour the egg mixture back into the skillet and place in a 375˚ oven. Remove the skillet after 5 minutes and grate the cheddar cheese over top of the egg, and place back in the oven. Cook for an additional 5 minutes, or until egg is cooked all the way through. Serve on top of greens and top with salsa, greek yogurt, or enjoy as is!

I calculated this to be 5 WW points. Definitely worth every single point!!

I’ve got to go start on all of those Sunday evening duties of getting everything ready for the work week. I’ve got a busy week coming up- and just realized that this time next week, I’ll be all done with Bodypump training! (I will probably also not be able to move!)

I’m bringing back an old classic that I used to make for dinner quite often when Greg and I first started dating, but haven’t made for at least a year. You’ll see how it turns out tomorrow!

Have a great rest of the weekend- savor every moment!

What’s your favorite way to spend a weekend? Are you a homebody or do you like going out?


5 Comments on “Homebody weekend (and black bean + spinach frittata)”

  1. Chels says:

    I was the same way this weekend, a first weekend for me to get a chance to stay in and do NOTHING. I did visit some friends on Saturday during the day for a football party, but nothing crazy. The older I get the more I enjoy my weekends at home to cook, clean and get caught up on my rest.

  2. April says:

    Saw this post via your guest post on meals & moves. I never would have thought to add beans to a frittata! Love it, and a great way to get in more protein and all the other magic nutrients found in black beans. YUM!

  3. Leanna says:

    I also saw your post on meals & moves! This looks absolutely delicious…I’d always think of making this for breakfast but I like the idea of it for dinner!

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