Christmas Eve Day

What a whirlwind day!

It started with an early workout at the gym and (first) visit to the grocery store. Followed by visits to two different houses (my mom’s and dad’s) for brunch, family time and gift exchanging.

My mom made a delicious French Toast Casserole, amongst other things.

Fun fact: I have a very large blended family. It includes:

1 brother with the same mother and father

2 stepsisters (+ step brother-in-law)

1 stepbrother (+ step sister-in-law)

1 half brother (same father)

1 half sister (same father)


Here are some of them (+ nieces and nephews):

Tiff + Makayla

Chris + Mason


Brady, the dog

My mom and I (she’d kill me if she saw this photo)

Me and Greg

Time to open presents!! The kids were so much fun to watch. 🙂

Sock Monkey hat!

My mom’s little tree:

I need to make sure to take pictures of everyone next time- or attempt a group shot!

We left my mom + stepdad’s house and visited my dad, stepmom + other siblings. That was followed by another trip to the grocery store and the beer store, and now we’re home! Our only plans are to watch more Christmas movies (Bad Santa!!), drink beer and chill out on the couch.

Tomorrow is Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!


One Comment on “Christmas Eve Day”

  1. French toast casserole sounds delicious 🙂 We always have some sort of egg/sausage/cheese casserole.

    You have such a large family! I’m sure holidays are so much fun with so many people!

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