Super [food] bowl

I have to apologize in advance for the less than stellar re-cap of yesterday’s events… I was very tired and low energy (and still am), and just really need a good night’s sleep. Or let my clarify that- I need to have a good night’s sleep where I don’t have to wake up to an alarm. Hurry up Saturday…


How’s your Monday going? This is my last official week of being 31- that’s exciting, right? I want to create a “32 while 32” list to post on here (as a way to make me accountable for goals I want to reach) and aim to get that up on my birthday. Guess I better get started on that soon!

Greg is still recovering from his team’s disappointing loss to the Giants yesterday, but I said to look on the bright side- pitchers and catchers report in two weeks, and baseball season is just around the corner! (Though I like both, I am much more of a baseball fan than a football fan.) Despite that, we had a good time with our friends Mic and Brie, who came over to watch the game with us. Let me clarify a little- Mic and Greg were focused on the game. Brie and I were more focused on talking about food and eating food while the television was on in the background. šŸ™‚

I perused a few blogs last week for some inspiring Vegan recipes to create for Sunday. Mic and Brie are vegans, and I love getting together with them for dinners, because the food is always colorful and interesting and super healthy. This is the second year in a row that we’ve gotten together for a vegan pot-luck Superbowl dinner, and I hope the tradition continues!

One of the recipes that I was dying to try was Kristina’s Buffalo Dip. While I’m not a big fan of buffalo wings (I don’t know- I just don’t like having to suck the meat off the bone), I do love the buffalo sauce flavor. I altered her recipe a bit based on what I had on hand (and what I bought at the store).

I used Texturized Soy Protein instead of Soy Curls, because I happened to have a bunch in my pantry. I also used less cream cheese, cheddar and sour cream than the recipe called for. I replaced the cheddar with the cheese spread pictured above and used 2 tablespoons of Veganaise in place of sour cream.

The end product:

TOTAL crowd pleaser! This dish was devoured faster than anything else.Ā  We used celery, tortilla chips and crackers for dipping.

Other foods included avocado salsa (avocado, tomato, red onion, lime juice, salt, garlic and cilantro all mashed together):

Ashley’s vegan pizza bread bake

The only alteration I made to the recipe was using oat flour in place of the millet flour and pumpkin puree instead of applesauce. I made one larger bake and sliced it into pieces. The sauce in the middle is crushed tomatoes with Italian spices and roasted mushrooms. This was also a big hit. The flavor was much different than I expected- but in a good way. I want to make this again without the Italian seasoning and spread peanut butter all over it. šŸ™‚

Brie made vegetarian meatballs with a pineapple sauce (so good) and this delicious kale and beet “super salad”:

I’ll have to get the recipe from her, because I could not get enough of this. It had kale, beets, walnuts and cranberries in it. I eat kale all the time, but always prepare it the same way (baking it). This might be my new favorite way to enjoy it.

My plate:

And I went back for seconds… and maybe thirds…

I really had no interest in drinking, but did have a few sips of some of the beers that Mic brought over, including this:

Look at that label a little closer:

I was channeling my inner angsty-grunge-teenager with this one. Oh, and the beer tasted awesome too.

For dessert, we ate more of Christin’s chickpea cookies (I made them vegan as well-no honey, and used vegan chocolate chips), which I burned slightly, but they still tasted great!

And some banana mango “ice cream” that I whipped up in the Vitamix (which was just frozen banana and mango chunks). As Greg says, I’ll use any excuse to show off my Vitamix.

I gave Mic and Brie a demo on how the Vitamix works and also made them taste some of the peanut butter that I had made in it the day before. They were super impressed. šŸ™‚

It was a good night and I’m glad we got to share it with good friends.


I’m feeling HUGE and TIRED today and just need to get back on track. That being said- I’d like to get to a point where I don’t feel the need to “get back on track” and can just be perfectly content with all of my food choices all the time. Hmmm… how do you get there?

Did you watch the Superbowl? And more importantly, what did you eat?





25 Comments on “Super [food] bowl”

  1. Ashley says:

    Wowow, everything looks SO good!!! Glad you and your guests enjoyed the pizza bake. You’re the first blog I’ve spotted it on. šŸ™‚ It’s funny, even with the same flours, the vegan and non-vegan version tasted quite a bit different, but I enjoyed them both. You would love the breakfast buckwheat bakes!

    • Lauren says:

      Something about the combination of those two flours together worked really well! I might try putting a little molasses in one too.
      They were a HUGE hit though- my guests loved the earthy flavor and wanted the recipe to make their own. šŸ™‚ I have a tiny piece leftover to eat with my lunch today, which makes me really happy.

  2. I’ve never seen that Dogfish Head beer before! I wonder if it’s released over on the West Coast… We had homemade chips and guacamole, carne asada tacos, caramel apple cake and IPA from the brewery I work at. It was the perfect meal!

