Morning routine favorites

Today’s post leans in a slightly different direction than the usual food/fitness related stuff. I want to share some of my favorite health and beauty products with you guys that I use for my morning routine.

I’ll preface this by saying that I’m not the most girly-girl there is. I kinda fall somewhere in between being a tomboy and someone who spends hours getting ready. It takes just about 45 minutes for me to get ready in the morning- from the time I turn my alarm off until I am out the door. (One of the reasons that I want to cut off all my hair is so that I can get at least 10 of those minutes back and add them to my sleep!)

Now that I’m well into my thirties (but seriously, I still think that I turned 21 yesterday) I know that I need to start paying much more attention to my skincare regime… I just haven’t yet. I just can’t stomach paying so much money for all of those expensive under-eye creams and wrinkle erasers… but man, I probably should. I know that I will probably be a much happier old lady (years from now) if my skin makes me look younger!

Without further ado, here are some of my favorites. (Just to note- I downloaded all of the images from Google Image Search- they are not my own.)

In the shower…

Mineral Fusion Shampoo + Conditioner I absolutely love Mineral Fusion products. They also make body wash, lotion, make-up (and probably more products that I don’t know about). I discovered the shampoo when I was in a Whole Foods in Colorado back in the summer of 2009. The company is based in Colorado, and I don’t think their products were available nationwide yet. I was happy to see that just a few months later, they were popping up in stores in Maryland, and now I can buy their stuff from a variety of stores.

Also for hair (even though this is for after showering):

Shikai Leave-In Conditioner I have to use a leave-in conditioner for my dry hair. This works really well at detangling and adding extra moisture.

Tom’s Natural Moisturizing Soap This is just one of the many types of soap that I use, but this is probably my favorite. I am definitely a bar soap girl. When I was in college, I always used a bath pouf with shower gel (it was kind of the cool, trendy thing to do back in the late 90s), but noticed that my bath pouf would get really gross (and was probably growing all kinds of bacteria). I switched to bar soap and never looked back! Lavender is my favorite scent for any kind of skin care products, but really, I tend to go for things with no scent.

Jason Apricot Scrubble I discovered this scrub a few years ago (again, while in Colorado) at the Celestial Seasonings gift shop. The Hain-Celestial group owns all kinds of companies that I love including Jason, Alba Organics, Spectrum Naturals… just to name a few (I’ve been on their tour three times. You learn things. :)) This facial scrub is similar to St. Ive’s, but doesn’t have any of the nasty ingredients.

Alba Moisturizing Cream Shave I’ll admit it- sometimes if I’m in a hurry or being lazy, I just use soap to shave. But I prefer to use this shaving lotion (along with a Venus or similar razor). It smells awesome and you only need a very little bit, so the bottle lasts a long time. It is also super moisturizing, which is great for someone like me with really dry skin (especially on my legs).

For the body…

Kiss My Face Ultra Moisturizer Speaking of moisturizing, I am pretty religious about applying a moisturizing lotion to at least my arms and legs each morning (if not my whole body). Even though I live in a pretty humid climate, I get really dry skin unless I am good about putting on lotion every single day. I like this brand because it’s relatively inexpensive and comes in a giant bottle with a squirt top- and it works really well. This scent and lavender are my favorites because they are really subtle.

Kiss My Face Active Life Deodorant I’ll be honest- my armpits sweat and I need something strong to make sure that I don’t stink up the room or get embarrassing wet circles around my underarms that go through my shirt! I tried using a “natural” deodorant for a while, and this was the best one I found. It’s good- but my favorite (even with the nasty aluminum) is Dove Ultimate Clear solid.

I’ve also used the clinical version, but I found that it doesn’t seem to work any better than the original kind (and it’s a lot more expensive).

For the teeth:

Glide Floss I’m pretty serious when it comes to taking care of my teeth. I even floss every single day. I think I’ve missed maybe two days total since the year 2003 (it was my New Year’s resolution that year and the only one I’ve kept forever!). How’s that for impressive, huh? I like this floss because it doesn’t get stuck in between my teeth (hence the name, Glide).

The Natural Dentist Whitening Toothpaste I recently started using this toothpaste, and like it a lot! I used to use Tom’s, but then they started putting Sodium Lauryl Sulfate into their toothpaste- no thanks.

Preserve Soft Toothbrush The Preserve company is awesome. I’ve been buying their toothbrushes for a few years now, and they’ve improved the packaging a lot. They used to come in a plastic container, but have recently changed that to a wrapper that can be reused to mail your old toothbrush right back to the company to be recycled. It has the address and pre-paid postage already on the wrapper, so all you have to do is put your used toothbrush inside, tape it up, and stick it in the mailbox. How cool is that? It definitely makes this tree-hugger feel good.

For the face…

Once again, I state that my skin is something that I need to start paying better attention to as I’m getting older. For now, this is what I use.

