Goals, resolutions, etc.

I’m a few days late on the “New Year’s resolution” post, but here it is anyway.

First, a look back at my goals from December. Let’s see how I did:

1. Film my video and send it off for Bodypump certification

Nope. But, this isn’t my fault- I really have very little control over when this can happen. It needs to be coordinated by the group ex. coordinator at my gym, and it was very difficult to do during the holidays. However, it will be done SOON (it has to be…).

2. Finish Christmas Shopping before Decemeber 24th

Yup- I think I actually finished on the 23rd!


Totally rocked this one. I didn’t feel deprived either- I just made sure not to stuff myself. My clothes still fit and the scale didn’t go up. Score.

4. Deck the walls

Total fail. Didn’t do this at all.

5. Plan a holiday gathering

Sorta… my new year’s party fell through, but I did have a great dinner out instead! I also got to spend some time with family, which is always wonderful.

6. Get rid of STUFF

Again, didn’t spend any time doing this or organizing my office. Where did the time go??

7. Find Greg a rockin’ birthday gift

YES! I bought Greg a membership to the Beer Club at our favorite beer & wine store. It meets once a month and they test out different beers- he is very excited about it!

8. Catch up with friends, near and far

Somewhat… though my annual college reunion didn’t happen this year (it’s hard being the one who is in charge of it every year!)

9. Give Oatmeal after Spinning a facelift!

Kind of. The layout is new, but I just changed the template. More changes might come in the future, but I’m okay with it for now.

10. See the glass half-full

This happened sometimes. That’s all I’m going to say.


Not too bad overall… again- many of these goals are a continuous thing, and not really designed to be “achieved” in one month.

Onto my new goals/resolutions, etc:


1. Drink more water

This is my official new year’s resolution. I resolve to drink 80 oz of water each day- and an additional 20 on days that I teach spin/have an intense cardio workout.

2. Cook more vegan meals

I think I’ve had this goal before, but it’s a good one. It also saves money because the majority of my preferred vegan protein comes from legumes!

3. Post more recipes on O.A.S.

I feel that I have slacked a bit in this department, and since one of my purposes of creating this blog was to share recipes, I need to do just that!

4. Less tv time

I had a big talk with Greg about this last week. After dinner, we typically plant ourselves on the couch and watch tv until it’s time for bed. I’d really like to limit that time to an hour, and do something fun- like play a board game or take the dogs for a walk (which is easier said than done when it’s cold out). At the end of the day, it’s so easy to just mindlessly watch the tube, but I would like to make a conscious effort to put a limit on this!

5. More yoga

Although I have continued practicing yoga, I definitely don’t get enough of it. Last month I traded in most of my yoga workouts for cardio- a habit that I need to fall back in to.

6. Sleep more

This will always be a goal- and it requires going to bed earlier!


I’m going to stop the list right there. These are all attainable goals, so we’ll see how I do!

I’ve been reading about bloggers’ resolutions all week, and have really enjoyed learning about everyone’s goals! Some of you are really inspiring! My blog-turned-real-life friend Ashley is doing a detox cleanse that sounds really interesting, and I’m fascinated by it. I am interested to try it out, but there are two things that kind of scare me off. #1- it doesn’t look like it provides enough calories. I have damaged my metabolism severely over the years, and have to really watch out for any eating plan that restricts calories too much. BUT- I need to look into this a little more and read the facts- maybe it doesn’t restrict them as much as I think….

Also, Greg would not go for it. I really enjoy cooking us dinner each night, and definitely will NOT be cooking two dinners each night. Hmm.

I don’t each much processed food in general, but would be very interested to see how cutting out added sugars and alcohol completely for a while would affect me. So much to think about.

On the weight-loss topic: I went to the doctor right after Christmas and was exactly 10 lbs. heavier than my last visit, which was in June. This is no shock to me at all- and I had lost 8 lbs. in the month before that visit (thanks to that horrible diet drug that I thought was awesome at the time). My doctor asked me how everything was going since my last visit- and I told him that in the three weeks that followed after I stopped taking Phentermine, I put on 12 lbs. He said “Yep-that sounds about right. Totally normal to gain that amount of weight back after you stop taking the drug.”

My advice to anyone that ever thinks about taking this drug- DON’T DO IT. Sure, it was nice to be a little thinner on my wedding day, but all of the damage that Phentermine has done to my metabolism was SO not worth it.

I will continue of my path of eating mindfully, exercising smartly (not overdoing it) and be happy with my very slow by steady weight-loss. 🙂

Again, as my doctor reminded me, I am healthy and fit, which is what is most important. And I have to constantly remember that when you 10-20 lbs. to lose, it’s NOT going to be easy.


I have a lot to look forward to this year, and am excited to see what 2012 brings. First up is a trip to Florida over MLK weekend to see my mother and step-father in law! It will be so nice to see them and spend some time in the warm sunshine (hopefully). Oh, and to (hopefully again) swim with the manatees. 🙂

What’s your #1 resolution this year?


8 Comments on “Goals, resolutions, etc.”

  1. My #1 resolution for this year is to get organized! I want to organize my house, my health, and my work. I have a lot of work ahead of me but I’m excited for it!

  2. you have some great goals in 2012! May all your efforts pay off in spades for you!

  3. Maren says:

    All of your goals are so good. I definitely want to have a holiday party next year. They are too fun.

  4. Lee says:

    I am trying to cut out alcohol for the month of January to see if helps me with weight loss. I tend to forget that drinks add up!

  5. Yes, messing with the metabolism is NO joke (blech! bad me back in the day!) but it can be reversed!!!

    You’ll get that video done soon enough 🙂

  6. Liz says:

    I’m happy you learned that mindful eating + exercising > diet pills. I’ve never taken them, but I can see why they would be so tempting. I like your doctor.

  7. Stop the binges!

    Okay, I’m glad that you stopped with the diet pills. It’s not worth your long term health to take that garbage.

    All your goals sound fantastic. And seem like perfectly attainable goals. I really need to cut out the TV too…

  8. Good luck with all of your goals. I am going to steal your water resolution. I normally do pretty well in the week when I am sitting at my desk with a water bottle staring me in the face. But on the weekends I always end up out and about and thirsty!

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