    • Lauren says:

      It’s some kind of special release. It’s real easy to get obscure Dogfish beers around here because they’re brewed in Delaware and they have several restaurants nearby.
      Your meal sounds soooooo good.

  3. Sara R. says:

    I’ve had that beer before, very yummy! And I don’t know if people who struggle with food and weight can EVER really have it be a non-issue, but I just fake it as long as I can, try to get back on board immediately after I indulge and eventually it gets easiER (but never actually easy unfortunately).

  4. Those chickpea cookies look GOOD!!

    I’d say that to get to a point where it’s not really a huge issue takes TIME, practice, trusting your body, and fueling it right as best as possible. For me, if there ever is a slip up, it’s usually because I wanted something, ate it, and did NOT listen to what my body wanted. Eating intuitively and listening up takes time to work on though. Let me know if you have questions!!

    Have a GOOD monday!

    • Lauren says:

      They are so good- you should make them!
      I definitely might be asking you some questions (or for some good reading material at least). I need to win this battle!

  5. Kris’s buffalo dip sounds so freakin’ good. I always smile when I see my cookies on your blog… you’re a chickpea cookie rockstar! šŸ˜‰

    • Lauren says:

      Christin, I’m obsessed with them! And they’re the perfect dessert that I don’t feel the least bit guilty about. I posted a comment on your blog, but I’m going to test out a coconut variety…

  6. Gil says:

    Oh man. Joe and I just did a meat-free week, which included one vegan meal per day, and I wish I had had some of these recipes! We both concluded that we didnt miss the meat, but eggs and dairy are game changers. Still, our goal is to do one week per month in 2012, so I’ll have to refer back next month….especially to the pizza bread! Yum.

    • Lauren says:

      That is awesome! Greg will eat whatever I make, but definitely prefers meat. If I was just cooking for me, I could eat vegan 90% of the time, with the occasional egg and dairy thrown in. I feel so much more creative when I cook vegan meals!

  7. Haley says:

    That kale+beet salad looks amazing!

    I also just wanted to let you know that I really appreciated your guest post over on Janetha’s blog… I’m so excited to start following your blog too now!

    • Lauren says:

      Hey Haley! It was amazing- I need to get the recipe!
      I clicked on your blog and read your story- and am so jealous of where you live!! I’ve never even visited there and NEED to get to the islands one day!

  8. Tiffany says:

    I feel absolutely disgusting today so I feel your pain. Everyone thought I was hungover and I’m all “No, it’s actually a food hangover I’m in but thanks”

    Everything looks delight especially that beet salad! I went to a party last night and there was buffalo dip and I wanted to hoard the bowl all to myself, I love that stuff.

    Happy last wk as a 31 year old! 32 isn’t so bad šŸ™‚

  9. Kristina says:

    Pearl Jam beer. I NEED this. šŸ˜‰

    and YAY for the buffalo dip – looks GOOD. we had some too… as well as some chili and Mmm, I bought fritos! I haven’t had those in so long, they were GOOD.

    and GAAH I am so with you on the bone thing – even when I “was” a meat eater, it was very limited… and no. never anything on the bone, ew. šŸ˜‰

    • Lauren says:

      I haven’t had fritos in so long either- but I can remember exactly how they taste! Oh man.
      I try not to eat much meat in general, but the bones are a deal-breaker. Even if it’s cooked on the bone, it’s gotta come off before it touches my plate.

  10. eatingRD says:

    Looks like a great spread with great friends! I’m more into the food and friends than the game too šŸ™‚ I recently got a vitamix for a gift and I’m super excited to try new recipes, I completely forgot about the banana soft serve! That’s awesome you are into spinning and cycling, I’m a cyclist as well.

    • Lauren says:

      I always forget about banana soft-serve. I wasn’t even planning on making it, but they wanted a vitamix demo, and who am I to say no to that? Have fun with yours- I’ll be checking out your recipes for sure because all of the others you have on your blog look fabulous!

  11. I love your ending question, of course what was eaten is always most important. I wish I had that avocado salsa, I can eat that all day. What I did eat was ribs, green salad, thai salad and this crazy dessert called snickers salad, have you heard of it? It’s chopped up snickers and heath bars with green apples and cool whip. Nothing I would normally eat but our hostess was really proud of it and it was good but something I would never make.

    • Lauren says:

      Snickers salad?! That would be dangerous around me!! My mom used to make a frozen dessert called “almost snickers” when I was a kid. I can’t remember what was in it, but it was always devoured immediately (and had no apples or anything healthy).
      I could eat avocados all day too- in any recipe or any form (even plain).

  12. All your food looks delicious and healthy šŸ™‚ Eating food off bones is gross…

  13. Leanna says:

    I MUST make that kale and beet salad! It must be nice to have friends who also eat healthily!

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