What my weekends are like

Warning! Long post and LOTS OF PHOTOS and ramblings ahead!

So, here’s the weekend re-cap folks, including (almost) all of my daily bites!


Greg and I are very active people. We are also both morning people and like to wake up early and get the day started. Some people might find this annoying, but we love it! I had fully planned on making Saturday a “rest” day- especially after teaching Bodypump Friday night. Before we went to bed Friday, Greg suggested that we do one of our favorite activities the next morning, which we refer to as “hike and bike.” Basically it just means that we ride our bikes along the C&O towpath to Harper’s Ferry, hike there, and bike back. All in all, it’s usually a 12-mile bike ride with a 4-mile hike thrown in between. While my body would have preferred the rest, my mind was saying “Yes! Yes!” I mean, really- how many days in January are we going to have in the 60s? We had to take advantage.

On Saturday morning, we slept in a little bit (until 7:30!) and took our time getting out the door. I think we ended up leaving the house around 9:30. I fueled up with nut butter+banana on toast and coffee, which is my standard hiking/biking cardio fuel. (I actually refer to this as “Colorado Breakfast” because it’s what I eat every morning when whenever we go out there, since we always start the day off with a hike.)

We picked up the towpath in Brunswick, which is about 20 miles from our house, and set out for Harper’s Ferry from there. It is exactly 6 miles to the trailhead, where we park and lock up our bikes.

My quads were killing me and it was still a bit chilly out during the ride up, but I knew that I would defrost plenty during the hike- it’s very intense! We actually decided to take the short way, which made our hike 3 miles instead of 4.
We took the obligatory photos of ourselves at the overlook (I think I literally have at least 100 photos from this same view from over the years)

Nice view, eh?

We hiked back down the mountain and biked the 6 miles back to Brunswick, and I was spent! I had brought an orange to tide me over until we got home and could scarf down lunch. I was also kind enough to share it with Greg.

When we got home, I threw together a salad with grilled a few baked tortilla chips crushed up, veggies, edamame and feta for lunch, along with a blueberry protein muffin. It was so nice outside that we dined al fresco on our patio!

I washed this down with my new favorite combo of almond milk + frozen mango chunks blended in the Vitamix.

We did a few errands, including taking the Christmas tree to be recycled. 😦 I wish we could keep it all year round- the house seems so empty now!

Greg and I happened to both be craving food from our local Mexican/Spanishfavorite Cacique and planned to go there for dinner. Sometime before then I grabbed a small handful of this:

Told ya I was being accountable- even though it’s a huge pain in the a$$ sometimes!

Cacique is our old standby restaurant in downtown Frederick- the food isn’t anything mind-blowing, but it’s always good, consistent and inexpensive. And I pretty much always get the same thing- the Cacique salad.

I don’t know about you, but if I’m not paying attention, I could easily go through a basket of tortilla chips. So instead, to practice mindful eating, I placed the “normal amount” that I would eat on a little plate, which was 10 chips. And I enjoyed every single one- it was nice to not “fill up” before my actual meal came!

I started off the meal with a corn cake (split with Greg) along with lots of pico de gallo. (Most of the photos from here out on out are from my Droid, and therefore, suck.)

I’m not sure what is in a corn cake, except for mashed corn, but they sure are tasty! Greg had a margarita, and I stuck to water. I’m not a huge margarita fan anymore- they are far too sweet for my taste. I so like the bottled Skinnygirl margaritas, though… on lots of ice.

My salad came with grilled chicken, avocado, tomato and cucumber on top of romaine lettuce. I also always request hearts of palm.

I’m not quite sure what the dressing is, but I never use it. I prefer salsa.

After dinner, I suggested checking out a new restaurant along Carroll Creek called The Wine Kitchen, so that we could grab a drink and maybe a small dessert too…

I loved this place the moment we walked in! The wine menu features several different flights, but you can also order by the glass. I chose The Oregon Trail (I fell in love with Oregon wines during our honeymoon). (Greg got a Cab flight.)

I was thrilled that one ofΒ  the wines listed was from The Pines 1852 (which is just a little boutique vineyard!)- we stayed in their cottage during our honeymoon (there’s even a photo on my “About” page of us there!). The owners of the vineyard made us breakfast in the morning and took us on a very extensive tour of the land- it was amazing (highly recommended if you visit that region!)

My flight:

Each glass or flight of wine comes with a little card (that you can take home with you) telling its description:

We also shared this amazing tiny dessert- it was peanut butter and chocolate something…

While I like some foods to be bigger in quantity (like a big giant salad), certain things are far better in small bites. For dessert, I prefer something small and rich that you can really savor and enjoy each bite. And it doesn’t leave you feeling stuffed afterwards!

We were so impressed with The Wine Kitchen, and will be coming back to have meal asap!

Total WW Points used: 35

Activity Points earned: 16



Like any other Sunday, I got to the gym about 40 minutes before my spin class started to lift some weights. I went through the upper body tracks from Bodypump, plus abs, and then taught spin class. My quads were quite sore from the day before (and even still from all of the squats and lunges from Friday night’s bodypump class) but I pushed through.

Here’s the bites-

Pre-workout banana with peanut flour butter:

I came home and had a quick bite of cereal and sunflower milk before hopping in the shower:

I was meeting my friend John for a hike at 11:00, so I quickly made a smoothie and protein muffin that I could take on the road with me:

Look at this color!

I used the Vega Vanilla Chai Health Optimizer (protein powder), along with the other half of my banana from earlier, some frozen mango chunks, ice, almond milk, and water. I thought that the chocolate flavor was great- but the vanilla chai was even better. This was literally the best smoothie I have ever tasted- I ended up eating it with a spoon straight out of the pitcher! It has a lot of fiber and protein, so it’s quite filling too! The serving size says 2 scoops, but I just use one- and it provides more than enough flavor!

