Sweet Lunch at Sweetgreen

I had lunch yesterday with a fabulous group of ladies. Though the day didn’t quite go as planned (since we planned it weeks in advance), it was still an awesome time!

A few weeks ago, I sent an email out to some of my favorite local DC bloggers to plan a little get together for Saturday. Our initial plan was to go to the zoo, and then grab lunch after. That plan had to change a bit the day before, since the forecast called for thunderstorms and rain all day Saturday. So, we decided to meet up at Sweetgreen. We figured we could get lunchand frozen yogurt all in the same place.

I had the farthest to travel, since Frederick is about an hour north of DC, give or take depending on traffic. I took the metro, which tacks on another 20 minutes at least, but can be easier than finding a parking spot. The rest of the ladies live a lot closer and could metro a short distance or walk.

I got to Sweetgreen, and Jenny was there waiting. Jenny and I had met for the first time the weekend before and had a blast together. Shortly after, Sarah arrived, followed by Gretchen, both of whom I had never met, but have read their blogs for a while. And eventually, Ashley arrived, too. Ashley and I had met late last fall, and hit it off right away. She is my first and best blogger BFF. šŸ™‚

Here we are!

We went and ordered salads first. Sweetgreen has a bunch of salads or wraps you can order, but you can also build your own. They also have a special salad, which happened to be this:

Pickle madness? Yes, please! Gretchen and I both got this. I got tofu instead of chicken, no croutons or avocado (since I was already planning of having a bunch of avocado with my dinner later) and added hearts of palm (love!) and cucumbers. It was delicious- and now I think I’m going to have to run out to the store to find some spicy pickles for my daily salad!

YUM. Can Sweetgreen please come to Frederick? PLEASE? I am a sucker for a chopped salad, period. There’s nothing more annoying than taking 10 minutes to cut up your salad into bite size pieces, so that you don’t have a huge piece of lettuce hanging out of your mouth.

In between lots of talking and eating, we managed to finished our salads, and then it was time for the main event: the frozen yogurt. Oh yes, us bloggerslove our fro yo!

One thing I remember liking a lot about Sweetgreen is that they just have one flavor of frozen yogurt and about 9 or 10 toppings. They keep it simple, and you don’t get overwhelmed, or have to make a tough choice!

I went with baked apples, strawberries and granola.

Come to mama.

We took a bunch of pictures, and asked strangers to take our pictures. We basically just took over the whole joint.

Me and my blogger BFF, the lovely Ashley:

Taking a photo with Gretchen is intimidating- talk about photogenic!

Before we left, Sarah gave us each a special treat that she made: cookies!

She had quotes written out of the back of the tags! So cute!

Eat dessert first? Sounds good to me!

Lunch with these girls was AWESOME! I can not wait to get together again. We laughed so much, and could have probably talked until we were blue in the face. There’s just something about hanging out with other healthy-living bloggers that is wonderful. And they don’t get bored or look at you weird when you start talking about other blogs or take pictures of your food. Just another reason that I love being part of this community!

Eventually (three hours later?) we parted ways, and Jenny and I headed back to the red line to catch the metro. Unfortunately, we were on opposite tracks, so we yelled back and forth to each other.

I referred back to a game I’ve been neglecting lately (thanks, Draw Something) to keep me entertained on the train.

When I got back to the station, I got in my car, and (naturally, since I was in Montgomery County) stopped by Whole Foods for some groceries. Amongst other things, I got this flavor of Kombucha:

I chose this flavor, because I think I’ve tried every other single one (and love them all). But- this tasted horrible! I don’t know if it was a bad bottle or what- there was absolutely no carbonation and it just tasted nasty. What a waste of $3.50! Luckily, I bought another bottle (of another flavor) so I wasn’t completely let down.

I spent the rest of Saturday hanging out with the dogs. I didn’t get home until after 6, after being out all day, and was pooped! Greg is in Boston for the weekend, so the boys kept me company.

I’m off to do something that scares me… I think. We’ll have to see how it turns out. Don’t you love a cliffhanger? šŸ˜‰

Have a great Sunday!



