Long weekend re-cap (condensed!)

Whew- it has been a crazy, busy holiday weekend… where the heck did the time go? Anyone else feel like it all went by way too fast?

Sorry I’ve been MIA for the last few days. I just haven’t put aside the time to sit at my computer (I’m also way behind on blog-reading!!), BUT I did manage to take a few photos over the weekend.

I’m going to attempt to do a very quick re-cap of my weekend, which started on Thursday. Oh, hey- that was also Thanksgiving! I’m losing track of the days a little bit here. 🙂


Greg and I went over to my mom’s for dinner with my siblings and their children (17 of us total!). As usual, I was happy to bring a few dishes along. I made my usual brussels sprouts (with turkey bacon this year) along with roasted butternut squash (always a winner!) and a pumpkin pie.

Oh yeah, baby. I was proud out that pie. Mostly because it was VEGAN and I wasn’t going to tell a soul until they had already eaten it.

Yes, I know it has some cracks in it, which is a major faux pas in perfect pumpkin pie land, but it tasted delicious. It was made with firm silken tofu and maple syrup (and a few other ingredients).

Thanksgiving dinner was wonderful – as always, and also as always, I ate way too much. Well, let me re-phrase that, I ate too much dessert. My weakness is definitely the Thanksgiving dessert table IF there are a number of different desserts. I feel compelled to try them all!

After all of the marathon eating, we took a family walk (yay!) and came back to play a rousing game of “Headbands,” which is owned my 8-year old niece. Basically, you get a card (which you can’t look at) and attach it to a headband so all of the other players can see. You have a minute to ask a bunch of questions (like “Am I alive? What color am I? Etc.) until you guess your card. This game could go on for hours. It was actually a lot of fun- check us out in action!

My mom had a very difficult time guessing this one

These were the three cards that I got and managed to guess:

It was a really great day and it’s ALWAYS great to spend time with my family! Makes me excited for the rest of the holiday season.

Oh yeah- and check out these flowers that Greg brought me:

They’re amaryllis- which I had only ever seen in potted form before! So pretty.

*BTW I lost 1.2 lbs at my weigh-in this week, which made me very happy. I will seriously not complain about 1 lb. per week. But, I’m pretty sure I put it all back on, thanks to pie(s).


On Friday, I woke up not feeling so hot. WAY too much sugar in my system- it definitely does not agree with me (tell me that though when I have  piece of pie in front of my face!). But, I had to suck it up, because I was teaching BODYPUMP for the first time at my gym! I have to team-teach for the next few weeks before I can apply for certification, so I’ll be doing quite a bit of that in the near future. I taught the 2nd half of the class (from triceps on) from release 79, and it was AWESOME!!! I have to admit that I had a few nerves going into it, but they were gone right as soon as the music started playing. I was very proud of myself, and got quite a few compliments on my teaching from the people in the class (even a round of applause- they were so nice).

I came home and ate some PURPLE OATMEAL. Doesn’t that sound appetizing?

Actually, it was really good. I cut up an Asian pear and added some frozen wild blueberries (hence the color) with some chopped walnuts on top. Delicious!

Greg actually had to work on Friday, so I took advantage of the empty house and did some major cleaning. I also got to visit my lovely friend Katie, who was visiting her family for the holidays (she lives in NC). It’s always SO good to see her. 🙂

Note- I opted NOT to do any Black Friday shopping. Cleaning won out, because it just had to be done. I find both activities equally unappealing and exhausting!

And while all of this was happening, our turkey was brining…

We bought our own turkey so that we would have tons of turkey leftovers to eat. Gretchen mentioned on her blog that she had used Alton Brown’s Good Eats Turkey recipe several times, and it turned out fantastic. Greg has a big man-crush on Alton Brown, so I knew he’d be all over using his recipe. Our little 12 lb. bird sat overnight in a cooler and then was ready for roasting Friday afternoon.

Only about 2.5 hours after it was put in the oven, our beautiful turkey was ready to eat!