I hit the road (along with my protein muffin + a little sunflower butter) and drove to Sugarloaf to meet John, one of my best friends since college. It was still warm-ish, but not as warm as Saturday- good hiking weather, though.Β  In the summer, John and I meet up at least once a week to hike, but it had been about 2 months since we’d been out! We can hike all day and talk and talk and just lose track of time… I love that! We hiked for about 2 hours- nothing too strenuous, although we did climb to the overlook and check out the view. I took a photo with my self-timer, but it didn’t turn out. 😦 Here’s the view from the parking lot, which is still pretty high up:

We parted ways and I headed down 270 do some grocery shopping. Since Sugarloaf Mountain is about 30 min south of where I live, so I took advantage of being so close to Whole Foods. And of course, I grabbed lunch at the salad bar:

Pretty standard WF Salad bar- a bunch of mixed greens and spinach topped with grilled veggies and varies vegan proteins (tofu, seitan and tempeh). Today’s salad also featured brussels sprouts and roasted sweet potato! I had a Kombucha also, and of course, my water. It was actually nice to just sit alone and eat lunch!

Billions of dollars later, I finally got home. I snacked on a few berries as I unloaded groceries:

and an apple…

I spent the rest of the afternoon taking care of stuff around the house, but my appetite was out of control! I blame it on far too much activity this weekend.

I had another little bowl of cereal and blueberries a while later:

Dinner was simple- a salad with chicken sausage from Whole Foods and a sweet potato (which I ended up eating a little more than half of and saving the rest for Monday’s lunch!) I’ve had this dinner a lot lately!

We watched the Pittsburgh/Denver game during dinner, and I (being a Ravens fan) was thrilled with the outcome!

I also had another small dessert smoothie – the same one that I had made on Friday night.

Total WW Points used: 34

Activity Points earned: 19


Are ya still reading? Good. πŸ™‚

That was my weekend full of lots of bites and lots of physical activity and exercise (too much really- but that was due to warm weather…). I had to teach spin class this morning at 5:15 am, but am taking tomorrow off from exercise completely- not even yoga!

Though I think that photographing all of my food helps, I don’t know that I will keep posting everything. It takes a lot of time, and honestly, I don’t know how interesting it is- do you find it interesting to see every single thing that a person eats in a day? (Well, I actually do, but I’m not like most people…)

What types of activity did you do this weekend? What was the best thing you ate? (Mine was that breakfast smoothie!!)




12 Comments on “What my weekends are like”

  1. Gil says:

    Busy busy! Missed you guys on Saturday, but I did get to catch up a bit with your sibs and meet Nathan’s gf. Cecelia made some killer (free range!) pulled pork–that might have been my favorite dish this weekend. ALSO on Friday we went with my parents to the new Roasthouse Pub that I mentioned and sampled about 10 different craft beers (lots of local/organic etc) and that was both tasty and fun!

    • Lauren says:

      I know Gil, I wish we could have gone- by the time I got around to finishing all of my “chores” it was after 5. And I just could not pass up the hike/bike in the morning!
      Cele will have to make sure she makes that pulled pork for the July gathering. πŸ™‚
      Glad you met Kathryn- she’s awesome! We haven’t been to Roasthouse Pub yet, but I always see that “craft beer” sign when I drive by!

  2. I love the crunch tortilla chips add to salads. All your eats look fabulous. I do like seeing what other people eat, it gives me so many good ideas and is just interesting.

    I went on a run Friday and on a bike ride with my kids on Saturday. I loved biking as a kid and still love it today.

  3. Stephanie says:

    I do that same hike & bike in the summer on the C & O! It’s awesome! There’s also a camp ground if you go the opposite way about a mile down the path where you can jump in the river (it’s a calm section), and we take our golden retriever swimming there. Totally jealous of your WF salad + kombucha! We need a whole foods here in Frederick!

  4. Lee says:

    Your weekend looks like a lot of fun. Do you ever go tubing at Harper’s Ferry? I’ve done that a bunch of times.

    When I was in middle and high school, my mom dated a man who was a math teacher at a Frederick high school. I can’t remember the name but I think it started with a W (the school not the man!)

    • Lauren says:

      Ha! We went tubing at Harper’s Ferry once, and a huge thunderstorm rolled through (with lightning!) right after we got in the water- it was chaos- but kind of awesome. I’d love to go again- and they started doing zip-lining there too!
      I did my student teaching at Frederick High, but didn’t really know many teachers there. The school is right by my house, though!

  5. Life's a Bowl says:

    Sounds and looks like a fun packed weekend! Friends, good eats, adventures πŸ˜€ P.S. This is my first time checking out your blog but think its adorable! I’m in NoVA [and have lived here my whole life] so it’s awesome hearing about local things! Have a great week…

  6. Sounds like a fun and busy weekend!! You definitely need a rest day πŸ™‚ Hiking is a great activity. I need to drag someone hiking soon.

    I love the “flight” of wine. Wine tasting is one of my favorite activities!!

    Let me know the next time you head to Gaithersburg/Rockville to hit up Whole Foods/Trader Joes. Maybe we can meet for lunch!?

  7. Becca says:

    I actually really enjoyed your detailed post of everything you ate. It was all so healthy!!!! (Except the dessert of course LOL). I noticed you really didn’t eat much bread. I have a harder problem giving up bread than desserts! I am also really impressed with all of your activity. I basically just walk every day and that’s it.

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