Aubrey Organics Facial Moisturizer I hate the feeling of anything heavy on my face, and this moisturizer goes on really light. It actually looks pretty thick when you squeeze it out, but you only need a tiny bit and it goes a long way. And I definitely have “combination” skin (I guess my face is a little more oily than dry). I generally also put some Sephora brand concealer under my eyes.

Bare Minerals Primer + Powder Foundation I just started using Bare Minerals products last month, and man- I love them! I really notice a difference in my skin. I buy the “matte” finish powder foundation, and it definitely makes my face look less shiny. I also use the bronzer (sparingly!) and the finishing powder.

Smashbox Eye Enhancing Shadow Palette I love, love, love Smashbox Eye Shadow. It’s very similar to Urban Decay, in that it’s highly pigmented and the color is really intense! It took me 31 years to discover that paying more money for quality cosmetics pays off- because you don’t need to use as much! I use the “Blue Eyes” palette, which is has colors that are supposed to compliment blue eyes well. My eyes can actually be green or blue, depending on the day. I also use the Sephora brand retractable eye-liner in dark brown.

Kat Von D Mascara- black This is the best mascara I have ever used, hands down. I got some as a free sample from Sephora when I bought my Bare Minerals stuff, and will never go back to anything else. It goes on with absolutely no clumping, which is something I have never found with any other mascara, ever. Definitely worth every single penny.

Kiss My Face Lip Gloss I don’t put gloss on my lips on a daily basis- usually only when I’m going out on the weekends. This is probably my favorite brand- it goes on really smooth and the color isn’t overpowering. It just adds a nice bit of gloss and shine to your lips to make them look pretty. šŸ™‚


What are some of your favorite personal care products? Do you look at ingredients and additives when shopping for these kinds of things?

16 Comments on “Morning routine favorites”

  1. I have to admit… I haven’t used shaving cream in years. This probably terrible for my skin, I know. šŸ™‚

    I just stopped using Bare Minerals to see if it was the culprit with my acne. someone told me if you have sensitive skin it can cause breakouts? I don’t know… but I just got a Lancome foundation that is good for shine prevention. I did love the Bare Minerals for that reason!

    • Lauren says:

      Hmm, the only thing I’ve heard is that Bare Minerals can actually help get rid of acne, but everyone’s skin and hormones are different. Did you notice that your skin cleared up when you stopped using it? Acne drives me crazy and I hate that I still get the occasional break out at age 32!

  2. janetha says:

    love these kind of posts and love that floss!

  3. you should check out tarte, thats my fav make up, all paraben / chemical free with staying power.

  4. lindsay says:

    i love bare minerals and that scrub!! now the rest i am going to check out. I am a sucker for good products like that.

  5. That floss is GREAT. I also love 3-D white by crest….sooo awesome.

  6. Corrie Anne says:

    Oooooooo. I always feel bad when I read about flossing and moisturizing. I basically use nothing. I do brush my teeth! And wash my hair!! And I wear mascara… most days. That’s all I got!!! I keep thinking someday I’ll start using all that Mary Kay stuff I had to buy before my wedding. It’s probably expired. Lol. On the plus side: I stopped tanning this year. Although I hate the pale.

    • Lauren says:

      I actually like a lot of Mary Kay make-up. I have a friend who sells it, and I bought some from her. The under eye concealer and retractable eyeliner are awesome!
      Good for you for NOT tanning. That is a hard addiction to break (I used to all the time)

  7. Lee says:

    I love that floss!

    I am not so great about using natural products. I might give some of these a look though. I have tried that Kiss My Face deodorant and while sweating was not really the problem (I’m not a big sweater), it smelled too much like patchouli. I bought the sport scent too.

    Also, 32 does not count as “well into your 30s”!!

    • Lauren says:

      YES- the deodorant DOES stink. I forgot to add that. It’s definitely not a feminine scent either!

      Alright, I’m “easing” into my 30s- is that better? šŸ™‚

  8. LOVE this post as I am also into health and beauty related products! A new favorite product of mine is Buxom lip gloss by Bare Escentuals. I got a sample at Sephora and have been using it ever since.

  9. Gil says:

    Kiss My Face (peaches and cream!) lotion would definitely be in my “dessert island” toolkit…along with Burts Bees SPF 30, and Rosebud salve (Woodsboro, represent! Im always excited when I see people using it around the country and feel the need to express some hometown pride). I do look at ingredients and try to keep it mostly natural, but more than that, I cant abide by animal testing! Luckily most natural brands have both covered…

    I think I’ve been 100% faithful to the flossing resolution–best resolution ever. Thanks for the inspiration!

    • Lauren says:

      Yeah! Flossing rules! I just can’t NOT do it, because I know all of the junk that’s left between my teeth if I don’t!
      Peaches and Cream lotion just SOUNDS delicious…

      • Gil says:

        I have now crossed the threshold from conscious decision to automatic habit (though it took a few weeks)–and my mouth feels healthier!

        Its kind of incredible how much it smells exactly like REAL peaches–not a fake-y peach sent at all. I love being able to smell like summer all year round šŸ™‚

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