Dogfish and Dog birthdays

Last night Greg and I enjoyed a nice meal out at Dogfish Brewery.

Clearly, we go there for the beer, but the food isn’t bad either. And neither was the company- we were joined by the lovely Ashley and her fiancee Neal!

Ashley is one of my blog-buddies, but we had never met in person until last night. I must say though- I feel like we’re old friends! Ashley suggested meeting up for dinner a while ago when her and Neal were looking at possible reception venues in Montgomery County. It didn’t end up working out then, but we decided to make plans for a future date (which was last night).

We started dinner with a little hummus…

And I pretty much forgot about taking pictures for the rest of the night, because we were too busy chatting and laughing! I did, however, make sure to get a shot of me and Ashley. šŸ™‚

After a few attempts to get a photo in horrible fluorescent lighting…

I gave up and used the flash (ick!) on my camera.

What a FUN double date! I think that we all could have easily stayed out much later and wouldn’t have run out of things to talk about, but time flew, and that alarm goes off super early in the morning. I am looking forward to hanging out with Ashley and Neal again soon! (And good luck to you two in the 15k tomorrow!!)


So today marks a very important day in history: my pups are two years old!!

They were obviously very excited when I told them it was their birthday this morning:

It’s hard to believe they’re already two (we got them at 8 weeks old)! I can’t believe they were ever this little… sigh (bear with me as I take a photo trip down memory lane…)

Last year we presented them with a doggie birthday cake, and plan to do the same tonight. Check out this cute little cake!

And check out the ingredients, a human could eat this.

They THOROUGHLY enjoyed their cake last year

But I’m not going to fork over $16 for a cake this year; I’m attempting to make my own! I’m going to use chickpea flour though, since the boys eat a grain-free diet (and I think the whole wheat flour upset their stomachs). Not quite sure how it will turn out, but I’m sure they’ll enjoy it no matter what.


I am beyond happy that it’s the weekend. We are planning to get all of our Christmas decorations put up over the next two days, including getting our tree!

Have a great Friday!

Do you have any blogger-turned-real-life friends? and Do you celebrate your pet’s birthday?



16 Comments on “Dogfish and Dog birthdays”

  1. Kath says:

    Hahaha – love that photo of the puppy with the empty plate!!

  2. Doggie birthday cakes are the best! My Lilly just turned 2 in mid-November, and I made her cake this year (after purchasing one for her last year, as well). It turned out great.

    How do you find baking with garbanzo bean flour for the pups?
    I make homemade dog treats for Lilly, with minimal ingredients; she loves them – but I want to try her on a wheat-free diet, and was trying to figure out what the best flour to use would be… I don’t think I’d have a lot of luck with rice flour, given the other ingredients of my recipe (pumpkin, peanut butter – I imagine a gooey mess with rice flour for some reason). Do they enjoy the garbanzo bean flour?

    Happy birthday to your pups!


  3. OMG the puppies are breaking my heart….in a good way of course šŸ™‚ I haven’t seen my dog since last month and wont see him until MLK wknd and his birthday is in two days (whats up with dogs being born in December??)

    I was bummed I didnt get to check out Dogfish when I was in DC, it was on the list but my best friend lives there so I’m sure I will be back sometime to go. A few of my friends here in Denver I met off my blog and while traveling around this past year I met up with bloggers in cities that I was visiting. It was fun šŸ™‚

    • Lauren says:

      You have SO many great breweries around you! Dogfish is good, but seriously- Colorado is the LAND of craft beer! You should go hit up Avery in Boulder- it’s my favorite!!

  4. melanie says:

    Oh my god your dogs are so cute!!!!!!! You were so brave to get two puppies at the same time! I know puppyhood can be challenging with one!:) Please show pictures of the “party” tomorrow. I can never get enough puppy pictures!!

  5. What a fun meetup! I have to meet the both of you at some point in the near future!!

    Your dogs are ridiculously adorable. And I think I’ve made that face after enjoying a delicious piece of cake. Wish ’em a happy birthday for me!!

  6. I had a blast last night!! Y’all are too much fun!

    Happy birthday to your pups! They are the cutest!

  7. Honestly it’s a lot of work to celebrate my kid’s birthdays so no, I don’t celebrate Brutus’ birthday. But I love him so much, he is completely spoiled so I don’t think he minds (or even knows).

  8. Gil says:

    Aw, the boys are so cute–I still have never met them! Sun turns 6 sometime this year and I wish I could have seen him as a pup. I bet he was adorable–whoever dumped him definitely didn’t deserve him! .

  9. Lee says:

    Happy Birthday Doggies! They were so cute as puppies! I mean, they’re still very cute, but Golden puppies are just the best.

    Did you taste the cake last year? I would have tried it.

  10. Health Bee says:

    Happy Birthday to your pups! They are so adorable.

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