February Goals (and January Check-in)

You wouldn’t know it if you stepped outside today, but it’s February 1st. Apparently it will be back up in the 60s again today- crazy! I have a work function that goes until 8 pm tonight, so unfortunately I won’t be able to get out and enjoy it, but hopefully there will be more days like this throughout the month!

Since it’s the first day of the month, it’s time to check back on last month’s goals and set a few more.

I’ll start by looking back at the goals I listed for January and report progress:

1. Drink more water

Check! Well, mostly. I have rocked my new year’s resolution during the week but still need to figure out how to increase water consumption during the weekend!

2. Cook more vegan meals

Yes, yes, yes. About 75% of the meals I’ve cooked have been vegan (or at least vegetarian) thanks to a lot of inspiration from fellow bloggers and some great vegan cookbooks!

3. Post more recipes on O.A.S.

I’ve done okay… I think I posted about 5? That’s okay for one month, right?

4. Less tv time

Uh, no. A bunch of new shows started in January and I got sucked in. Damnit.

5. More yoga

I’ve only been doing yoga about once a week and really would like to increase that to at least twice.

6. Sleep more

I’m okay at getting enough sleep. Most nights I get about 7 hours, but really- I operate so much better on 8-8.5. I just can’t bring myself to go to bed before 9 pm!


Onto February…



1. Do something fun for my birthday. My birthday is February 12th (same day as Honest Abe!) and since turning 30, celebrating birthdays has kind of lost it’s luster. I went hiking in the snow with 2 friends last year and went to dinner with Greg last year- it was low-key and totally fine. But, this year it might be nice to do something new and fun. We were talking about possibly brewing beer that day… that would be new and fun! Luckily my birthday falls on a Sunday this year, so I don’t have to celebrate it with a bunch of teenagers.

2. Create more original vegan recipes. I think it’s been clearly established that I can follow a recipe from a cookbook and make a few modifications. I really want to focus on developing my own vegan recipes that are a little more complex than tofu salad or any dish that only includes vegetables. I’d like to use more complex, unique vegan proteins and discover some new things (and hopefully inspire others)!

3. Eat less at night. I’ve gotten in the habit of consuming half of my daily calories after 6 pm, and eating too few in the 12 hours before that. It’s hard to do on a workday, because I’d much rather make higher-calorie dinners than lunches, since lunch is always something I pack. I’m trying to get in the habit of having my dinner leftover and bringing them for lunch, so it seems more like a “dinner” meal. And my after-dinner smoothies keep seeming to increase in size…

4. Track my eats using my cell phone. I do a good job of this most of the time. I mentioned yesterday that I canceled my WW membership and am using this week to decide what best holds me accountable. Taking a photo of everything I eat before I eat it seems to be the best bet so far (I didn’t do this yesterday and did a lot of mindless snacking). I also signed up for My Fitness Pal and will see if I like using it to track my food intake. If not, I might sign up for WW online this time.

5. Get some tests done. My doctor wants me to get my thyroid checked again, along with some other hormonal tests. It’s clear that all systems are out of whack, but no one seems to have a solution. Oye.

6. Do yoga at least twice a week. And spend one less day doing intense exercise.

7. Be more conscious of the “why?” Tina had a great post about this on her blog today. I feel like if I asked myself “why” more often, I’d save a little of stress and sweating over the small stuff!

8. Love and embrace my body a bit more Rather than focusing on what I don’t like about my body, I need to spend more time affirming what I do like. In terms of my body, what I like actually outweighs what I don’t like by a big margin. However, as we all know- it’s so easy to overshadow the big amount of positive with a little bit of negative. To me I say “stop whining, girl! it could be a lot worse!”

9. Learn the choreography for Bodypump 80! I’m not teaching Bodypump classes until I learn the choreography for the latest release. Because of the whole certification process (more on the status of that later) I wasn’t able to get the DVD to learn 80 yet. But, it’s on it’s way and should be in my hands within a few days. And after that, I’ll be caught up on future releases!

10. Grow my nails. This sounds silly, but it takes a lot of effort for me to grow my nails long. Not for me to paint (I’m not a fan of painted nails on me), but just to be long. I don’t bite them, but they’re weak and break very easily. I have to be very conscious of applying this nail strengthener at least twice a day to get them to grow (it works for me every time!). I know it sounds easy, but I often forget. But I would love to have pretty nails again…


Bam. 10 goals for this month. It’s leap year, which means an extra day to accomplish them. Piece of cake!

And since there are no fun photos in today’s post, here’s a cute picture of Jackson the day after we got him (and Lance), which was in the great blizzard of 2010!

What are your short-term goals? Do you have any of the same goals from my list?



15 Comments on “February Goals (and January Check-in)”

  1. Seriously–the weather here is GORGeous too! SO cool. LOVE that snow pic though–cute puppy!!!!

    YAH for moving on to 80–you will LOVE it. It seriously rocks me every time (and that’s saying something) <—each release is new and improved for sure.

    GREAT goals–go get 'em girl!

  2. Drink more water is something I am always working on and I have to say I’ve been doing good this year. Loving and embracing my body has been a lifetime in the making but I think I can honestly say I am there. It’s interesting because when you love yourself you want to eat better, that’s why you shouldn’t wait to be at an ideal size to accept yourself.

  3. Good luck with your February goals Lauren!!! I’m sure you’ll meet and even exceed some! OMG, that Jackson picture made me “awww” out loud. Have a good Wednesday.

  4. Congrats on your January accomplishments πŸ™‚ And I’m sure you’ll rock your February goals.

    I have the same problem of eating half my calories at night. I too would prefer a more caloric dinner than lunch or breakfast. I use the reason that I exercise in the afternoons/early evenings so I need the fuel. And I can’t wait to see all your delish new recipes! I need to expand my culinary horizons beyond the salad.

  5. Lee says:

    OMG Jackson! We got Murphy as an adult so I never got to see him as a puppy.

  6. Corrie Anne says:

    I love the goal to make your birthday special. I’ve totally just ignored my own the last 3 years because they were all school days, and in September you just don’t want to shake things up too much in the classroom!! haha. And i’m tired on school nights!

    I definitely have the goal to eat less at night. I workout at 5 so it’s hard not to just be an eating machine the entire rest of the night!

    • Lauren says:

      I’m the same way. I typically work out after work and need a little fuel before and a lot after AND dinner on top of that. It’s hard to cut out those calories- I feel like my body needs them!

  7. lgsmash says:

    My life goal is to drink more water. I always feel dehydrated but can’t seem to drink more water! Good for you for making it happen!

    You should definitely make a birthday brew – are you regular homebrewers? My fiance and I do it too – I get to pick out the next one we do πŸ™‚

    Also – in case you didn’t see my reply, I’m signed up for Blend! We can swap brewing and hiking stories then! πŸ™‚

    • Lauren says:

      We haven’t brewed before! I gave my husband and introductory package (for Christmas) to a local place where you can buy supplies and brew there (and make wine!) which is nice, because they clean everything up! I’m sure we’ll be hooked after this. I told Greg that we’ll have to buy an additional fridge to store it all!
      I’m stoked you’re going to Blend! It’s going to be so much fun! Take care of those knees. πŸ™‚

  8. we both have bdays coming up! Great list of goals…I try not to make a LONG list of goals since I’m wayyy too type A and hard on myself if I fail. My one goal is just to not beat myself up for my weight gain! Positive mind!

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