Christmas wishlist- then & now

I have been loving all of the posts that bloggers are putting up about Christmas list flashbacks! There are so many toys and games that I’ve seen that make me fall back into a time warp. I am a true child of the 80s, and Christmas was always my favorite holiday. I was definitely never at a loss for making a wishlist for Santa!

It was always a huge deal when the Sears Wishbook arrived… I would spend hours laying on the floor, circling all of the toys that I wanted (Ashley, I think you said that you did this, too!)

I took a little trip down memory lane and tried to remember some of my favorite toys that I got for Christmas back in the day. Here’s a few (all of these images were found from various sources from around the web and are uncredited- sue me if you must!!):

My Little Pony Dream Castle

Get In Shape, Girl!

An early warning that I would grow up to teach exercise classes? I don’t think I had the gymnast kit- mine had little hand weights and a sweat band other 80s workout accessories.


A huffy scooter

I got a pink and purple Huffy bike for Christmas one year and a scooter the next. Scooters were all the rage that year. I loved that thing!

Pogo ball

Anyone remember these? I could never quite get the hang of the Pogo stick, but I could ROCK the Pogo ball!

Barbie's corvette

NKOTB buttons (and anything else!)

I was obsessed with Joey McIntyre. NKOTB was even my first concert- the Magic Summer Tour between the summers of my 4th and 5th grade year. I remember CRYING when he sang “Please Don’t Go Girl.” And, I used to wear these buttons all over my jean jacket. Awesome.

A Debbie Gibson CASSETTE

I used to play this cassette over and over and over again in my tape player. I remember even walking around the block listening to “Red Hot” over and over again on my walkman (which was a pain, because you had to push rewind each time the song ended and then get to the right spot!) Debbie Gibson was my hero.

Care bears

I had about a million Care Bear plush dolls…

Make-up kits

I think I asked for some big, ridiculous make-up kit each year. It was filled with all kinds of crap, and my friends and I spent hours trying to learn how to put on make-up. We thought we were hot stuff.


At 31, my Christmas list is a little different. I’m actually having a really hard time coming up with ideas for myself this year (my parents, in-laws and husband keep asking…). Unfortunately, the only things that I really want are quite expensive! And I don’t really need anything. Well, except money. Everyone can always use more of that!

So here is my “adult” wish-list… even though some of these items are truly a “wish!”


I am dying to get a Vitamix. I really wish that I had put one on my wedding registry, because some crazy relative might have bought it! I fell in love with the Vitamix when Sara brought hers over to make banana ice cream and have been talking about it ever since. The only factor that makes me think that Greg might buy one is the fact that he makes smoothies every day, and he’d use it too…

And speaking of big dreams:



17" Macbook Pro

This is truly me dreaming, but something that I’m going to have to suck up and fork over the money for soon. I have a Macbook Pro that I bought in 2006, which is sooooo sloooooooooow that I don’t have the patience to use it. I usually edit my photos on Greg’s iMac, but would love to have my own… and my own little blogging nook to set it up in. I can’t decide which I’d rather have though- the laptop or desktop…

North Face E-tip gloves

These are actually reasonable! These gloves are awesome, and you can easily use your touch-screen phone without taking them off. Genius!

Keen Silverton boots

I am IN LOVE with these boots. I tried them on last weekend, and they fit like a glove.

A mini Cambelbak

I have a big hydration pack, but would like something small that I could wear while trail-running.

Black Vibrams

I love my Vibrams, but they are hot pink and black. These would go with anything! 🙂

His and Hers iPhone 4s

Greg and I both have Droid phones, but are at the point where we both need to upgrade. I think we’re actually planning on waiting until after Christmas to see if there’s some great sale on the 4S.


So there’s my greedy list. I actually love thoughtful and handmade gifts more than anything, but really- I don’t need or expect anything at all. Seriously. That being said, I definitely won’t complain if there’s a Vitamix under my tree!

What’s on your wish-list this year? What was your favorite gift from childhood?


16 Comments on “Christmas wishlist- then & now”

  1. I always wanted an American Girl doll and accessories when I was growing up! Now there’s a store in Tyson’s.

    I had the hardest time picking out items for my Xmas wishlist: ummm, Whole Foods giftcard?

    Quick question: did you get my email on Friday? I sent it from work and I’ve been having problems with the server.

  2. I loved the pogo ball and Debbie gibson too!! Hah. Oh and those carebears–all about ’em!

    I love my MacBook Pro–if it is going slow, I’d see about buying some more RAM to put in, this speeds up the computer SO much faster. My hubby bought me some for my b0day in NOV and my computer is wicked fast now (i bought it in 2009). LOVE it. If you’re going to get a new one though, I say laptop over desktop 🙂

    The iphone 4s is pretty awesome! I think they might have sales…..

    • Lauren says:

      My husband saw this and was like “Yes! Get more Ram!”
      Good idea 🙂

    • Michelle says:

      I am so thankful for this comment!

      Like I commented below, my husband’s MacBook was running *very* slowly so he bought more Ram (2 GB) and updated his operating system to Snow Leopard and for $90 his computer is running like “new.” (Not “new new” but a whole lot better than it was!) The new operating system is a lot smaller and cleared up about 3 GB of space. (I hope I used all the correct techy words.)

  3. I have a Vitamix and they are worth every penny. For Christmas this year I am signing up for a photography class at our community center.

    With 3 kids it’s usually all about what they want.

    I never had a care bear or pound puppy growing up but I always wanted one desperately.

    • I wanted a pound puppy and my mom found these kits to make them yourself. So both my sister and I have pound puppies that my mom made.

      They’re not exactly the same, but we loved them as if they were.

      I feel like my mother may have been the only person who bought that kit.

  4. Yesss! I had that Barbie Corvette, and I was definitely a She-Ra fan. Now I could go for some running gloves and a new camera.

  5. Such a fun post!

    I can’t even remember but know I always wanted toys. Clothes were boring and too practical.

    Anyone have one of those bed tents?

    I got sucked in to the Costco Vitamix demo in April and ended up buying it for myself as a housewarming present. It really is great although I don’t use it nearly enough.

  6. Lee says:

    I had that Debbie Gibson tape too (and Tiffany) and the Pogo ball. I was never really into Barbies though.

    I want a Macbook Pro too. I have a 2007 Macbook and it gets the spinning ball of death when I try to do anything.

    • Lauren says:

      I get that too and I have NO patience for it!! But, I’m thinking that what Annette said above might be a good idea- to get more RAM. If I did that, I’d just want the iMac. 🙂

  7. Michelle says:

    My husband’s MacBook Pro is from 2006 as well and in need of replacement, but like you, we can’t decide if we should be a desktop of a laptop.

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