Spring Fake-Out

Anyone living in the DC area (or apparently anywhere in the U.S.!) has noticed that this winter has been unseasonably warm. Really, it’s the winter that wasn’t. As for me- I’m okay with that! I’m not a big fan of cold weather, and while I do enjoy a snow day, I get really sick of seeing the colors white and gray everywhere and just prefer to fast-forward through January and February entirely. This year, those two months that I usually dread have been pretty fantastic! I can’t even count how many days we’ve had that have been in the 60s, and I’ve barely had to break out my scarf and gloves. I also haven’t shoveled a lick of snow (but, I actually enjoy shoveling snow…) or had to scrape ice off of my windshield.

The only downside to all of this spring weather is that I keep forgetting that it is indeed- still February. I keep thinking that May is just around the corner, and then that all important month of June… when school lets out for the summer. At least March is next week!

And speaking of March, I’m wondering what will happen. Will we get nailed with a big snow storm? Will this crazy weather continue? I’ve been longing for a snow day (just so I could have an unplanned day off to get stuff done around the house that I won’t do otherwise) but for now- I’m kind  of over it. This is how it works with snow days for us: we have five days built into the school calendar (as of now, the kids’ last day is June 15th). If we don’t use any of those days, we got out a full week earlier (June 8th!!). If we use just one day, we get out four days earlier, and so on. If you remember from my birthday post, I was given the choice of a few trips during the summer. I’m going with the option to see the Red Sox play in Chicago the weekend of June 15th. The White Sox and Cubs play each other that following week, so we’d be able to stay for one of those games too, and knock out two stadiums! On top of the baseball stuff, I’m just really excited to see the city. I know that a lot of Red Sox fans will be traveling to Chicago for that game, so that will be just a really awesome atmosphere. In order for me to be able to get away that weekend, I really need the snow to stayaway. One or two snow days won’t mess with it- but having a bunch would. Let’s just hope this warm weather is here to stay!


I had a dentist appointment after work yesterday. Though I like having my teeth cleaned, I dread going to the dentist. I am “genetically predisposed” to having cavities (this is what I have heard from every dentist my whole life). Even though I am incredibly anal about taking care of my teeth (brush at least twice a day, floss at least once a day – ALWAYS, dental check-up every 6 months)- I still get cavities. It will just always happen. But- my gums are super strong. According to my dentist- that’s what really matters. Way to see the silver lining, buddy!

I was in an out of the dentist’s office in 30 minutes flat. And- cavity free! My dentist is literally 1 mile before my house and directly on my way home, so I was able to make it back to my house in no time. I quickly changed, grabbed Lance, and took him out for a nice, long walk. I even wore my Vibrams- which I haven’t worn in almost 2 months! (And, they definitely take some getting used to when you haven’t worn them for a while!)

It was nice out, and I even donned a short-sleeve top. The sun went away though, so unfortunately my sunglasses were not needed about halfway through the walk. I took a photo of Lance at the top of the big hill, like I always do, and texted it to Greg.

Look familiar?

Walking (not running), this spot is exactly 30 minutes from my house. It’s always a good place to turn around if I’m planning to be out for an hour.

I did a double-take when I saw this, and had to take a picture:

Daffodils blooming already?! I know that they usually come early, but wow! That just made me even more excited for spring! I wonder if the cherry blossoms have started to bud in DC yet…

When we got home from our walk, I did the typical self-timer photo with the pups on the patio (which you know is always just an excuse to show off my awesome fanny pack).

It’s warm again today, but raining. The weekend is supposed to get colder (but in the 50s) but then Ithink it’s supposed to warm up again. Honestly, I never pay attention to the forecast anymore.

So, it’s Friday and I’m happy to be able to sleep in tomorrow. I’ve rocked Jackie’s plan for 3 full days now and am well on my way to a fourth. (As I’ve said- it’s the weekend that will be the true test.)

And I’m so excited to make this for dinner tonight, too… Though I love so many blogger’s recipes, I would definitely have to pick Ashley’s collection as my favorite. I want to make every single thing on her recipe page!

Lots of stuff going on inside my head right now career/family/future-wise. I’m a little apprehensive as to how much I want to share about any of those areas on my blog, but promise to break and big or juicy news if it comes along.

Have a great weekend!

Has the warm weather faked you out at all? What’s your opinion about the dentist?


9 Comments on “Spring Fake-Out”

  1. I hear you. I brush and floss religiously but I have soft teeth and have had so many cavities and every possible dental work done imaginable. I actually have an implant that has been killing me for the past couple of days so I need to call my dentist stat.

    Juicy news? I am the nosiest person ever, can’t wait to hear.

    Also do you like the Pero? I drink mine with half water half unsweetened almond milk and a little brown sugar.

  2. Gil says:

    Did you know dad and Denny have some kind of super super rare dental thing where their body slowly absorbs their teeth from the inside out? Freaks me out. I like to believe that little bit of genetic craziness was not passed along…

  3. This weather is nuts – It was 69 degrees already when I woke up this morning! My money is on another Blizzard of ’93! 🙂

    Way to go sticking to Jackie’s plan. the last day of my clease is Sunday and I’m already apprehensive about what my diet will look like (hence the rambling post today).

  4. I HATE the dentist. I feel like they torture me on purpose. Fortunately I don’t have many cavities but I’m frightened of her!

  5. Corrie Anne says:

    Hate the dentist more than anything.

    Why can’t we teach dogs to pose for self-timer pictures! They’re tricky!! lol.

  6. I love the dentist. I am SO.weird. I know 😉

    YAH for warm weather….oh wait, it decided to change 2 seconds ago. Now I’m freezing my buns off again. Oh well.

    Can’t wait to hear juicy news 😉

  7. Lee says:

    It was 75 degrees out yesterday but of course, when Im running a race tomorrow morning, it’s going to be in the 30s.

    I hate the dentist because I have TMJ so my jaw always gets really sore when I have to open my mouth for a long time. (That’s a “that’s what she said” joke waiting to happen!)

  8. Ashley says:

    Aw, how cute are you with those pups?? I’m also not a fan of the dentist and am predisposed to cavities. So annoying, right? A cavity free checkup is the best! I hope you liked the pizza pan bread. Thanks for your kind words. 🙂

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