It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

This weekend was all about decking the house out for the holidays! Pretty sure I wasn’t alone in this, given the amount of photos of Christmas trees and decorations I’ve seen on other blogs over the last few days. This is the fifth Christmas that Greg and I have spent together, and so far, my $20 tree from Wal-Mart has gotten us through. This year I decided that it was finally TIME to get a real tree!

We headed out to Mayne’s Tree Farm (the same place we got our pumpkins for Halloween) on Saturday morning on the hunt for the perfect tree. The place was packed!! I thought that we’d beat the crowd by getting there early, but apparently everyone else had the same idea. Just like with the pumpkins, we got on a hayride and were led out to the various selections of trees. We even had the same tractor-driver as last time!

We hopped off at the Douglas Fir section and were on the hunt for the perfect tree. We searched and searched…

And then found it! The perfect tree!

Greg insisted that he be the one to cut it down (I offered, but didn’t argue…)

And check it out- the tree even fit in the back of my Subaru. That car is amazing, I tell you! (And now it smells like pine!)

We had stopped by Lowe’s on the way to get the tree and picked up a tree stand and a snow shovel (I always seem to forget about buying one until it actually snows!)

We decided to hold off on decorating the tree until Sunday, since we were having company for dinner that night and had many things to do around the house. I spent a few hours cleaning/prepping for dinner while Greg hung some lights up outside. Hooray!

My brother is lovely girlfriend came over for dinner that night, which was really nice. No food was photographed, but I can assure you that it was delicious. (My brother also cleaned my house out of M&M’s, which I’m kind of thankful for). 🙂


Sunday morning was long and exhausting – but fun at the same time! I taught spin class at 8, then team-taught Bodypump at 9:30, and was out of the gym around 10:45. I think I referenced this before, but my issue with teaching the back-to-back classes is that there is 45 minutes in between. And for me, I can’t really just sit around and do nothing during that time- I have to keep the momentum going. So I typically just hop on the elliptical until it’s time for BP to start. But, thank goodness!, the exercise coordinator agreed to push my spin class back to 8:30, so that members can now do spin and Bodypump back to back (a lot of people like to do that). And this makes me super happy because I won’t be at the gym for 3 hours now!

And again, when I came home, I was even more appreciative of this bowl of warm goodness.

I didn’t even wait to shower… just dug right in. (as you can see, I definitely do not “dress up” for the gym!)

And yes- we eat a lot of bananas in this house.


It took me a little while to get motivated after my long morning, but I eventually found the energy to dig out the Christmas decor and put it all  up. We found a Christmas music station on Pandora and cranked those little iPad speakers as loud as they would go!

We hung stockings by the fire:

and set out all kinds of Christmas crap stuff decor around the house, like this very old tree lamp that I love!

Then it was time to tackle the big tree. Greg started by putting on the lights:

I LOVE pulling out the ornaments each year. Our collection is a bit of a hodge podge- a mix of ornaments from childhood and many others that have been acquired over the years. I get all sentimental when I find my old handmade ornaments, like this:

1987- I was 7 years old!

and this Polaroid of me from 1985 (I remember thinking that Polaroids were so cutting edge):

and one more, an apple that my first grade teacher gave me in 1986!

Also on our tree, there are a lot of bikes:

And a lot of Red Sox…

I made this about 4 years ago, it's getting pretty beat-up!

When all of the ornaments were hung, I got to put the finishing touch on top!

The pups were sitting and watching up the whole time- they were fascinated!

A little kiss from Jackson:

(Lance came over and tackled me about 5 seconds later.)

So now our house is warm and full of holiday cheer and I LOVE IT. I wish that I could keep a tree up all year long, but that would be weird, right? Right?


Hope the start of your week is going well! I’m counting down the days until Thursday, where I will be whisked away for a holiday getaway! (More details to come later!)

Do you put a lot of effort into decorating for Christmas? Are there any old/sentimental ornaments on your tree?


4 Comments on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!”

  1. I love your tree and the lights outside of the house.

  2. Pretty!

    We always get a real tree, and nothing beats the smell! (Now, the cleaning up of gazillions of needles that have been whacked off of the tree by wayward dog tails – that is the price I pay!).
    My ornament collection is very sentimental… my parents gave me most of my childhood ornaments when I moved out years ago, and I love putting them up and reminiscing.


  3. Your home looks so lovely and cozy. I only put up half my decorations this year because my kids have an annoying but cute habit of rearranging all the decorations daily. It kind of drives me nuts but they have so much fun and it keeps them busy so I just let them do it.

    We eat tons of bananas too. The ones that get too ripe get made into muffins or peeled and frozen for smoothies.

  4. I love real Christmas trees! And your tree looks so pretty 🙂 I think personalized ornaments are the best: there’s always a story.

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