Birthday cake (for dogs)!

We had a great time celebrating Lance and Jackson’s 2nd birthday last night. I had no idea how to make a dog cake (I really don’t know how to make a cake, period, since I don’t bake). I just kind of gathered together some ingredients that I thought would work and hoped for the best! Seriously, it’s not like they wouldn’t eat pretty much anything…

This is what I got together to make the masterful birthday cakes:

Everything was mixed together and divided into two Pyrex dishes to bake at 350 for about 25-30 minutes.

I took the cakes out of the oven and let them cool for a bit before applying the frosting.

At this point, both Greg and I tried a bite. And they were actually pretty good! I didn’t use a lot of honey, so they weren’t overly sweet. They tasted like banana bread with a little peanut butter aftertaste.

For the frosting, I just mixed up some peanut butter, kefir and cornstarch.

I added a little dog cookie on top for decoration (even though Greg thinks we should have gotten candles!?).

I took a video of the boys digging in, which you can see here (and you get to hear my amazing commentary):

And Greg snapped some photos of the action.

As usual, Jackson was done eating way before Lance! He’s my little piggy.

Greg actually stopped by the natural dog food store and bought them ice cream, but we decided to save that for later. Besides, they were licking peanut butter off of their legs and chest for the rest of the night.

AAfter the birthday cake was gone, the humans ate pizza. I was too lazy to make pizza crust, so a Flat out wrap was used for mine, and a piece of Naan bread for Greg. Mine was topped with tons of veggies and two flavors of Rice Shreds. It was (seriously) very delicious!

Jackson continued to give me a pathetic look- like he knew he still had ice cream waiting for him…

What a great birthday night!


Hope you’re having a great Saturday- it’s beautiful and sunny here!



8 Comments on “Birthday cake (for dogs)!”

  1. Gil says:

    You dont bake??? But you cook everything!! Hmm, this kind of frames this whole holiday roll bake in a new light…but shoot, we should switch it to cake. Above all else, that’s J’s specialty. (If I figure out her secret to baking and consuming cake like an addict and still staying so svelte, I’ll let you know.)

    • Lauren says:

      I don’t like to follow recipes or measure things, so baking is not my thing. I’ll have to just suck it up for the roll making!
      And seriously- your mom eats cake? or, eats, period?? She is so tiny!

      • Gil says:

        Its not fair, right? She is borderline obsessed with cake…but obsession makes for some good cake (and I’m not much of a cake person). Bread’s more my thing, cause its pretty hard to screw up, just throw in whatever…but nowadays I do have to measure if Im tracking the flour points–and I feel your measuring pain! I find I have more patience with a scale than with measuring cups…..

  2. cute!! Glad they all had fun 🙂

  3. actorsdiet says:

    ha ha – my dog julius would LOVE this!

  4. I love the recipe! Today is my dogs birthday but he is still in FL so I will have to make this for him when he gets to Colorado.

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