Quick Massachusetts Getaway

Greg and I took a quick trip to Massachusetts this weekend to visit family and friends. When we initially booked the trip, we thought that the Red Sox were playing a home game on Monday, and that we would fly in Saturday and back home on Tuesday. We booked our plane tickets and then realized that the “home” game on Monday was actually a spring training game in Florida. Oops! We had tickets to the spring training game against the Nationals (in DC) on Tuesday, so coming home on Tuesday wasn’t going to work out. We thought about canceling the trip altogether and coming up another time when we could stay for a few more days. Unfortunately, we got our tickets to Boston from JetBlue, and their cancellation/change policy sucks. It actually would have cost more money to change or cancel than what we paid for the tickets. We had booked our flight back to Baltimore on Southwest, who do not charge change fees and have excellent customer service, so we were easily able to change our flight back to Monday. whew!
Although it was a short trip, everything worked out well. We packed a lot into two days! After landing in Boston on Saturday afternoon, Greg’s dad stopped by the awesome shopping center in Hingham, which contains every shop you would want or need! We swung into REI and then over to Whole Foods to grab some essentials. I had put together two little ziplog bags containing oats, vanilla protein powder and chia seeds for breakfasts for me, and just needed to get some bananas and almond milk and something for Greg. Of course, since I was in a different Whole Foods, I had to look around… and ended up spending $40! Oops. I did find a mini blender bottle, which will come in very handy and I won’t have to use my ginormous one. I also grabbed a few protein powder singles, including the “new” Vanilla Chai and Chocolate, which are supposed to be even better than the former blend (which I love….)

I love the Greens Super Food, and hadn’t tried the creamsicle flavor before (I’m too cheap to ever buy a tub of it, even though I know I spend more on the single packets!). I was also pleased to see packets of almond butter that were just 1 tablespoon instead of two. I also spotted these new (to me) bars made by The Good Bean and couldn’t resist grabbing on in each flavor:

Check out the ingredients, and the nutritional stats!

I love that the protein blend is made from legumes- mostly chickpeas! I am going to use these for some fuel before teaching afternoon classes.

We went back to Greg’s dad’s housed, freshened up, and headed out to Millis, where our friends Rob and Michelle live. They had made reservations at Zebras Bistro, but we wanted to drop by their house to see their two adorable kiddos. I hadn’t seen them since last spring, when Michelle was pregnant with their youngest, so this was my first time meeting him.
Our dinner was fantastic, and the company was even better. We always have such a good time with Rob and Michelle, and it’s a shame that we don’t live closer to each other. At least it’s easy for us to see them when we go up to Boston (which is usually at least twice a year).


Greg and I were up bright and early Sunday morning and headed to Boston Sports clubs to get a good workout in. I did cardio circuits on the stairmill and arc trainer and rounded it out using the very nice Spinner NXT bikes that they had. I found myself really missing my usual Sunday morning class that I teach, but I guess this was the next best thing. Greg and I NEVER work out together, but he wanted to do some core work, so I suggested that we do that together. We did a bunch of rotations using a medicine ball and also some work on the Bosu trainer, throwing a medicine ball back and forth. It was awesome and I suggested that we start doing that at home in the evenings- we could definitely both benefit from core and balance work!

After the gym, we headed back to Greg’s dad’s house to eat breakfast and shower, and head back out again. The three of us went to pick up Greg’s dad’s girlfriend and head to down to Cape Cod to visit some of my family. My mom’s cousin Linda lives in Falmouth and planned to show us around and then have dinner back at her house. Linda has very similar taste and food philosophies as I do, so I trusted her recommendation to stop at Cafe Chew on our way down.

The menu was awesome! I had a hard time choosing what to get, but ended up ordering a “Cape Cobb” salad, which had chicken, avocado and cranberry Stilton cheese. Sorry for no photo- but I can assure you that it was delicious and promptly devoured. Linda’s daughter Laura lives right near the Cafe and came over to see us with her daughter Abby. Laura is a year older than me, and I hadn’t seen her in a really long time- I can’t even remember how long! Her daughter Abby is SO cute, and so chatty! She just turned two, and is very smart and very verbal! She even got up into a “big girl chair” by herself.