I have to agree with Alton that the cavity of a bird is NO place for stuffing- and filling it with aromatics is a much better idea!

We had turkey, leftover squash (mixed with some roasted white sweet potatoes) and leftover brussels sprouts (mixed with collard greens) for dinner.

Nothing like having Thanksgiving dinner two nights in a row!


We had talked about spending the morning biking to the C&O canal to hike for a bit, but it’s a 3+ hour trip and a major workout… and frankly, my legs needed the day off. Since the weather was SO gorgeous, we took the boys for a hike at the Appalachian trail instead!

Here we are at the overlook where the natural spring is. I love this spot, because it’s usually where I refill my water bottle. The pups love it, too.

They were SUCH good boys, but very filthy afterwards, so we took them for a bath at the self-serve dog wash.

Now they are fluffy and clean- and smell great!

For lunch, I made a big bowl of salad with turkey, squash, apple, goat cheese and a few other veggies.

with a little bit of this dressing…

Greg’s lunch was boring.

We also keep digging into these (I had to remember to take a picture before they were all gone):

I came across a recipe for salt + vinegar chickpeas on Angela’s blog, which actually TASTE LIKE SALT AND VINEGAR CHIPS. Seriously addictive.

We visited my dad and stepmom for a bit later in the afternoon, and then opted to be lazy for the rest of the night. We rented Win Win from Redbox- which is a really, really good movie. I highly recommend you see it immediately! I love Paul Giamati (Sideways is one of my favorite all-time movies) and he was just as great in this flick.


Goodness. Sunday morning was a long one- and very physically draining! I got to the gym a little before 8 to teach my 8:00 spin class, which ends around 8:50. Then I was teaching Bodypump at 9:30. That lull-time in between is tough, so I did what I usually do- hung out on the elliptical. I taught the FIRST half of Bodypump today, and the room was packed! Luckily my nerves were completely gone, and I had a lot of fun with it. Everything went really well again- I am just loving it!! (But seriously, can’t wait to just have the certification stuff done and be a regular PAID instructor!!)

I finally got home around 11 am, and after a quick smoothie and jump in the shower, Greg and I headed out to Rockville to hit REI and Whole Foods. Let me remind you again, that while Frederick is a great little city to live in, the shopping sucks. You have to drive a at least a half hour to get to any decent stores.

I got a few Christmas ideas at REI but held back on spending any money (yay, me!). We had lunch at Whole Foods before doing any grocery shopping- I went with my standard salad with a little bit of everything:

I managed to make it out of Whole Foods spending under $100 (I won’t tell you just how much under), which is always a big accomplishment.

We had planned on getting some fish at WF to make for dinner, but nothing jumped out at us (no pun intended). So instead, I made turkey soup! More details on that tomorrow.

So now it’s Sunday night and the long weekend has come to a close. I’m exhausted and definitely ready for my “rest day” tomorrow (just some yoga!) and to get back into a routine. I feel like I’ve done nothing but eat and sleep (well… and work out, too…) over the last 4 days. Getting back onto a regular schedule is a GOOD thing.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend!

What was the best thing you did this weekend? (Sleep is an acceptable answer.) 🙂



6 Comments on “Long weekend re-cap (condensed!)”

  1. Lee says:

    I often go to that REI and Whole Foods when I visit my mom. I grew up in Rockville. It looks so different now. Have you ever eaten at Lebanese Taverna in Congressional Plaza (near Whole Foods)? So good.

  2. YAH!!! Nice job on the teaching!! Sounds like you killed it 🙂

  3. Congratulations on the teaching!! I’m sure you’ll be certified in a heartbeat. Next time you’re near the Rockville REI check out Ulta: it’s an awesome makeup store (much cheaper and friendlier than Sephora).

    Glad you had an awesome weekend. I love playing games with the family. We play lots of Phase 10 and dominoes.

    And I think your pumpkin pie looks awesome! Did anyone say anything about the vegan pie?

  4. Oh and congrats on the weight loss!!

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