[Bottling up] the weekend

As far as weekends go, this one has been pretty good! My only complaint is the same as any other weekend- it just goes by too fast! I’d eventually love to live a life where I didn’t feel like I was always living for the next weekend- but does that life exist?

I mentioned in my last post that I was looking forward to trying out Ashley’s pizza pan bread. I threw out my cast iron skillet (it was cheap and had gotten nasty), so I just used a nonstick pan. I altered the recipe a bit (I used 1/4 c. buckwheat flour and 2 T oat flour total and less coconut oil). I called mine “pizza pancake.”

(Can I just say how excited I am for daylight savings coming up soon?! I will be so happy to get some natural light into my kitchen for my photos!)

And of course, because it’s my favorite way to enjoy pizza, I loaded it with veggies (plus a some rice shreds and a bit of real mozzarella).

It was really good- the buckwheat flavor is so unexpected, and such a great combination with the tomato sauce! The crust was a bit too thick for my liking (I like paper thin, crispy crust) so I’ll probably cut back on some of the flour when I make this again.

Greg had also picked out this beer for me the other day- I guess since it has buckwheat, he thought I would like it. 🙂

I thought it sounded interesting enough- and it had something you don’t see on too many beer bottles: a nutrition label.

Maybe since it was gluten-free? Sadly, I was not a fan of this beer. It was not good. The end.


I did not take a single photograph on Saturday, but I can give a quick re-cap. Greg and I hit the gym early (I did cardio intervals and he lifted) and came home to eat a big breakfast. We cleaned, hit up Whole Foods (of course we had lunch there) and Hedgeapple Farm for some grass-fed beef, and then just relaxed at home for a bit. My brother and his girlfriend invited us over that evening and cooked a lovely dinner- which included couscous! We had couscous all the time when I was growing up (that’s about as exotic as we got) but I hadn’t had any in years. I forgot how good it was!


Sunday started out pretty standard: I met Brie for her private Bodypump session taught by yours truly, and then taught a rockin’ spin class. I left the gym covered in sweat and with majorly sore quads and thinking about my lovely breakfast that I would be eating in a matter of moments. I quickly (yes- quickly!) threw this together:

It’s a BIG protein muffin (made with buckwheat and coconut flour- basically doubling the recipe) cut in half and stuffed with Greek yogurt, berries and banana. This definitely hit the spot!

Greg had been out mountain biking (and managed to break his fork!) and when he got home, we headed out to bottle the beer we brewed on my birthday. I was actually really interested to taste it- even though I knew it wouldn’t be great just yet. It was okay- but just tasted like a flat IPA that had been sitting out all day. It will be awesome in two weeks, I assure you. 🙂

We divided bottling duties- Greg filled up the bottles

And I capped ’em.

Success! Perhaps I’ve found my true calling?

We had enough for two full cases of beer!

We took our beer home, where it will sit and get better for about two more weeks. We’ll probably crack one open in about a week or so, just to see where it’s at. We were told that it will continue to get better the longer it sits!

When we got home, I cooked up a lunch that I had been craving: some chicken breast and a roasted portabello mushroom cap with roasted red pepper tapenade and goat cheese (and some greens).

This is more typical of something that I would make for dinner- but obviously, it tasted good at any time of the day! Greg and I feasted on these while catching up on some DVR. I decided to be lazy for the rest of the day- I earned some couch time with my crazy workout this morning.

Of course, I did go outside for a little bit to play with these guys…

One more gratuitous puppy shot…

Right now we’re all just waiting for the next weekend…

How was your weekend? What did you do?


16 Comments on “[Bottling up] the weekend”

  1. Lee says:

    I’ve never seen a beer bottle with a nutritional label either. Interesting. Although I have a feeling that the beers that I like (wheat beers) are higher calorie than other types.

    I had a pretty fun weekend – went to a Vietnamese restaurant with my dinner club, ran a 10K and saw a movie.

    • Lauren says:

      If you look on My Fitness Pal, it lists the nutritional content for pretty much any beer you can think of! I know that Sam Adams Cherry Wheat beer has about 170 calories, and I know that Blue Moon has about the same (compared with a regular beer- like Sam Adams Boston Lager- which has 175). I thought wheat beer had a lot more, too!

  2. Corrie Anne says:

    The pizza pancake looks so cool!! The weekends really do fly!! I was babysitting and actually had to go into the office so that made it even faster!! Love your puppies!!

  3. lindsay says:

    all the GF beers i’ve had do put nutrition labels on them, weird eh? WIsh that one was good. I like the strawberry addition.

    • Lauren says:

      Yeah- no other Dogfish beers list the stats… very weird (though I would like it if they all did!) I really, really wanted to like it- but just didn’t. And it tasted flat. My hubby liked it though (but he likes EVERYTHING).

  4. Erika says:

    Brewing is addictive, at least Jason seems to be addicted to it. I don’t mind except when he brews in the house. I personally cannot stand the smell of the cooking wort and it hangs in the air and gags me. But the product is very good. He liked doing it when he was bottling but now that he’s kegging, he loves it even more. Got room in your house for a kegarator?

    • Lauren says:

      Greg wants to come see your set-up and talk about beer with Jason. He would LOVE to build something here. We actually have a ton of room- that’s what ya get with no kids I guess! He would love to turn the basement into his own bar/brewery. We’ll see…

  5. Your breakfast stack looks like dessert, delicious. Glenn took all the kids to the beach Saturday and I just sat around being lazy on Vicodin since I have a tooth that is about to make me die. I am going back into the dentist today to see what’s going on. We also watched the Oscars on DVR so we can get through it in about 30 minutes. I love DVR’s.

    • Lauren says:

      Oh, man- I hope you get that tooth taken care of! Toothaches are the worst (although I’m sure the vicodin is making you feel pretty good!). I would DVR the Oscars and watch it later- that’s about the only way I could watch it!

  6. That b-fast fluff thing on Sat looks aahhhhhmmmmaaaazzzing. Wow. I want to try that! I just need to be more experimental and have more time! Hah 😉

    • Lauren says:

      It took less than 10 minutes to make! I actually made it the night before so that it would be ready for me as soon as I got home. After back to back Bodypump and Spin, I have very little patience to cook!

  7. ‘m so jealous of all you home-brewers! If I had the space I’d be all over that. Do you guys try different flavors often or stick to a favorite IPA?

    • Lauren says:

      We actually go to a facility nearby to do it- which is great because they have all of the supplies and clean everything up! Seriously- you can leave a huge mess and don’t have to clean up a drop (that’s what you pay for!). This was our first batch ever, but I imagine it won’t be my last. There are SO many recipes I want to try…

  8. Sometimes I feel like one of the only bloggers who doesn’t love beer or wine. I need a Diet Coke Addicts Anonymous club or something.

    And seriously your food always looks amazing! I wish I had your motivation to be more creative in the kitchen!!

  9. Tiffany says:

    Gah, I love the pup pictures….keep ’em coming! I am so jealous of all the beer you have on hand. If it turns out well are you all going to continue to make your own beer? That’s a great gift to give around Xmas time and for birthdays (unless someone is recovering of course) plus it’s made with love. I still have never tried Dogfish Head but it’s on my list to try since I see it all over the blogosphere.

    I went down to CO Springs and Manitou Springs this wknd—one of these days I’m going to make it to Frisco!

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