Christmas Hangover

To borrow my friend Krista’s Facebook Status, I have a Christmas hangover, and it has nothing to do with alcohol!

But seriously, after just now editing my photos for this post, it should be called “here are a lot of photos of my dogs.” Sheesh.

Christmas day came and went, and I am totally exhausted! It was really great, though. The night before Christmas, Greg and I did some tasting of seasonal beers and watched Christmas movies. And we wore Santa hats.

You have to watch your beer around Lance- he will try to drink it. Jackson isn’t really interested in it, though.

I didn’t give them any beer (what kind of mother do you think I am?!), but they did get a few of these gourmet doggie treats, which was a gift from my stepmom.

Later on, Lance even wore a Santa hat.

I think he was too tired to fight it.

On Christmas day, I woke up bright and early (not to an alarm, I am just naturally one of those freaky morning people) to get a good (spin) bike ride in. Before exercising, I made sure to fill Greg’s stocking with all of kinds of goodies. By the time I was done my workout, the rest of the house was up. Stockings were filled

and set on the chaise in the living room near the tree. I took a quick shower and then came downstairs to make pancakes for breakfast. Greg had buttermilk pancakes and I made coconut-buckwheat cakes!

Growing up, it was a tradition to have buckwheat cakes on Christmas morning. I never cared much for them, so I used a ratio of 2 T coconut flour + 1 T buckwheat flour (along with egg whites, baking powder and almond milk). Topped with heated blueberries + strawberries- these were unreal!

Definitely making these again. A LOT.

We kind of hurried through breakfast because we were excited to open presents. Yes, at almost 32 years old, I still act like a kid on Christmas morning!

We started with stockings:

Items in our stockings always include an orange at the bottom, practical items (like soap, toiletries, etc.) some sweet treats, and a magazine. Greg picked out Clean Eating for me, and I got Men’s Health for him. He even slipped a pair of my favorite running socks in my stocking!

Lance kept Greg’s gift pile safe while we opened stockings.

Jackson watched, too.

Then it was finally time to open presents! As much as I love getting gifts (who doesn’t?)- I get even more giddy about giving them. I was so excited about some of the things I got Greg, which included tickets to see Colin Hay in April, a gift certificate to one of his favorite golf courses, and my favorite gift of all – an introductory course at The Flying Barrel, so that he can learn how to and brew a batch of beer! He’s been talking about wanting to brew his own beer for years now, so I figured I would give him a nudge to get the ball rolling. I figure it will also be a really fun activity to do on a cold weekend day this winter.

I was spoiled. I got many of the items on my wishlist, including the North Face gloves and Keen boots (which I haven’t taken off yet)

I even got a really nice and warm Red Sox jacket, and the gift tag read “from Kevin.” (as in Kevin Youkilis- my favorite player)

And the gift that trumped them all:


I am beyond excited. It came with all kinds of accessories- I really need to sit down and read the manual to figure out how to use everything.

Greg got the dogs presents too- they even tried to open them.

After unwrapping gifts, we lounged around for a while and attempted to clean things up. The pups passed out under the tree.

Greg and I met up with my mom and stepdad for a movie (The Muppets) in the middle of the afternoon, and then had them back at our house for dinner. The movie itself was really cute, but there were a number of very small children (and babies) in the theater that talked/cried the entire time. Way to ruin it for everyone else! I really don’t think that children under 2 should be brought to the movies… just sayin’.

Having dinner/spending quiet time at our house with my mom and stepdad was really nice, and we were all pooped by the end of the night!

It was a really good Christmas.


Greg and I slept in a little bit this morning (past 7 am! Woo hoo!) and then headed to the gym. We came back home to eat and shower and then headed out to hit up the after-Christmas sales. I always stock up on wrapping paper and other Christmas junk the day after, when it’s all on clearance. I didn’t find a tree skirt or new stockings yet, though- and those are two of the things that I really want to get. I guess I do have all week. 🙂

I am off from work until January 3rd and have some fun things planned during that time.

We are also dog-sitting my friend Justin’s lab, Rudy- so the house is kind of overrun with dogs for now.

Lance and Rudy BOTH do the snaggletooth thing when they think they’re getting a treat. I love it!

I don’t know about you- but I am exhausted!

What did Santa bring you this year? Are you sad/happy that Christmas is over?


10 Comments on “Christmas Hangover”

  1. Super jealous of your Vitamix!!!
    I have 3 kids (9,6,3) and I agree with you on babies and the movies. No, thank you!!!! I took my three to their first movie over spring break and they did great, so we are going to see the chipmunk’s movie this week, but i can’t imagine taking anyone younger than 3.

  2. woo hoo im famous! im glad xmas is over. was not feeling it at all this year. nice to see the boys have fun but thats about it.

  3. I slept for almost 11 hours last night after getting oh 3.5 hours on Christmas eve. The nephews were up earlier than usual Christmas morning… I think it was before 5am. Sheesh.
    Looks like you had an awesome Christmas! I got lots of fun foodie gifts too. You’re going to love your vitamix!! (My husband got me one 2 years ago for xmas)

  4. ann says:

    I would love the recipe for those buckwheat pancakes-thanks! Looks like you had a great Christmas.

  5. I honestly can’t get over how gorgeous your dogs are. 🙂 Looks like it was a wonderful Christmas — now if only it weren’t all overrrrr!

  6. Wahoo!! A Vitamix?! GO you –so awesome. Cute dogs!

  7. Okay that picture of you in the santa hat with the dogs is adorable 🙂

    Yay for the vitamix 🙂 I think it’s funny you got the Red Sox jacket from Kevin Youkilis. My family always tries to make up funny gift tags. For example, my cousin got a Ralph Lauren polo from “My Little Pony”….lol.

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