Friday, part 2

I’ve got to keep this post short and sweet, because we’ve got a plane to catch!

So, where did I leave off?

Oh yeah, breakfast. When I got home, I quickly whipped up a batch of these:

Protein pancakes using- you guessed it: Vega Health Optimizer! I topped one with some cottage cheese mixed with berries, the other have warm berries (one has sunflower butter also). I gobbled these down quickly!

I ran through my Bodypump cues one more time (mentally) and then headed out to do my assessment at noon. Some wonderful friends came to participate in the class, including the wonderful Sara, who brought her camera along! (They were shocked that I did not!) I got really good feedback, and I’m just glad that it’s all OVER. Keep your fingers crossed that I pass and don’t have to ever go through training/filming again!

Look who even came out to support his wife:

This was Greg’s first Bodypump class ever! He did a great job- and said “it was pretty intense.” We’ll see if he still loves me tomorrow…


We’re headed down to Florida- we’ll be there visiting Greg’s mom and stepdad until Monday. I’m so excited to get away from the 20-30 degree temps that are supposed to stick around DC all weekend! I’ve got my bags (well, carry-on bag) packed, including all of this:

Fruit, protein bars, nut butter single packets, vitamins and oatmeal supplies! My mother-in-law reads my blog and is excited for me to make her oatmeal and show her some tips for healthy cooking. I’m happy to teach! We’re off to dine on some wonderful airport cuisine (or at least airport beers- there always the best!).

Have a great weekend!

Do you pack snacks when you travel?



7 Comments on “Friday, part 2”

  1. Corrie Anne says:

    The picture with you & your husband is so sweet!!! I love it! So you have to get videotaped to got Body Pump certified? That’s intense!!! I’d be so nervous!

  2. Sara R. says:

    The class was great! I would definitely take your class again, even if you weren’t my friend 🙂 (and you know I’m picky about my instructors!). Enjoy your trip!

  3. Im sure you rocked the video. Those pancakes look delicious.

    Have an awesome trip in Florida. I always pack food bc you never know what you will find in airports!

  4. Michelle says:

    Aww. . that’s so sweet your husband came to your class.

    Enjoy your trip. I am definitely jealous. . . .it is -12* F here today!

  5. Wahoo!! It is OVER 🙂 Nicely done.

    Have fun in FL!

  6. Aww, your husband is awesome. And of course I pack snacks when I travel. I pack snacks when I am just going to be gone an hour or two. Better to be prepared.

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