24 Comments on “Sweet Lunch at Sweetgreen”

  1. Lele says:

    “…and (naturally, since I was in Montgomery County) stopped by Whole Foods for some groceries.”

    šŸ˜€ I live in the DC Metro area (in Annandale, VA) and totally appreciate that comment, as I hope all locals did.

    Let me know the next time you do a DC meetup! Looks like y’all had a great time!

  2. Pickles & Honey says:

    That sounds like so much fun! I visited DC this past summer and made it a point to try a salad at Sweetgreen – it was awesome!

    Bummer about the kombucha – I think I tried that flavor and didn’t really like it either. I’m actually in the process of growing a scoby so I can start brewing my own! I really, really hope it works, because at nearly $4/bottle, it’s an expensive habit.

    Can’t wait to hear what you’re up to!

    • Lauren says:

      Oh man, I need to start making my own. It’s like those people with a Starbucks habit that have to buy a latte every morning… I guess this is healthier though. šŸ™‚ I try to make a bottle last two days- at least that helps a little (but it’s HARD not to drink it all!)

  3. Ahhhh FRO YO!!! And chopped salads! Yummy.

    That is kind of sad to me that the fro yo place only has 1 flavor…I am all about 5 or 6 diff ones in a cup. Hah.

    GLAD you all had a blast!

    • Lauren says:

      Having one flavor was actually really good- they do one flavor and do it really well. If there’s like 20 flavors (like the self-serve places) I can never choose! This was much easier, though it was hard to pick the three toppings!

  4. Corrie Anne says:

    How fun!!! What are hearts of palm? The spicy pickle salad sounds fun… i like spicy, but not pickles.. but I haven’t tried them in a long time. Beautiful group picture!

  5. I had such a blast :0) I can’t wait to get together again!

  6. So much fun! And pssssssh you are way too kind to me re: photogenic flattery. But I am SO glad that we met up! I will definitely let you know when I can convince Sean to take me up to your neck of the woods.

    PS: I’m stealing some of your photos. šŸ™‚

    • Lauren says:

      Yes- you tell that “Fox” to bring you up for a double date! Take this as a compliment- but I can’t believe you’re only 23. I could have taught you. šŸ™‚

  7. Lee says:

    Sorry that I had to miss it! Salads and frozen yogurt is my kind of party!

    I don’t like that flavor of Kombucha either. Have you had the Citrus? That’s my favorite.

    • Lauren says:

      Yes- the citrus is awesome! Glad to know I’m not the only one that didn’t like Botanic No. 3. It’s funny- I saw it posted on a blog yesterday as the blogger’s favorite flavor! Weird!
      Sorry you missed it too, but next time hopefully we can meet up!!

  8. I’m seeing some familiar faces! How fun!

    I cant’ wait to hear what you did!!!

  9. nssweetlife says:

    Beautiful day, beautiful food, and beautiful ladies! What a fun day! – Kelly

  10. Life's a Bowl says:

    I haven’t been to Sweetgreen but it’s on my list! I totally would have ordered the same salad and your fro-yo concoction sounds heavenly! Anddd I LOL’ed a little when you mentioned chopping up your salad into bite sized pieces- my fiance laughs at me every time I do it!

  11. marie says:

    Sounds like such a fun lunch, and you look so beautiful in the photos. I agree about enjoying a chopped salad so much more, I always cut my romaine small. The cookies and the cute quotes, what fun girls to spend time with.

    I am praying this comment works, I’ve been in a fight with WP, so here goes……..

  12. A. I want a spicy pickle salad!!!

    B. I’m really curious about what scares you… when’s the reveal?!

    • Lauren says:

      I couldn’t find spicy pickles at the one store I went to, so I got garlic ones (yum). I’ve been putting them in my lunch salad for the last three days. They are awesome with hummus too. My mouth waters a bit thinking about it!

  13. what a great meetup. Love it when bloggers are sweet enough to brings gifts…especially food ones…

    • Lauren says:

      I know! I was going to bring something, but had to ride the metro and hold an umbrella- it was just too much to carry something else along. I love giving little gifts!

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