Laura is an awesome mom, and I’m really impressed by how what she feeds Abby. She stays away from all of that typical kid “crap” food and gives her a diet full of only wholesome vegetables, fruits, proteins, etc. She loves her veggies, and her special dessert “treat” is applesauce. Proof that kids don’t only eat crap- it’s all about what you feed them!

I knew my mom would kill me if I didn’t get a photo of Laura and I together. πŸ™‚

After lunch we headed to Linda’s BEAUTIFUL home. In Falmouth. Her husband Bob showed us all around their yard, which includes an awesome vegetable garden that I would love to copy. We all piled into Linda’s jeep, and she took us on a tour around the cape. I really hadn’t been there since 1988, so there wasn’t Β whole lot that I remembered. But, man- it is beautiful there! We walked around Wood’s Hole for a bit and I snapped off some photos. Here’s one of me and Greg by the water:

After that, we drove to downtown Falmouth, and stopped a few times along the coast for photo opportunities.

Here’s one of me and Linda. She looks amazing- I won’t tell you her age, but you would never guess. πŸ™‚

It was breezy out, but not too cold.

Pretty lighthouse…


We got to downtown Falmouth and walked around a bit. The downtown area is really cute- but was pretty dead on a Sunday afternoon. We headed back to Linda’s house and chatted while she got dinner ready. Linda whipped up some horsΒ d’oeuvres for us to munch on. I was able to snap a photo of this awesome snack that I will need to make at home:

Endive with cream cheese, smoked salmon and capers. Super simple and definitely impressive. πŸ˜‰

Our dinner was wonderful- Linda made baked chicken breasts that were marinated in a red wine sauce and roasted with prunes, olives and capers. It was a big hit! We also had steamed asparagus, fresh bread, a salad with pears and strawberries and Israeli couscous. Oh, and some Pinot Noir… πŸ˜‰ Dessert was perfect- Breyers ice cream. πŸ™‚ We had such great conversations and Greg loved comparing skiing stories with Bob- they’ve both pretty much skied at every resort in the country (or every one that “matters” anyway…)

Saying goodbye was hard- we had so much fun visiting! Hopefully we’ll be able to see them again in the summer and enjoy a little beach time on the Cape!

We’re back home now- I have another post coming about our flight home and just airplane “stuff” in general.

And fyi- not to brag or anything- I’m on spring break. πŸ™‚

9 Comments on “Quick Massachusetts Getaway”

  1. Looks like you had such a fun weekend trip! You’ll have to post if the Good Bean bars fill you up because I might need to try them.

    Your “Cape Cobb” salad sounds delicious: cranberry silton cheese…yummy.

    I’m totally jealous that you’re on Spring break.

  2. Looks like a fun weekend. I love Boston and the whole area.

  3. Looks like you had a fun getaway! ENJOY the rest of your SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!! (And I LOVE all my Blender bottles, btw!) -Kelly

  4. chimes says:

    Looks like you guys had a great time! That endive with salmon looks delish. πŸ™‚

  5. Corrie Anne says:

    hahahaha. not a brag or anything!! you crack me uppp!! one of the many perks of teaching. can’t wait to get back into it next year!! looks like an awesome trip. those bars really do look amazing! and lighthouses are so fun. i always loved going to the one in Duluth.

    • Lauren says:

      The bars ARE amazing. I’ve only had one so far, but will have another today. Can’t wait to try it! I’m saving the chocolate one for last…

  6. It looks beautiful there!! I’ve been wanting to go back to the east coast for awhile but Glenn’s schedule is so rough right now. Have you been to Portland? East coast vs west coast thoughts? Anyways, I always told myself I would take time and make my kid’s foods…let’s see how that’ll be when it happens!

    • Lauren says:

      Do you mean Portland. Oregon? If so, then yes. I went last summer, but didn’t spend nearly enough time there- just a few hours downtown as we were driving from The Dalles to the Willamette Valley. I’m a big fan of Oregon though- and the west coast!! I think the West beats the East hands down.
      I’m the same way about my future kid’s foods. I have the best of intentions now, but we’ll see what happens.

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